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Stefan Sing, awareness and audience – ep6 Juggle Jabber

Stefan Sing is a modern ball juggler from Germany. His fluid movements and 3 ball skill has made him famous around the world. Among Stefan’s work is teaching juggling, performing shows with his partner, directing Critical Mess and running the Katakomben. In the interview we also talk about consciousness, dancing, audiences and much more! You can also listen to the …

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 8, and for that reason the IJA brings you an article dedicated to those women from around the world who have the discipline and perseverance to succeed in doing what they like: juggling. Some acts from different countries will be in the article. I know there are many talented acts that are not …

Bobby May Videos from the Bobby Jule Collection

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Bobby Jule (real name Joe Pegnato) was there at the beginning of the IJA. He was a charter member of the organization and was the 2015 recipient of the IJA 2015 Historical Achievement Award. Bobby took home movies of jugglers from the 1940s to the 1970s. He has agreed to allow the IJA to release these videos through eJuggle. The first of these are two videos that Bobby Jule filmed of the great Bobby May. One is on stage and the other is on roller skates. If you’d like to see even more rare video of Bobby May, be sure to attend the Juggling History Show at the 2017 IJA Festival. We’ll be showing Bobby May’s last known television appearance, some footage of him practicing, as well as videos of Trixie, Adanos, and others that have never been seen my the juggling community. Until then, enjoy the following video, courtesy of Bobby Jule.


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Luke Davies Profile


In this interview Shawn from Everyday Juggler spends some time talking to Luke about his proficient numbers juggling and how he made his recent transition from balls to clubs. Luke is pushing the limits of juggling and is an inspiration to many. Tune in to hear a bit about club balancing, the difficulties of juggling clubs and get a sneak …

Videos From the Vault # 3 – The Three Swifts

I have one of the largest, if not the largest, juggling video collections in the world. Therefore, I’ve established a series that I call Videos From The Vault to share videos that haven’t been online before, paired with other videos of the same acts. This installment features the Three Swifts. The Three Swifts were one of the top American club …