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Sakari Männistö, aesthetic juggler – ep13 Juggle Jabber

Sakari Männistö about not planning, playing and discovering with technique! Created by Daniel Simu – http://danielsimu.com You can find the podcast audio at eJuggle or on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/il/podcast/juggle-jabber-daniel-simu-interviews-jugglers-about/id1209560737 Find Sakari online: http://www.sakarimannisto.fi/ https://www.instagram.com/mnnistol/ Like JJ on facebook to receive all updates: facebook.com/JuggleJabber Show notes: 0:38 Paper cup waste 1:40 Juggle doll video 4:58 Making tricks 7:43 Learning tricks the fun …

Charles Peachock on “Drop Everything” podcast with host Dan Holzman

Host: Dan Holzman Guest: Charles Peachock, comedy juggler and inventor talks about career highlights including appearances on America Got Talent, being featured in People Magazine and the development of his remote audio system, The Audio Ape. Also on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/il/podcast/ejuggle/id1063204159

IJA Tricks of the Month March 2018 México by: Carla Barrios

Hello, I am Carla Barrios. I am 22 years old and I am from Torreon Coahuila, Mexico. I’m a member of the company Unicirclo Laguna and I have been juggling for 4 years. 3 months ago when I was offered to do a Tricks of the Month video, I began to explore this style of juggling with rebounds, inspired by …

IJA Tricks of the Month March 2018 Japan by Takuya Suzuki

My name is Takuya Suzuki. I’m from Kyoto, Japan and I’ve been juggling for 8 years. I like club juggling. I’m always inspired by ball jugglers. If you like this video, please check my Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/suzutane/

Ultimate Juggling Tricks Challenge # 1 – Balls -The Submissions

The Ultimate Juggling Tricks Challenge is a new juggling competition invented by Scott Cain. A category will be chosen and jugglers from around the world can submit videos (unlisted Youtube videos are preferred) of single juggling tricks (not routines) in that category that they are not aware of anyone else doing and that they believe would be difficult for anyone …

IJA Tricks of the Month February 2018 Japan by: Daiki Utsumi

Hi! My name is Daiki Utsumi. I’m a 22-year-old Japanese juggler from Kyoto and I’ve been juggling for 4 years. I love doing visually appealing tricks and I came up with a lot of original tricks for this video, so I hope you enjoy them. Also, I post my juggling on Instagram. Feel free to check it out: @daiki_utsumi

Tony Frebourg, Diabolo – ep12 Juggle Jabber

Tony Frebourg is a diabolo player from France, and he’s one of the best numbers jugglers with diabolo. He holds many world records such as the record for 5 high and 6 high, but be sure to watch this video to discover about his incredible ball, bouncing and even devilstick skill! Currently he is a full time performer with cirque …

IJA Tricks of the Month February 2018 México by: Carlos “Froylan” Iturbe

IJA Tricks of the Month México

Meet the IJA Tricks of the Month México contributor: Hello! my name is Carlos aka “Froy chico golos.” I’m from Chimalhuacan, Estado de México and I’ve been juggling flowersticks for 5 years now. I specialize in the contact and the quantity game. I have dedicated myself to combining different styles to explore the infinite possibilities that the golo can have. …