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Events of interest to jugglers

The highlight of the IJA's year is our annual festival.

These events are from The Juggling Edge. The links under the titles take you to the Juggling Edge page for the event. If you would like your event to appear here post it on the Juggling Edge and the net will take care of the rest.

The IJA sends newsletters to its members near the end of the month. If you would like your event included contact the editor at

If you would like to see only one country, click on the country name in this list

VII EUCIMA (Encuentro de Circo Universitario de Madrid)

3ª Convenção Praiana de Malabarismo (3rd Praiana Juggling Convention)

Aircraft Circus Aerial Convention

Extreme Convention 9


Universal Flow Gathering


3rd Annual International College Circus Festival

6º Convencion de Circo Paraguay 2015

2015 UC Santa Cruz Juggling Convention (UCSCJC)

8. FS-Con Feuerconvention

IX Encuentro de Malabaristas y Artistas de Circo de Utebo (Zaragoza) 2015


9ª Convention di Giocoleria della Brianza

The Spin Summit 2015


Congress of Jugglers 2015

Convention d'Acrobatie Belfort

Liverpool Fire Arts Festival - FAF 2015

Northeast Fire & Arts Festival

British Kendama Open 2015

Lestival! Leicester Circus Festival VIII

Monkey See Monkey Do 5! - Vassar College's Annual Juggling and Fire Arts Convention

Circusstad Festival 2015

3er Festival de Circo de Santa Fe

9th Tini Tinou International Circus Festival

Circonea, 6to Encuentro de Circo del Nordeste Argentino

Cirko Festivaali

IgNight SoCal Fire Flow Conference

Mueca 2015


Firecircles Berlin


Cumbria Juggling Convention!

Bibasse Convention 2015

HockHart Camp 2015

Kinetic Fire 2015

Lublin Juggling Convention

Nederlands Jongleer Festival (Dutch Juggling Convention)

5th Annual Sturtevant Camp Juggling Festival

Bigoud'n'Jongle 2015

Bungay Balls Up 16

Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival 2015

29e Nederlandse Acrobatiekfestival (29th Dutch Acrobatics Festival)

5.CU'FUS - Circus street art festival in Samobor

Convention des Deux Mains

En Maine Ta Jongle

May Wildfire

Nordic Juggling Convention 2015

Schokon 2015

Starverntion - The REJ strikes back - Die 4. Neusser Jonglierconvention.

第十屆 體健盃國際嘉年華 暨 第二屆亞洲盃扯鈴錦標賽 (10th PEH International Festival and 2nd Asia Diabolo Cup)

3º Convención de Circo y Artes de la Lleca

FireDrums XIII


4ο Αθηναίων Φεστιβάλ Τσίρκου (4th Athens Circus Festival)


Fahrenheit Fire & Flow Arts Festival

Galway Juggling Convention

juggl.Ing Convention 2015

Jonglierconvention in der Bachritterburg


Oxford Crayfish Juggling Convention 2015

Brückler Frühsommer Jonglierconvention

Drop am See

MYAU (Convención de Malabaristas de Albendiego)

Spielpause der Gaukler 2

Camp Fire VII

Flatland Juggling Festival

Poi Story

Irish Aerial Dance Fest 2015

Juggleboro 2015

Žonglobalizace 2015

11th World Championships Wheel Gymnastics

PlayThink Movement & Flow and Arts Festival

Alle Mitmischen - Jonglage & Feuerspieler Festival 2015

Magyar Zsonglőrtalálkozó 2015 (13th Hungarian Juggling Convention)

Spokane's 2nd annual Circus Festival

Spin Out Festival

Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival 2015

Lakes of Fire 2015

Boulder Juggling Festival 2015

Eindhovens Juggling Convention

UK World Juggling Day

Sardinia Circus Festival III°

World Juggling Day 2015

Second Russian Juggling Convention

II Festival y Convencion de Circo el Globo Manizales

MadSkillz Vancouver 2015

Southern Illinois Fire & Flow Retreat 2015

Freiburger Jonglierfestival

Montréal Complètement Cirque 2015

18e Jonglibre - 20 ans Saquagrin!

JuggLINCOLNvention 2015

Aerial and Juggling Convention

International Acrobatics Convention 2015

Eugene Juggling Convention

Spin All The Things: The Toronto Flow Festival 2015

68th Annual IJA Juggling Festival 2015

Mosel-Jonglier-Festival 2015

Convention française de jonglerie 2015 (French Juggling Convention 2015)

Return to Roots Gathering 2015

Crawley Circus Festival 2015

In Flow Festival

38th European Juggling Convention, Bruneck

New England Flow Fest

European Kendama Open plus Kendama Camp

European Aerial Dance Festival 2015

FDC 2015 - Finnish Diabolo Convention

Passe la Balle 2015

Jonglier- und Poi-Convention

European Championship in Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing

Phoenix Fire Convention

Flaming Nights 2015

Nights of Fire 2015

Berlin Circus Festival

Broxford - The Number 1 Juggling Convention

Pacific Fire Gathering 2015

Kaiserliche Jonglierconvention zu Bad Ems

1st Vietnamese Juggling Convention

Flow Camp 2015

2.Croatian Hula Hoop Convention

Mullum Circus Festival

Durham Juggling and Circus Festival


Global Stilt Congress 2015

Japan Juggling Festival 2015

Flow Down Festival 2015

Tohuwabohu - Das Festival für Jonglage und Akrobatik

Grassroots Juggling Festival

WugCon - Weißenburger Jonglierconvention

Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 6

Leeds Juggling Convention 2015

Fight Night Combat European Masters 2015

British Juggling Convention 2016

39th European Juggling Convention, Almere, Netherlands

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