Frequently Asked Questions

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A Family Membership allows all members of a family living at one location to be IJA members. A Family Membership costs only $5/year more than an Individual membership. Each family member can also have their own account on the IJA website and can receive the IJA eNewsletter to their own email address. By default, you can have 5 extra “seats” in a family account but just Contact Us if you need more. Find out more information, including how to add family members to your account, on the Family Membership page.
Click here to reset your password and type your email address or username in the box. Fill in the verification code and click Reset Password. You’ll receive an email with directions and a link to reset your password.
Log in and go to Manage Profile. If your membership expires within the next four months, you’ll see an option to renew at the top. All members will receive a renewal reminder by email 45 days before their membership expires (and then again later). If your membership has already expired, you’ll be taken to the Renewal page once you log in.
IJA members have access to Performer’s Liability Insurance, which is a master liability insurance policy for working performers. It’s available to all USA-based IJA members. Entertainers eligible for coverage are jugglers, magicians, clowns and comedians. Other types of entertainers that promote juggling are eligible following underwriter approval. Read more on our Performer’s Liability Insurance page.
We aim to plan our festival cities several years in advance. Check out the Festival page for the latest information.
If you didn’t find your answer on this page, contact us and an IJA volunteer will get back to you soon.