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Dates and times subject to change.

Numbers Championships

The competitors in the IJA Numbers Championships challenge each other as well as all past Numbers champions — and the laws of physics! See who can successfully juggle, individually and in teams, the greatest numbers of balls, clubs, rings and bounced balls. Cash prizes will be awarded, including a special prize for breaking IJA Numbers records.

Individuals interested in competing must read the IJA Numbers Championships Rules.

See the Numbers Co-Directors at the fest to sign up. Send questions to them at

Each event champion will receive a $100 prize. There is an additional $100 bonus for a winning competitor that breaks an IJA record!


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Individuals Numbers Events:
• Individual Balls
• Individual Rings
• Individual Clubs
• Individual Ball Bouncing

Teams Numbers Events:
• Ball Passing
• Ring Passing
• Club Passing
• Ball Bounce Passing
• Three-Person Club Passing

Joggling Championships

Early Saturday morning

The 2017 IJA World Joggling Championships is coming to Iowa on Saturday, July 15, 2017!

This year’s competitions will feature a road race on a USATF-certified 5K course, hosted by Bill Bails of Junction Jugglefest and local sponsors. Following the road race, events will continue at Coe College’s Clark outdoor track, with various shorter distance races and sprints, as well as a relay event. The Coe College track is at the corner of 14th St. NE and C Ave. NE, Cedar Rapids, 1.1 miles from the U.S. Cellular Center.

The road race will start at 7:30am and will be chip-timed. Jogglers will have transportation to the 5K route, as well as to the Coe College track and back to the main fest venue. The track events are anticipated to take place around 9:30am-12:30pm and will include 3-ball, 5-ball and 7-ball joggling events, which will also be timed for new world records.

Highlights for this year: Two joggling venues, including IJA’s first official 5K road race.

Chip timing for the 5K: You get to run with a chip transponder in your shoe that accurately tracks and reports your performance time. How neat is that?

USATF cerfitied course: This is the second time the IJA is hosting a road race-style event in the last three years, though this time the route is officially certified. This could be your opportunity to set, or witness, a new world record at the IJA Joggling Championships! (

Runners welcome: For the first time, we are encouraging the local running community to join in the IJA’s road race. Runner or joggler, you’ll have the opportunity to win prizes! This is a great opportunity for runners and jogglers to mingle and for the IJA to promote the sport of joggling. You’ll find it’s a total mind-body workout!

T-shirts and prizes: We are planning the return of some long-requested joggling T-shirts. A limited number will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and more information on shirts will be made available around May if you have registered online. There will also be surprises for top joggling performers!

The entry fee for jogglers will cover entry to all joggling events (including the 5K road race), snacks, drinks, possible T-shirts (see above) and hours of fun! Joggling keeps your mind sharp, steadies your juggling form and improves endurance, and it’s good for your health in general. Start training now, and we hope to see you at this year’s IJA World Joggling Championships!!

If you are interested in volunteering for this year’s joggling competition (driver, judge, first aid, etc.) or looking for more information, please contact Emily Moore at

Rough schedule for Saturday (subject to change):
6:30 or 7am: Buses depart for road race
7:30am: 5K road race begins
8-8:30am: Snacks and drinks, followed by informal awards for road race
8:30-9am: Wrap up race and transportation to Coe College track (corner of 14th St. NE and C Ave. NE)
9am: Track opens, warm up at Coe College for those who have arrived
9:30am: Track events commence
12-12:30pm: Relay and end of track meet
12:30pm: Return to fest site
~4pm: Joggling awards ceremony


Individual Prop Competition

This year in Cedar Rapids there will be three individual prop competitions: 3 clubs, 3 rings, and 3 balls. Each event will have a 90-second time limit. Jugglers will perform single-prop routines to music of their own choice and be judged on technique, presentation and choreography. Over $500 in prizes.

Not open to competitors using the same prop in any of the Stage Championships (Juniors, Individuals and Teams).

For the policy on music used in this competition, see the IJA Music Policy.

Prelims to be announced if needed. Rules and sign-up will be posted at the festival.



XJuggling is the fast paced, non-stop, best trick competition. This is about pushing the limits of creativity and possibility. You’ll see the best jugglers in the world pull off their most incredible, insane, cutting-edge tricks — or crash and burn.

For more info visit or contact organizer Jack Kalvan at (Day & time TBA)

See XJuggling in action here


Games of the IJA

Games Under Consideration by the
Galactic Federation of Jugglers

Endurance Games:
Club Balance 5 Ball – 7 Ball – 5 Club
Blind Juggling
Club Passing (8,9,10)
Mixed Prop Endurance

Fun Games:
Best Trick
Worst/Silliest Trick
Diabolo Bucket Toss
Holzman/Sensei Sez
Wheel Barrow Races
Erratic Passing
Fewest Catches of 3 in a Minute
Speed Club Passing
Distance Passing

For more information please visit Brian Koenig at his home and knock on his door. Or contact him at:


Pinball Tournament

Crack your knuckles and loosen your wrists. The 2017 IJA Festival is looking for some “pinball wizards” to play the silver ball and see if they can beat the IJA’s resident Pinball Ace Richard Kennison and all comers in a Pinball Tournament. Scores will be collected during the week (using juggler selfies with their score), and the finals will be held on Friday night in Downtown Cedar Rapids at The Quarter Barrel Arcade and Brewery.