Free Brunch!

Thanks once again to the kindness and wisdom of our anonymous donor iiWii (whoever it is knows that jugglers like to eat), there will be a free hot buffet brunch taking place Wednesday through Saturday. Brunch will be in the Bud Light Lounge on the lobby level of the U.S. Cellular Center.

Brunch vouchers are included with all Festival Event Packages and can be purchased on-site for others.


Lectures by Erik Åberg:
–The History of the Juggling Club
–Paul Cinquevalli
–Definition of Juggling

The History of the Juggling Club
Learn how one of the three most popular juggling props was developed and how it became a staple in the repertoire of so many jugglers. Guest lecturer: David Cain

Paul Cinquevalli
Paul Cinquevalli is one of the most successful and influential jugglers that ever lived. His juggling innovations laid the foundation to what would become known as Gentleman juggling. In this lecture we learn more about this interesting man, his career, his creations and his fate.

The Definition of Juggling
This lecture will uncover the mysteries surrounding juggling, from both its origins and its current place in our world at large. Juggling will be examined to its very core, with concrete examples dissected. Cultural connections, mechanical actions, and contexts will all be laid out before finally revealing what the word juggling truly means. Come be a witness to this historical moment: we promise there will be some surprises!

The History of the Juggling Club, TUESDAY, 3PM – 4PM, FREE
Paul Cinquevalli, WEDNESDAY, 3PM – 4PM, FREE
Definition of Juggling, THURSDAY, 3PM – 4PM, FREE

History Museum

Welcome to the Museum of Juggling History – the touring exhibit. Here you’ll be able to see pictures of famous jugglers from the past and some of the rarest, most important juggling props in the world. The items in this collection have been donated to, purchased by, or rescued by, David Cain, a professional juggler and juggling historian from Middletown, Ohio. The collection is usually on display in the normal museum setting, located in Middletown, Ohio, but is sometimes displayed as an exhibit at juggling and circus festivals, like this year’s IJA Festival. The purpose of this collection is to preserve the history of juggling through the props that make the art possible.



For 8 hours over 2 days, professional juggling coach Richard Kennison will offer tips and video feedback on tricks, juggling technique, and proper form. Visit Richard in the coaching lounge and get the expert eye you need to take your juggling skill to new heights.


Club Renegade

The ever-popular and unpredictable Club Renegade will take place on the last two nights of the fest. On the last night, Renegade will host the IJA Awards presentations, including the People’s Choice Award (be sure to vote).


Flow Zone

Need a place to chill out, relax, and take a time out while you’re checking out the latest fads in flow? Experience the Zen manipulation wisdom that only master teachers and performers like Kevin Axtell, Jonathan Alvarez, Jeremiah Johnston and Emily Jane Perkulator can teach. Listen to the music, kick back on the bean bag chairs, and juggle lava lamps (oops, let’s scratch that last idea). Come over to the flow zone and #feeltheglow.

Annual Business Meeting & Election

The annual membership meeting of the IJA will be held at 11am on Wednesday.

Hear about and discuss how your Association is run, updates from the past year and meet the candidates running for the Board of Directors. Voting for Board Members will take place during and just following the meeting.


Women In Juggling

In 2002 Connie “Paprika” Leaverton and Cindy Marvell joined forces in documenting women jugglers across the globe in the film “Trailblazers, Women Who Juggle.”

In 2013, Paprika continued the project, and went on to film on the Asian Pacific Islands of Tonga where almost all women juggle. Juggling (or Hiko) is also a cultural dance, an ancient song, a sport and a game for women of all ages and has been in their culture for 3000 years.

Join us for partial screenings of both documentaries and a discussion on women and men jugglers from around the world.


Water Skuggling

As part of an ambitious pursuit to make this year’s IJA the biggest and best festival yet, the International Jugglers Association is joining forces with the Five Seasons Ski Team for the first ever Water Skuggling Workshop!

What in the world is water skuggling? It’s the rare combination of advanced water skiing and advanced juggling, pioneered in 2012 by Doug Sayers and the Five Seasons Ski Team. In the few short collaborations with Doug, and later with Bob and Trish Evans, they’ve done everything from juggling 7 balls, to passing, bounce juggling, and even juggling in a human pyramid.



But there’s so much more that could be done with this concept! We’re looking for a small group of motivated jugglers to think outside the box and open it to the stylistic diversity of modern juggling. Water skiing experience is helpful, but not required. Those who are athletic and have experience with learning balance and stability skills usually learn to ski quickly. However, water skuggling is a multitasking skill, so our students will need to be able to juggle while focusing on skiing.

If you’re selected, you will learn one-on-one from experienced members of the nationally competitive Five Seasons Ski Team, using the best and safest equipment available. And of course, if it’s not on video, it never happened. We’ll be using multiple waterproof GoPro cameras to make sure you have plenty to show off afterwards.

This class will be held at Ellis Park along the Cedar River, about 1.8 miles from the U.S. Cellular Center. Days, times and pricing TBA — contact David Lammers for further information. This is a limited capacity class, so if you’re interested, please either Message David Lammers on Facebook, or email him at:

For more excitement, find the Five Seasons Ski Team on all major social media, and follow the IJA for more reasons not to miss the historic 70th annual festival, in Cedar Rapids on July 10-16, 2017.

Aerial Workshops

Presented by Craig Lewis, owner of Night Owl Circus Arts in Johnson City, TN, and Laura Ernst Kinetic Entertainment.

Aerial workshops are open to all beginners including first-time students! Instructors will work individually with each student and adapt to their level of strength and comfort. In class, you’ll learn many movements in the silks, hammock, and aerial hoop depending on the workshop you choose.

Aerial Workshops
Beginner Aerial Fabric
Beginner Aerial Hammock
Beginner Aerial Hoop
Advanced Aerial Fabric
Advanced Aerial Hammock
Open Aerial Playtime

(Free Playtime for People with Previous Aerial Experience)

Open to ages 13+. Max 8 students per workshop.
For information and to sign up, contact Laura Ernst