Shows & Events

We are going all out to make the 2017 IJA Festival a historic 70th Annual Fest!
Our motto for the festival is “Celebrate The Past – Prepare For The Future”.
This festival will feature a great Welcome show and the big Cascade of Stars (see the Performers link), along with many other traditional IJA events, while also including several new and exciting highlights. Follow the links below to find out about different aspects of the festival.

IJA Festival


The IJA festival will feature a number of Special Guest performers and workshop instructors, including in the Welcome Show on Tuesday and the Cascade of Stars on Saturday.


The IJA festival will feature four notable extra shows on-site during the week, each costing only $10. Tickets can be obtained at the festival.

IJA Festival Events

Come experience the Stage Championships, Numbers Championships, Joggling Championships, Busking Invitational, XJuggling, Individual Prop Competition, Pinball Tournament, and Games of the IJA.

IJA Festival Events

There’s a Free Brunch for Event Package holders, Juggling History Museum, Coaching Lounge, Club Renegade, Flow Zone, Women in Juggling, Definition of Juggling and more. Be sure to join us at the Annual IJA Business Meeting & Election!


Each year the IJA Festival features hundreds of workshops taught by leading juggling pros. Workshops include emphasis on performance, technique, marketing, history, creating routines, and more.

A few special intensive workshops are also offered, led by invited guests.

Youth Showcase

The Youth Showcase is a great opportunity for younger jugglers to perform at the Festival. The Youth Showcase is a non-competitive event at which performers with routines can get stage time to show their skills for a supportive audience.

The 2017 Festival will feature more Special Events Than Ever Before

  • History Museum: David Cain and Erik Aberg will be bringing the largest display of historic juggling props and artifacts ever seen at the IJA! This display will include daily lectures and tours by two of the most knowledgeable juggling historians in the world.
  • Training Lounge: Jugglers interested in getting one-on-one coaching on technique, will have the opportunity to sign up for coaching sessions with one of the most respected juggling coaches in the USA, Richard Kennison. This is an amazing opportunity to take your juggling to the next level!