South America

IJA Regional Competition – South America

Each year the IJA holds one or two IJA Regional Competitions with partnering juggling and circus events in South America. The juggling scene is currently exploding in South America, with the popularity of juggling and juggling events being on the rise in all countries. The IJA is excited to showcase and promote the juggling talent of this region.

IRC South America

The IRC South America 2017 was held in Quito, Ecuador, in partnership with the 6th Annual World Juggling Day Celebration by Compañia Circómico. Ten competitors entered from five countries. Check out the full list of finalists below.

The Finalists

Stay tuned for IRC South America 2018 Information.

IRC South America 2016 Documentary


2017 IRC South America

IRC South America 2016 Bogotá
October 29 – IRC South America 2016 Bogotá
In Partnership with Convención Colombiana de Circo

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IRC South America 2016 Santiago
November 6 – IRC South America 2016 Santiago
In partnership with Organic Juggling

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South America

The IJA held the first 2 IRCs of South America at the 2012 national circus conventions in both Brazil and Chile. IRC South America 2015 was hosted by La Conve Pie Derecho in Lima, Perú. 2 IRC’s were held in 2016, partnering with Organic Juggling in Santiago, Chile and Convención Colombiano de Circo in Bogotá, Colombia. In 2017, the IRC moved to Quito, Ecuador, partnering with the 6th Annual World Juggling Day event organized by Compañía Circómico.

IRC South America Medalists

Gold Silver Bronze
2017 Ecuador Jader Oswaldo Mona Sanchez Nebulosa Estar ft. Alvaro Soto and Santiago Vega Lebid Yobany Guerrero Arevalo
2016 Chile Jose Luis Concha Vargas Carlos “Charchaso” Araya Darwin Vergara
2016 Colombia Erick Israel Frutos Alejandro Anderson Pereira da Silva Geison Andres Estupinan
2015 Perú Javier Bertero Johan Flores Chang Carlos “Charchaso” Araya
2012 Brazil Franklin Chávez Prado Duba Becker Alvaro Palominos
2012 Chile Carlos Muñoz Yuri Figueroa Rody Olivarez

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