136 Trailer by Jay Gilligan

This is a trailer for ‘136’ by Jay Gilligan. The full 16 minute video will be available exclusive for IJA members on May 15. Click here for information about joining the IJA for this and other benefits including vendor discounts, liability insurance, more exclusive eJuggle content, and more…

This video is first and foremost about having fun with juggling. Jay Gilligan presents a number of accessible creative suggestions of ways to look at juggling that aren’t just based on technical skill and can be executed with basic props that we mostly all have. He demonstrates ways to “breaks the rules” through such things as picking up additional props or throwing/hitting others away in the middle of a pattern. You’ll surely be inspired to try something new that you might have never thought was acceptable to do before.

136 is Jay’s IJA life membership number. Jay will be teaching special workshops at the IJA festival this summer and he recently published a stunning book about juggling. See https://www.fourthshape.com/index.php?/show/5catches/ for details.

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Imagine being alive when color photography was first presented, email was available to everyone, or when siteswap was first discovered!? Juggling today is the modern dance of 100 years ago. Juggling is exploding and history is being written this very moment. fourthshape.com 43tricks.com renegadesignlab.com WELCOME TO THE NEW BREED

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