2 Count Podcast – Feb 2012 – Rich Kohut and Matt Hall

IJA 2 Count Podcast for February 2012, hosted by Richard Kohut and Matt Hall.  This month on the podcast we feature a run down of the IJA festival events and schedule, along with covering the ending of the ezine name contest.  Our Juggler of the Month is Michael Karas, and out article of the month is by Luke Wilson, all about risk and juggling.  Then we discuss factory in our tutorial section.

3:43 – NEWS – IJA Fest Discussion
22:07 – NEWS – IJA Ezine Name Chosen
24:01 – Juggler Of The Month – Michael Karas
38:01 – Article Of The Month – Luke Wilson: Risk
49:33 – Tutorial – Factory

Downloadable mp3 file: IJA 2 Count – February 2012


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Rich Kohut is an opinionated and very bold hobbyist juggler, most well known for producing the longest running juggling podcast "Jugglers On Juggling", which is still going today. He's not a bad juggler either, having qualified 7 rings many times, qualified 5 clubs, and placed second in the WJF Ring Intermediates competition.

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  1. I loved this podcast. Keep the good stuff coming. I really enjoyed the article on Risk in juggling. It opened my eyes to thought processes which have yet to occur to me as I dont perfrom but those thoughts will be kept in mind.

    The IJA Fest news makes me so jealous of not being able to attend due to being in the UK. Why do the best places seem to be so far away? 🙁
    Best of luck to Matt Hall and fellow fest organisers!

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