Full Video Coverage of the 2012 IJA Regional Competition in Chile

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Six months of finding a Chilean contact, four months of planning, countless Facebook messages, two promotional graphics, two hard working coordinators, one donated flight to Santiago, three medals designed and ordered, 13 prelim video submissions, 10 finalists, one rushed set up of a circus tent and stage, 5 judges, one tech rehearsal, and hundreds of audience members filing into the tent – and the first ever IJA Regional Competition in Chile commenced!

And what a competition it was!
We hope you enjoy this exclusive IJA member coverage of the first IRC in South America!

A couple things you should know before you begin watching:

1. The good quality camera that was going to be used for this video died the day after the competition. This footage was the only other full coverage of the competition we could find, and we are grateful to Rotundo Mutundo for allowing us to use it. Our apologies for any poor quality that exists.

2. The silver medalist, Yuri, requested that his routine not be included in the video, as he prefers to have his act viewed live. As we had not specified in the rules that the video would be made available to IJA members, we honored his request. He is included in the awards ceremony, but his routine is not presentin the video.

3. The camera recording the competition ran out of batteries for the final act. Erin Stephens captured the second half of this routine on her iPad, and that is the footage you will see.

And now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the skills of 9 impressive Chilean and Peruvian jugglers!

Thank you for being a member of the IJA and making programs like this possible!


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Erin Stephens currently lives in Burkina Faso, Africa and is performing with Yennega Circus. She has been an active organizer within the IJA for over 10 years, having been a founding member of the IJA Regional Competitions, Tricks of the Month video series, eJuggle, and has spearheaded the IJA social media platforms since 2012.