A few quick announcements

  • When we announced our membership price reduction, we mentioned that members who had prepaid for multiple years would receive additional credit for those unstarted years. The math came out to about 4 months and 21 days of credit for each prepaid year that hadn’t begun as of the August 1, 2012 price drop. We decided to round that up to 5 months of credit per year as an extra thanks to those that have committed to multiple years. That’s just how we roll.
  • Our regular monthly board meeting for August has been rescheduled from the 22nd at 5:30pm pacific to the 29th at 5:30pm. This makes no difference to most of you, but our by-laws say we need to announce such things. So now you know.
We’re glad so many of our members took advantage of the exclusive HEPTAD video by Wes Peden! If you are a member who hasn’t checked it out yet, make sure you do; it is bananas. If you aren’t a member yet, this is a pretty good reason to join. Combine it with the other member benefits, supporting our programs for the juggling community on the whole, and more member exclusive videos to come in the future, and you almost can’t afford not to join.
Thanks for your support. Keep ’em in the air…
Dave Pawson, IJA Chair

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Dave returned to the world of juggling in 2010 after a 20 year hiatus. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the IJA, teaches juggling to middle school kids, and is a spectacularly average juggler. In his real life, he lives in the Bay Area, CA and is a software engineer, working on Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.

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