A Message from the Chairman, June, 2015

Less than one month until the 2015 IJA Festival in Quebec City! If logistics is an issue for you, we have rideboards available on both our festival forum and on Facebook.

The 2015 Festival Awesomeness Fund Committee has made their final selections! The funds will be allotted for the festival as follows:

– Obstacle course: $500
– Waterballoon slip and slide: $200
– Drinks and flair bartender: $200
– Onsite massage therapist: $1,000
– Cardboard box castle building contest: $60
– Pinata filled with juggling props: $250
– Tye Dye $60
– Food. $1,630 and the remainder of any additional funds.

Special thanks to donor Unna Med and all those who contributed towards this fund of awesomeness!

It’s been a long road of hard work for our festival team and officers, but everything is in place for this year’s festival to be an amazing event. I hope to see you there!

Juggle on,
Nathan Wakefield
IJA Chairman

Nathan is a juggler from Southeast Michigan. He first learned to juggle in college, and has written for the website Streetjuggling.com. He previously served as Chairman of the IJA and also held various officer positions. When he is not frantically trying to learn new manipulation skills, he enjoys producing music, acting, and watching horror films.

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