A Message from The Chairman, September 2016

It’s easy to get caught up in the anticipation of a festival when so many exciting plans are being put into place. However, occasionally unexpected circumstances arise that make you take a look at the bigger picture.

In 2017, our annual festival will take place in Cedar Rapids, IA. This week, Cedar Rapids has been experiencing a river well above flood stage, and flooding could have affected our 2017 venues there.  Fortunately, it looks like our important sites, and much of the city, are escaping damage because of a lot of work the city did to protect itself, including installing temporary flood control barriers.

When you are planning a large festival in a city, and something like this occurs, it really gives you a new perspective of what can and does happen outside of your control and the damage that could result. Our thoughts and well-wishes are with the people of Cedar Rapids.

On a much lighter note, the second installment of our collaborative video series ‘Mind Blown’ is now available. The theme of this video is club passing, and it features many diverse and amazing passers, including 2016 IJA Teams Champions Jonglissimo. Once you have prepared yourself for any possible cerebral combustion, hop on over and check it out.

Wishing you a safe Fall season,

Nathan Wakefield
IJA Chairman

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Nathan is a juggler from Southeast Michigan. He first learned to juggle in college, and has written for the website Streetjuggling.com. He previously served as Chairman of the IJA and also held various officer positions. When he is not frantically trying to learn new manipulation skills, he enjoys producing music, acting, and watching horror films.

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