eJuggle Advertising


eJuggle, the IJA’s electronic magazine (ezine) is the pre-eminent juggling news resource (online or offline). The Ezine is updated nearly daily with articles, exclusive videos, current events, and more. We attract hobbyists and performers from all around the world.

There are many advantages to advertising on the Ezine:

  • Unlike a print magazine, people can click directly from your ad to your website. They won’t have to remember URLs and wait until they are near a computer to follow-up on your advertising.
  • Unlike generic ad programs like Google Adsense or Facebook ads, the demographic of eJuggle is nearly purely serious jugglers. This is a highly targeted audience.
  • The Ezine has been attracting well over 1000 visitors/day and the popularity is increasing all the time.

There are two advertising options

Note: All ads are comprised of a graphic that when clicked will go to a link of your choice. There will be a maximum of one of each sized ad spot on each page, and each spot may have up to 5 ads rotating through the spot. For example, if there are 5 advertisers, your ad will appear for one in five pages visited (if we have 1000 visitors/day, each of the 5 advertisers should have about 200 impressions/day). If there are fewer advertisers, your ad will appear more frequently. There are often IJA ads, but paid advertisements are weighted to appear more frequently than the IJA ads.

    1. Side banner ad. Size: 300×250 pixels. This is a large square ad on the sidebar of most pages. On the homepage, it will be located below the vendor discount ads. On internal pages, it will be displayed at the top of the sidebar. Price: $50/month*.

300×250 pixels = $50/month

  1. Mini side banner ad. Size: 300×125 pixels. This half-size side banner will appear below the regular side banner ads. Price: $30/month*.

300×125 pixels = $30/month

* All prices subject to change. Please check with us to ensure the latest rates.

Graphic Requirements

  • Graphics can not be animated.
  • Graphics can not play sounds upon loading.
  • Provided graphics must be the required sizes. Our staff will reject incorrectly sized graphics.

Content Guidelines

These guidelines refer to the graphics themselves as well as the sites that they link to.

  • Nothing against the goals of the IJA.
  • Nothing that will make the IJA look bad.
  • No offensive language (including curse words, overly sexual themes, serious drug references, etc.).
  • Content should be suitable to most ages, similar to PG movie guidelines.
  • The Ezine reserves the right to reject any ad at their discretion.

Payment Information

  • Payment must be received at least a week prior to the first of the month of the ad.
  • Payments can be made via check, credit card, or Paypal. Paypal is preferred.

Other Information

  • Ads can be purchased by full month and for up to 3 months at a time.
  • There are currently no other payment options such as per impression or per click.
  • The Ezine does not provide data such as number of impressions or click-throughs.
  • Note: There is an occasional problem with the wordpress theme that sometimes causes the sidebar to appear below the article rather than on the side. This is only on certain browsers and when zoomed out so it should not affect a majority of our viewers.

To place an ad or if you have any questions, please email advertising@juggle.org.