Anthony Gatto Interview on Practicing

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Here is a summary of the questions covered:
How do you structure your practice sessions?
How much time do you spend on each prop/trick?
Can you describe your warm-up theory?
What are important considerations about posture while juggling?
What do you think about when you practice?
What do you concentrate on more when doing combination tricks?
How relaxed versus concentrated are you when you practice?
What do you think about after you miss a trick?
What kinds of corrections do you find yourself making most?
You spoke a lot about your physical approaches. What about your mental attitude and preparations?
How much do you think about your practice sessions outside of practice?
Do you use visualization when you practice?
How strict are you with your practice sessions?
How has your practice style changed over the years?
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information with us.


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