Ivan Pecel Road Blog #4 – March 2012

This month finds me performing in the Vegas Magic Theatre Show in Las Vegas, NV. I’ll give you some tips about doing a show in Vegas, costuming, warm-up, and sharing a dressing room with live chickens.

Ivan Pecel Road Blog #3 – Feb 2012 – for eJuggle

Feb found me at the Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club… One of, if not THE best, comedy club in the country. Follow me around the club, see me get heckled by a large group of women, and see what others thought of my show.

Ivan Pecel Road Blog – Jan 2012

This month I find myself doing a corporate show in Rochester, IN and I give a lot of travel tips using apps for your smart phone. Bonus SURPRISE ending… Follow me on this journey, won’t you? Won’t you?

Ivan Pecel: Road Blog Nov/Dec 2011

The first in a series of video “articles” for the IJA eZine where I follow myself on a gig and give show tips, travel tips, worldly facts, cultural intuitions, and partake in whimsical mishaps. The goal is to try and showcase a different type of venue every month, talk about the “business side” of being a pro juggler, give some …