IJA Tricks of the Month March 2018 Japan by Takuya Suzuki

My name is Takuya Suzuki. I’m from Kyoto, Japan and I’ve been juggling for 8 years. I like club juggling. I’m always inspired by ball jugglers. If you like this video, please check my Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/suzutane/

IJA Tricks of the Month February 2018 Japan by: Daiki Utsumi

Hi! My name is Daiki Utsumi. I’m a 22-year-old Japanese juggler from Kyoto and I’ve been juggling for 4 years. I love doing visually appealing tricks and I came up with a lot of original tricks for this video, so I hope you enjoy them. Also, I post my juggling on Instagram. Feel free to check it out: @daiki_utsumi

IJA Tricks of the Month February 2018 México by: Carlos “Froylan” Iturbe

IJA Tricks of the Month México

Meet the IJA Tricks of the Month México contributor: Hello! my name is Carlos aka “Froy chico golos.” I’m from Chimalhuacan, Estado de México and I’ve been juggling flowersticks for 5 years now. I specialize in the contact and the quantity game. I have dedicated myself to combining different styles to explore the infinite possibilities that the golo can have. …

IJA Tricks of the Month January 2018 Taiwan by: Constantine Leen

What’s up jugglers. My name is Constantine Leen 林惟庸 and I’m a juggler from Taiwan. Juggling emancipates me. I can try whatever I want in my juggling world. It’s awesome because I feel like a hawk in the sky, flying and flying to everywhere I want. Juggling is so amazing and full of surprises inside. Everybody should try it, to …

IJA Tricks of the Month January 2018 France by: Symetricks

IJA Tricks of the Month 2018

Hello, we are called Theo Azoulay & Gustave Guérin. We come from Paris in France. We started working together and created the Symetricks Company a year and a half ago. This video represents our universe and our poi store. We really based our research on passing and adapted our props to this skill. You can contact us for bookings, workshops, …

IJA Tricks of the Month December 2017 Marvin Ong USA

eJuggle Tricks of the Month Marvin Ong

IJA Tricks of the Month English: Hi, my name is Marvin Ong. I was born and raised in Borneo, Malaysia for 20 years before I moved to Los Angeles. I found object manipulation in 2007 and got into juggling in 2012. I spent a few years with poi before I started exploring clubs. Poi has taught me valuable things about …

IJA Tricks Of The Month December 2017 Chile by: Joaco Álvarez Camacho

Hello, my name is Joaco Álvarez Camacho, but some people call me “Chico Poi” (Poi Guy). I am a juggler from Santiago, Chile. I have practiced juggling for five of my twenty-one years alive, basically focusing on poi and flags. During my time investigating, I have emphasized on creating new languages on a so unexplored toy: flags. This way, I …