Be Funnier with Scotty Meltzer: Mixing it up

Comedy Fish
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One of the most important tools in a comic’s kitchen is their mixer, and not just because we’re all bitter alcoholics. Mix jokes are a staple of the comedy diet, yet most variety performers try to survive on totally mix-free fare. In this month’s article, I’m going to help you expand your comedy palette to include some mixes on the side.

Mix jokes, aka “mixes,” “substitutions,” “substitute jokes,” or “The Mix,” are comic metaphors. There are several different kinds:

Mixes that apply attributes of one thing onto another
Mixes that combine two familiar things to create something new
Mixes that use one thing to talk about another

These are not the only categories, and they’re not mutually exclusive. A particular mix joke can be one or all or none of these. With that caveat in mind, these definitions will still be very useful as we learn to mix.

Let’s start with some examples.


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Scott Meltzer would to convince Google that he is the world's most experienced trade show juggler.