IJA Board Elections

Making IJA Board Member Nominations

Nominations are OPEN for 4 seats on the IJA Board of Directors that are up for election in the summer of 2024. The size of the Board will remain at seven directors for the 2024 - 2025 year. Please see the Duties and Expectations of Board Members below.

Nominations may be made by any IJA member in good standing for at least one year. Each nominee must be a current IJA member in good standing.

Nominations as well as the candidacy statements of nominees must be submitted by email to ijanominations@juggle.org by the deadlines indicated below. No other form of submission is accepted.


The following deadlines shall apply for the calendar year in which the elections are being held. Deadlines are effective at 11:59pm Pacific Time (Daylight or Standard, as applicable) on the date indicated.

  • May 15: Nomination submission deadline for candidate’s name to appear on the Ballot
  • May 15: Candidacy statement submission deadline for statement to appear in the IJA eNewsletter and on this website. The candidacy statement is limited to 350 words and cannot be changed except within the first 48 hours after it is originally submitted.

Voting Directions

All regular, life, youth, and family IJA members thirteen years old or older as of July 27, 2016, may vote, either online in advance of the IJA Festival or in person at the IJA Festival in El Paso, Texas, on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Mail-in ballots will not be used this year. You can vote either:

  1. ONLINE until 11:59pm EDT, Saturday, July 23, 2016; or
  2. ON-SITE at the IJA Festival in El Paso, Texas, on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Online voting is easy and only takes a minute or two. Or if you'll be at the IJA Festival, you can vote there in person on July 27, 2016.

Online voting will likely be opened soon after nominations are closed. To vote ONLINE before the festival, go to: https://ym.juggle.org and Sign In (either by clicking Sign In at the top or using the Sign In box at the bottom.) Once you are signed in, click on VOTE in the red band at the top. ("VOTE" won't appear unless you're signed in.)

Who can vote?  All regular, life, youth, and family IJA members who will be at least 13 years of age as of July 11, 2024, can vote.

How do I vote?  Use this link to sign in and vote.  It will ask you to enter your IJA password and then it should take you to the voting page.  (If it doesn't, after signing in, go to IJA 2024 election and cast your ballot there.)

When can I vote?  You can vote online until 11am on Thursday, July 11, 2024.  Or at the IJA Festival you can vote on July 11, 2024, until 30 minutes after the end of the IJA Annual General Meeting, which starts at 1pm CDT on Thursday, July 11, 2024.

Thanks for helping decide who will lead the IJA.  Voting is easy and only takes a minute or two.

Duties and Expectations of Board Members

The IJA Board of Directors manages this nonprofit corporation for the benefit of its members. The board is composed of seven people, with elected directors serving two-year terms. Approximately half of the seats are up for election each summer.

The directors are asked to meet in person at the summer festival. Each board member is expected to communicate regularly by email, must have web access, and will attend online meetings once or twice a month. Directors should expect to spend some hours each week on behalf of the IJA.

In addition, all candidates should understand that the members of the Board of Directors are legally responsible as fiduciaries in setting the goals and policies of the IJA, managing its finances, overseeing its employees (if any), and administering its programs. At all times, the members of the Board of Directors must act in good faith and in the best interest of the corporation.

This is a great opportunity for you "to render assistance to fellow jugglers."