2014 IJA Festival

Join us, July 28 – August 3, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, and get ready for a phenomenal week! As Early Bird festival registration rapidly approaches, we are excited to fill you in with details about the highly anticipated event. This yearʼs festival will be held on the lovely Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, located just 70 miles from the Indianapolis International …

2012 IJA Festival Video Part 6: Cascade of Stars, XJuggling, Renegade, and more!

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This is the final batch of videos from the 2012 IJA Festival! These videos contain highlights from the Cascade of Stars, XJuggling, the Renegade stage, Games of the IJA, and some additional Gym Footage. If you would like to purchase a DVD set containing all the videos from the festival, you may do so by visiting the IJA Store.

– Cascade of Stars
The 2012 Cascade of stars featured performances by Cie Ea Eo, Kevin Axtell, Freddy Kenton, Doug Sayers, Ryan Mellors, Eric Longequel, and Pavel Evsukevich.

– XJuggling
Highlights from the 2012 XJuggling competition.

– Renegade Show
Here is a glimpse into some of the wild late night activity that transpired at the Renegade stage.

– Gym 3
Footage from some of the action that took place in the main practice space.

– Gym 4
Wacky clips from some of the fun that occurred during the festival.

– Credits
The end credits from the 2012 Festival Video, with MC highlight clips included as well.


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Congratulations to Ferdinand Huber for winning last month’s challenge for the most bounces of a ball on a cup on dramatic fashion, beating all other entrants by a factor of 20!  He went for 11 straight minutes and got over 2500 bounces!  Rarely have I watched a video in disbelief at what I was watching, but this certainly was an incredible thing …

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IJA Tricks of the Month – Chile – January 2014 – Raul Cifuentes

Aktion Dreff is a juggling group from Santiago, Chile. This “Tricks of the Month” video was recorded in several places located in the center of Santiago, highlighting the urban environment, which is what characterizes the group. The juggler presented is Raúl Cifuentes, a specialist with cigar boxes. The video was edited by Valentin Pavez. —————————————-­—————————————- Aktion Dreff es un grupo …