Scrambled Passing Patterns and Takeout Notations: Part 1


An Introduction from Warren I first started exploring club take-outs was with Reid Belstock, my partner in Smirk. Later, I would work with Lazer Vaudeville for a few years where I learned how to do a pattern created by a group called Manic Expressions, known as the “Wally Walk.” Since Manic Expressions came up with the Wally Walk there has …

David Cain, Part One on the “Drop Everything” podcast with host Dan Holzman

First half of the “Drop Everything” IJA podcast with juggler and juggling historian David Cain. David talks about his earliest days as a juggler, and working with his twin brother Scott at a local amusement park. Also on itunes: Click here for part two.

Common Juggling Misconceptions

There are a myriad of misconceptions regarding the art of juggling. Many are on the part of audience members, whose lack of understanding and knowledge is laughable, but somewhat understandable. However, many members of our own community fall victim to false beliefs as well. Some are about performing and some are about the history of juggling. It’s these historical misconceptions …


Hello, and thanks for coming to the IJA Challenge! The IJA Challenge is a monthly video contest put forth to the juggling community, in which anyone with a video camera can record an attempt to compete for a juggling/manipulation based world record set by Richard Kohut. The winners receive prizes for their achievement in breaking or tying his world record …

IJA Tricks of the Month – USA – May 2014 – Robert Wood

This Tricks of the Month Showcases Robert Wood from Eugene, Oregon. Robert Wood, or Rob, as his friends know him, started juggling 15 years ago in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. His friend showed him a video of Peter Davison juggling and that’s all it took. In that juggling routine, Rob saw the kind of ninja he had always wanted to be. …

Tricks of the month IJA México, Mayo 2014 “The Room of Time 3”

Cinthia has recorded a video per year since she began practicing juggling. This is the last video from the “Room of Time” trilogy (based on dragon ball). She is a young juggler from the city of Torreon in Coahuila and for three years she has been training using Mr. Popo’s knowledge at Unicirclo Laguna. Specializing in balance techniques, the video …

2014 Mexico IJA Regional Competition

Haga clic aquí para ver el artículo en español The IJA is excited to be holding the 3rd Mexico IJA Regional Competition (IRC), on June 27, 2014 at the Periplo International Circus Festival in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The past two years, the Mexico IRC has seen an array of diverse talent, and the IJA can’t wait to see how the rapidly advancing …

Tony Pezzo’s “THE THIRD” – IJA special edition #3

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"THE THIRD", is a full length 42 minute juggling film, featuring Tony Pezzo. It exhibits over 150 of Tony's favorite new tricks, and routines, that he's been working on for over 2 years! The video will be released here in eJuggle in three parts, along with BONUS tutorials for each part, that teach tricks and techniques from the film. This deal is exclusively for IJA members only, so become a member today!
"THE THIRD" Part 3

In this section, Tony experiments with camera angle, site specific juggling, ring rolls, and different sized rings! Enjoy!
Horizontal Ring Multiplexes (BONUS #3)

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Horizontal ring multiplexes is a very useful technique to learn! I use it for a lot of my favorite ring tricks with 5-9 rings. Here I show you how to do a simple 3 ring multiplex that you can use for a lot of cool tricks.

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