A Message from the Chair, September 2012

  We meet again! On the heels of the August board meeting, I’m once again checking in to catch you up on goings on within the IJA. Festival business. I’m happy to announce that Kim Laird has taken on the job of Festival Coordinator for the 2013 festival at Bowling Green State University. She’s already hard at work, and recently …


The passing of Robert Nelson

My heart has joined the thousand… My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped juggling today. Sadly, it is time to retire IJA Life Member Number 83. Robert Nelson, the Butterfly Man, died on August 27, 2012. His passing leaves a void on stages and pitches around the world. I first met Robert at the 1980 IJA convention …

Notes and queries and a case full of clubs: Style Notes

One word which is often bandied about in discussions and descriptions of jugglers and juggling is “style”. Some have it, some don’t. Someone juggles in a particular style, or has their own distinctive and defining style. But what does it really mean to have style, and how can we develop it in our own juggling? Let us start with our …


Be Funnier with Scotty Meltzer: How to Steal a Joke

In last month’s column, Thou Shalt Not Steal, I wrote about an ethical way to steal jokes I called “switching to the bone.” The steps were: Step 1) Write down the joke you want to steal. Step 2) Write down the essence of what makes that joke funny. This could be the structure, the conflict, the type of ambiguity, the …

Wes Peden – HEPTAD Exclusive Video

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HEPTAD is a sequence of juggling by Wes Peden. Balls 1234567, rings 1234567, and clubs 1234567. The work was motivated by the options and limitations offered by each amount of object. The quality of a trick in this project was based on it's look, function, and rhythm within the composition. Filming took place in a tent, on an island, next to a cow pasture. In the video there are 24 quadruples, more than the average amounts of triplexes, and a 3 ring upside down bounce grind, a 4 club trick that's hard, and a snowman.

See http://ezine.juggle.org/2012/07/31/wes-peden-heptad-trailer/ for the trailer.


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A Message from the Chair

For those of you I haven’t met (yet), allow me to introduce myself. I’m Dave Pawson, and I’ll be your chairman of the board for the next year. This is sincerely an honor for me, and makes for very exciting times. But as exciting as this is for me, there are a lot of things going on these days that …