Winner of the 2012 World Juggling Day T-shirt Design Contest

  The official winner of the 2012 World Juggling Day t-shirt design contest, receiving unanimous 1st place votes from the judging panel, is:   Grace Kuo Here are a few of the judges comments: Jorge Petit:  “I judged thinking in three areas: Idea, Design and Technique.  So the octopus is the most complete in the three areas, is original, looks …

Notes and queries and a case full of clubs: Words of the Week

My last article took one particular theme (efficiency) and explored it as fully as I could. I often tend to fixate on one particular aspect of juggling at a time, and then try to understand and clarify my thoughts and beliefs on said aspect. Sometimes that clarification takes place in a notebook, sometimes in my head, and sometimes in an …

Shoebox Tour 2012 Review and Interview

On Thursday May 10th 2012, the Shoebox Tour came to Hazel Park, MI to perform at a venue known as TANK.  The touring cast for this year’s U.S. tour is Jay Gilligan and Wes Peden doing a two person juggling act with Erik Nilsson providing musical accompaniment. The venue was a small area that was part of a factory.  It …

Be Funnier with Scotty Meltzer: Collaboration

When John Park, my first juggling partner who eventually fled the country to get away from my never-ending notes, and I first started performing together, we were lucky enough to have great comedy mentors to learn from including: The best comedy teacher I know: Greg Dean. The fastest hands and fastest mind in comedy juggling: Frank Olivier. My BFF and …

Be Funnier with Scotty Meltzer: Creationism

In my first column, Comedy Darwinism, I wrote about ways to leverage your creativity onstage. Or as a skeptic might put it: “How to flop around onstage, randomly trying this and that, until you get lucky enough to get a laugh.” Fair enough. So if evolution through natural selection isn’t enough for you… If you think: “What are the odds …

Tricks of the Month- April 2012 w/ Kyle Johnson

Kyle plays with clubs for this month’s video at his home in Oakland, Ca at a place called The Vulcan, where he lives with many other juggler, spinners, and circus folk.

Gatto Practicing: Clubs Exclusive Video

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4 Clubs (00:00)

– Over head
– Synchronous
– Asynchronous
– Triple-Singles
– 1 high (maybe 7333)
– With under arm throws
– With backcrosses
– With Alberts
– Synch umbrella
– With collision
– With under arm throws
– Splits
– With forward and reverse spins
– Scissors
– Chin rolls
– Head rolls
– Drops over shoulder
– Into balance
– Chin rolls
– Head rolls
– Solid kickups (maybe 534)
– with regular spins and helicopter spins and from each hand to each foot
– Kick up to same foot kick up to juggle
– Shower
– Multiplex shower
– With Ball bounce
– 2-high pirouette (with ball bounce)
– Roll club on head (under ball bounce)
– To juggle all 5 back (regular and tennis)
– Backcrossed all 5 with ball thrown directly from backcross to head ounce
– Throw ball high to bounce on ground behind to head bounce

5 CLUBS (6:03)
– Overhead
– 3-high pirouette to juggle (not over head)
– 94444
– with helicopter spin on head
– Flash 3, 2 simultaneous treblas, to juggle
– Joggling in place with every throw under the leg (for 3 then 5 throws)
– 7 right-handed Alberts in a row
– Half-shower
– Tennis
– Multiplexes
– 64 Synchronous
– with cross-overs
– Backcrosses
– Directly to dips
– Multiplex to catch behind the back
– 5-high half and full pirouettes
– With ball bounce
– To juggle 6 back to head bounce (sometimes from behind the back throw)

6 CLUBS (12:00)
– With ball bounce
– To juggle 7 back to head bounce

7 CLUBS (12:55)
4 backcrosses
– 5-high priouette (Never succeeded but many close attempts)
– High throw back into juggle


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