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Juggling in North Korea – Part 2

In the first part of this series, I talked a little about the history of Korea and explained the causes that unleashed the conflict between the two nations. If you have not read it, I invite you to click here. Since the publication of the first part, I have received information that I did not know. I spoke with some people from …

Book Review – DIY Circus Lab by Jackie Davis

DIY Circus Lab is a new release from Quarry Books, written by veteran circus educator Jackie Leigh Davis. Billed as a “family-friendly guide for juggling, balancing, clowning, and circus-making,”[1] this beautifully laid out book is an accessible, inclusive, and wholly comprehensive classroom for the young circus learner. Davis has been working in circus education for 23 years, and this book …

Tony Frebourg, Diabolo – ep12 Juggle Jabber

Tony Frebourg is a diabolo player from France, and he’s one of the best numbers jugglers with diabolo. He holds many world records such as the record for 5 high and 6 high, but be sure to watch this video to discover about his incredible ball, bouncing and even devilstick skill! Currently he is a full time performer with cirque …

Bath Upchuck 2018 – The Bath Juggling Convention – Review (UK)

Bath Juggling Convention 2018 Breakfast and Travelling We awoke nice and early on Saturday morning (probably a little too early) and I enjoyed a nice bowl of nutty muesli and some granola with some natural yoghurt. I washed this down with a tasty fruit smoothie (green flavour). Jenni had some fruity wheats (or similar) which also went down very well. …

Forgotten Juggling Props – Table Lamps

In previous articles, I’ve written about juggling props that were once popular but now are more or less completely forgotten. This has included cup sticks, hand bells, firearms, and the Kara Box. In this article, I want to discuss perhaps the most unlikely of juggling props, the table lamp. Believe it or not, table lamps were once extremely common and …

IJA Tricks of the Month February 2018 México by: Carlos “Froylan” Iturbe

IJA Tricks of the Month México

Meet the IJA Tricks of the Month México contributor: Hello! my name is Carlos aka “Froy chico golos.” I’m from Chimalhuacan, Estado de México and I’ve been juggling flowersticks for 5 years now. I specialize in the contact and the quantity game. I have dedicated myself to combining different styles to explore the infinite possibilities that the golo can have. …

2017 IJA Festival Video Part 4: Numbers Competition, Individual Prop Competition, XJuggling, Cascade of Stars, Honorary Awards, and Credits

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Numbers Competition

Individual Prop Competition


Cascade of Stars

Historical Achievement Award

Award of Excellence

Extraordinary Service Award

Excellence in Education

People’s Choice Award




Watch the trailer:

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IJA Mind Blown – Contact Juggling 2018 – eJuggle

Mind Blown Contact Juggling

Mind Blown is an IJA collaboration video series. The Mind Blown – Contact Juggling 2018 video was organized and edited by Adrián Martínez of Quito, Ecuador and features some of the best contact jugglers of the world. Each Mind Blown video focuses on a different style of juggling. Various jugglers from around the world specializing in that style, are invited to …

Jugglers at Cirque de Demain 2018

Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, which translates to something like the Global Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow, had it’s 39th edition in Paris last week. As every year, many young circus performers compete for various medals, special prizes and awards. You can also find reviews from previous editions on eJuggle, 2017 and 2016. As in the previous years …