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Carl Thorson

Carl Thorson was born into a large family on August 1, 1894 on his family farm, located five miles outside of Madison, Wisconsin, (USA). When he was old enough to go to school, he walked five miles each way. This undoubtedly kept him in peak physical condition, which is something he was known for his entire life.  At some point …

2017 IJA Festival Video Part 3: Flow, Glow, & Diabolo Show, Games, Renegade, Workshops, Gym, Object Episodes, Movings, Women in Juggling, Juggling History Show, and Busking

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Flo, Glow & Diabolo Show





Object Episodes


Women in Juggling

Juggling History Show



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Lothar Lohr and the Saturn Trick

Lothar Lohr was born in Swinemünde, Germany in 1929 and moved to Ahlbeck, Germany in 1949. At the age of 13 he began practicing juggling using potatoes. He made his debut on stage in 1949 and continued performing into the 1980s. He juggled with tennis rackets, bounced tennis balls off of a drum, juggled 7 balls in the air, and …

IJA Tricks of the Month January 2018 Taiwan by: Constantine Leen

What’s up jugglers. My name is Constantine Leen 林惟庸 and I’m a juggler from Taiwan. Juggling emancipates me. I can try whatever I want in my juggling world. It’s awesome because I feel like a hawk in the sky, flying and flying to everywhere I want. Juggling is so amazing and full of surprises inside. Everybody should try it, to …

Review: Tactile by Luke Wilson

Gandini Press just published Tactile, a book written by the late Luke Wilson. I’ve read it, and you might already have too. The book is a collection of essays, blogs and rants, most of which have been published in Kaskade Magazine, on CircusGeeks, or here on eJuggle, where you can still find them today. Though I had read most essays …

Juggling in North Korea

Juggling in North Korea

Jugglers of the Pyongyang state circus. Photo: Gyan Fernando. The talk about North Korea is complicated. Also, talking about juggling in North Korea, given that it is the most secretive country in the world, is something even more complex. I have found little information because in North Korea there is no internet for people and those who can access it …


Ben Beri

Ben Beri was an American juggler popular from the late 1920s to the early 1960s.  He performed in a tuxedo, exuding an air of elegance, but included a great deal of comedy that bordered on slapstick at times. Below are three descriptions of Beri’s act by contemporary jugglers who saw and knew him. “Ben Beri billed himself as “The Juggling …