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The IJA Sammie Vance Youth Civic Achievement Award

Tis the season of giving and the IJA teaming up with Sammie Vance and her Buddy Bench project have done just that! A buddy bench now sits at the Boys and Girls Club Fort Wayne, IN that was made possible through teamwork and friendship! This buddy bench is made out of 200 lbs of recycled plastic bottle caps and lids. …

Newly Discovered Film of the First IJA Conventions

1948 IJA Convention The archives of the Museum of Juggling History contain many hundreds of films, VHS tapes, and DVDs. Many of these have yet to be viewed or digitized due to time and financial constraints. Of all the films that have been viewed, one of the most remarkable is a film that shows footage from the 1948, 1951, and …

2019 IJA Fest Review

This year’s IJA Festival in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, provided a forum for jugglers to excel and enjoy what they do best. This year’s festival was organized by David Cain –  juggling chronicler, performer, and competitor. The festival, which was primarily held at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Ft. Wayne, offered some of the best versions of activities the IJA …

IJA Regional Competition – IRC Central America 2019 Highlights Video

IRC Centroamérica 2019 at Guatecirko The IJA Regional Competition – IRC Central America 2019 was held at the Guatecirko Circus Festival in Mixco, Guatemala on the 12th of April.  This was the 5th annual IRC held in the Central American region, and received more entries, from more countries and at a higher skill level than all previous years.  13 preliminary …


2019 IJA Fest Preview

As the 2019 IJA Festival Director, I wanted to take another opportunity to share with you all of the wonderful things that will be happening at this year’s event. There will be many workshops happening each day that aren’t listed here, but the schedule can be viewed by clicking here. Let’s take a look at each day’s schedule of events. …

Why You Should Come To The IJA Festival In Fort Wayne

I, David Cain, wear many different hats in the juggling world. I’m a full-time performing juggler. I’m a juggling historian and writer. I’m the curator of the Museum of Juggling History. And now, I’ve taken on the position as the Director of the 2019 IJA Festival, which takes place June 24-30, 2019 in Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA). Like any festival …

2018 IJA Festival Video Part 4

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Juggling in Africa, part 2

(Haz clic aquí para español.) This is the second part of the Juggling in Africa series. I recently wrote the first part, which you can read by clicking here. Many jugglers have been amazed by these investigations, so I decided to make several parts. Have you ever wondered how the poorest and most neglected countries in the world can be …