IJA Tricks of the Month by Ricardo Fallas from Costa Rica / Diabolo

My name is Ricardo Fallas. I live in Costa Rica and I’m 27 years old. Here you can find some tricks I’ve been working on in recent days. First that all, I want to thank my family and friends who has inspired me day by day to practice this discipline. Now diabolo is an important part of my life. Also …

Gumball by Wes Peden

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Gumball is 60 minutes of Wes pushing his dyslexic brain and donut filled body to the max to do tricks that will still be cool when Kanye is president. Many have said that the video looks like what would happen if a trapezoid and a hover board had a baby and read it bedtime stories about siteswap.

2 years in the making
60 minutes of juggling
Includes audio commentary track
609 tricks
407 hours of trick creation
209 hours of filming
344 hours of editing
3 sunburns
287 dollars of uber rides
1 cactus


Watch the trailer:

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Manuel Alvarez: A Photo and Video Collection

Manuel Alvarez was born in Seville, Spain in 1955 into a long time circus family. In 1980, he debuted an act that includes amazing kick ups with 3 and 4 clubs, 5 and 7 rings, up to 4 boomerangs, up to 4 ping pong balls with the mouth, and up to 7 boomerang plates, which he was the first to …

IJA Tricks of the Month by Haavard Hvidsten from Norway

Hi I’m from Stavanger, Norway. I’ve been juggling for about 20 years now. Time flies! This video was filmed on a rooftop in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. We were supposed to film more tricks, but unfortunately, an elderly Japanese man kicked us off the rooftop! Music: First song I can’t remember the name of. Second song is the ending …

IJA Tricks of the Month by Colin Morton from Scotland

Colin Morton, from Edinburgh, Scotland, has been juggling for almost 10 years now. For most of this time he’s mainly focused on poi juggling but with interest in other props and disciplines. The video was filmed in Edinburgh on a walk around the Water of Leith and at the Scottish national gallery. Special thanks to: Paul Sayer for filing and editing the …

Juggling Documentaries

Earlier this year, eJuggle featured a wonderful documentary about Haavard Hvidsten made by Lewis Kennedy, which you can see below. This was certainly not the first juggling documentary. Let’s take a look at other documentary films about jugglers and juggling. Juggling by Strider Productions was released in 1984 and directed by Kim Hoeg. The film features a wide variety of …

IJA Tricks of the Month by Bow from France / Poi Juggling

Hi! I’m Bow, a 20 year old poi juggler from France. I’ve been juggling/spinning poi for 5 years now, and I’m happy to present this video I made with awesome video maker Metlili (www.METLILI.net)! The juggling community has changed my life on so many levels, and being part of the IJA Tricks of the Month series is a huge accomplishment …