IJA Tricks of the Month – Chile – March 2014 – Felipe Soto

Aktion Dreff is a juggling group from Santiago, Chile. This “Tricks of the Month” video was recorded in several places located in the center of Santiago, highlighting the urban environment, which is what characterizes this juggling group. The juggler presented is Felipe Soto, specializing in Clubs Camera : Juan Martinez & Valentin Pavez Editing : Juan Martinez & Valentin Pavez …

IJA Tricks of the Month – USA – March 2014 – Thom Wall

This Tricks of the Month video showcases Thom Wall from St Louis, Missouri, USA. Once focusing on “fine art” presentations of cutting-edge technical juggling, Thom now focuses on interesting manipulations of commonplace objects, including plates, pool cues, and his liberal arts degree. You can learn more about Thom and his work here: www.thomwall.com www.facebook.com/thomwalljuggler www.youtube.com/thomwustl

2013 World Juggling Day Video

2013 World Juggling Day was one of the most widely celebrated WJDs in history. With thousands of celebrants in over 55 countries, a partnership to bring WJD celebrations into Ripley’s Believe It or Not museums around the world, an “I <3 IJA” photo contest, and now, a fabulous documentary video, the 2013 WJD had a unifying and inspirational impact on …

Tony Pezzo’s “THE THIRD” – IJA special edition #1

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"THE THIRD", is a full length 42 minute juggling film, featuring Tony Pezzo. It exhibits over 150 of Tony's favorite new tricks, and routines, that he's been working on for over 2 years! The video will be released here in the ezine in three parts, along with 3 BONUS tutorials for each part, that teach tricks and techniques from the film. This deal is exclusively for IJA members only, so become a member today!

In this section Tony explores never before seen mixed prop juggling, ring facerolls, pulldown variations, and more! Check it out.

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Mixed Prop Multiplexes (BONUS #1)

I've been working on mixed prop multiplexes for about 2 years now. They might feel a bit tricky at first, since the technique you use to do them is probably different than anything you've practiced before. I think it's worth the time to learn it though, because visually, they are one of my favorite tricks!

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This month’s Flow Trick of the Month features Justin Benson, also known as JB, a poi spinner from Springfield, MO. JB has focused heavily on the manipulation of poi, influenced by contact and toss juggling. Here’s a link to Justin’s Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC79i31AqiFcm-iofwTAk-3Q ~n~ Music: Emancipator – Minor Cause

IJA Tricks of the Month – USA – February 2014

This video features three jugglers from the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Jared Janssen uses unique combinations of body throws and arms stalls, while Stefan Brancel flips, hits, and spins clubs in athletically complicated ways. The video’s editor, Meagan Nouis, combines claymotion with body throws and foot catches. Meagan Nouis is a recent Graduate from the University of Minnesota. She has …

Ladies Malabaristas

Thanks to the Facebook group called “Ladies Malabaristas,” the IJA has collaborated to create a video featuring female jugglers from around the world. This is Part 1 of what we hope will be an ongoing project. Part 2 will be coming soon! While many continue to think there are not many female jugglers in the world, this Facebook group of …

IJA Tricks of the Month – MÉXICO – February 2014

Made for eJuggle: www.ejuggle.org This month’s IJA Tricks of the Month video from Mexico features jugglers from the groups “Atrapado en el Circo” and “Circo Rodante” – Diego Alejandro, Erik Antonio, Miguel Lopez. It focuses on unique club manipulations and club passing variations on giraffe unicycles. Hope you enjoy. —————————————-­—————————————-­—————————————-­—- Los trucos del mes de la IJA presentan en Febrero …