Catch Cirque de Demain on Streaming Video

If you missed the popular Festival du Cirque de Demain show earlier this year, it is available on the ARTE Live website for another couple of weeks. The competition draws best of circus skills from around the world. See it while you can.

Ivan Pecel Road Blog #3 – Feb 2012 – for eJuggle

Feb found me at the Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club… One of, if not THE best, comedy club in the country. Follow me around the club, see me get heckled by a large group of women, and see what others thought of my show.

What Have You Learned From Juggling?

At the 35th RIT Spring Juggle-In, Ted Baumhauer asked the jugglers “What have you learned from juggling?” Recorded April 14 and 15, 2012.

Winners – Third Annual Video Tutorial Contest

Hi, folks! This year, the annual IJA Video Tutorial Contest drew 53 entries from 12 countries, spanning toss juggling, contact juggling, hooping, diabolo, rolling paper manipulation, knot throwing, and many other disciplines.  That’s a watershed number of countries involved with this project, covering a huge range of disciplines!  This year’s entries can all be seen on the IJA’s YouTube Channel. Thanks …

Tricks of the Month- April 2012 w/ Kyle Johnson

Kyle plays with clubs for this month’s video at his home in Oakland, Ca at a place called The Vulcan, where he lives with many other juggler, spinners, and circus folk.

Gatto Practicing: Clubs Exclusive Video

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4 Clubs (00:00)

– Over head
– Synchronous
– Asynchronous
– Triple-Singles
– 1 high (maybe 7333)
– With under arm throws
– With backcrosses
– With Alberts
– Synch umbrella
– With collision
– With under arm throws
– Splits
– With forward and reverse spins
– Scissors
– Chin rolls
– Head rolls
– Drops over shoulder
– Into balance
– Chin rolls
– Head rolls
– Solid kickups (maybe 534)
– with regular spins and helicopter spins and from each hand to each foot
– Kick up to same foot kick up to juggle
– Shower
– Multiplex shower
– With Ball bounce
– 2-high pirouette (with ball bounce)
– Roll club on head (under ball bounce)
– To juggle all 5 back (regular and tennis)
– Backcrossed all 5 with ball thrown directly from backcross to head ounce
– Throw ball high to bounce on ground behind to head bounce

5 CLUBS (6:03)
– Overhead
– 3-high pirouette to juggle (not over head)
– 94444
– with helicopter spin on head
– Flash 3, 2 simultaneous treblas, to juggle
– Joggling in place with every throw under the leg (for 3 then 5 throws)
– 7 right-handed Alberts in a row
– Half-shower
– Tennis
– Multiplexes
– 64 Synchronous
– with cross-overs
– Backcrosses
– Directly to dips
– Multiplex to catch behind the back
– 5-high half and full pirouettes
– With ball bounce
– To juggle 6 back to head bounce (sometimes from behind the back throw)

6 CLUBS (12:00)
– With ball bounce
– To juggle 7 back to head bounce

7 CLUBS (12:55)
4 backcrosses
– 5-high priouette (Never succeeded but many close attempts)
– High throw back into juggle


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