Tricks of the Month: January 2012 with Kyle Johnson

This is the first installment of “Tricks of the Month” for the new eZine. It was filmed at the Pre Turbo Fest, at The New England Center for Circus Arts (N.E.C.C.A.), on my way to Turbo Fest in Quebec, Canada. The tricks include some club swinging, multiplexes to balances, rolls, bounces, and more. Enjoy!  

Ivan Pecel Road Blog – Jan 2012

This month I find myself doing a corporate show in Rochester, IN and I give a lot of travel tips using apps for your smart phone. Bonus SURPRISE ending… Follow me on this journey, won’t you? Won’t you?

Know Your Judges – Video Tutorial Contest 2012

Introducing the 2012 Video Tutorial Contest judges, in alphabetical order:   Robin Chestnut Biography: Robin Chestnut is from Teulon, Manitoba, Canada. He’s the 1990 Canadian Juggling Champion, and competed at the IJA in ’88, ’89, ’90, ’91. He was an IJA Competition Judge in ’92, and later competed again in 2003 senior’s IJA. Robin was featured in the Video Thing You …

Gatto Practicing: Balls Exclusive Video

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Last month we interviewed Anthony Gatto about his thoughts on practicing. For the next three months, we will share videos of Anthony's public practice session that he did at BJC 2000. They show Anthony at his peak, the year he won the Golden Clown at The International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo. The first video, below, shows his warm-up and ball juggling (duration: 28:38), the second will showcase his ring juggling (duration: 29:02), and the final video will be his awesome club juggling (duration: 17:13).

Special thanks to Anthony for letting us show this footage.

Table of Contents:
WARM UP (0:00)
– Balancing 6 inch stick on nose to balancing shorter and shorter until ~2 inches. Each time bending knees down to squat.
– Bouncing ball on head with pirouettes
– Head rolls including to back of neck. In both directions.
– Spinning ball
– Practicing good starts
– Curls – 4 on right, 4 on left
– Spinning balls on both hands
– arms straight up to arms out to sides
– Kicking ball foot to foot
– and juggling 3 clubs
– 5 Balls – over head and over head with multiplexes

– Balance Pole on forehead, spinning ring on foot, and juggling
– 5 clubs for exactly a minute
– 6 clubs for about 18 catches
– 7 clubs for about 14 catches

5 BALLS (11:35)
– Over head
– with multiplexes
– 744
– 5-high pirouette
– 1 up, 4 up
– with catches behind back and half-pirouettes
– Backcrosses
– with 5-high pirouette back to back crosses
– 94444, 11 444444 with bounce
– 1/2 and full 5-high pirouettes. Also 5-high half-pirouette, catch two, full pirouette (total 1.5) to juggle
– with head bounce for a full minute
– into juggle all 6 and back into 5 with head bounce (sometimes big ball thrown behind the back directly into head bounce)

6 BALLS (15:25)
– with head bounce for about 30 seconds
– into juggle all 7 and back into 6 with head bounce (sometimes big ball thrown behind the back directly into head bounce)
– 3 in one hand pirouettes in each hand
– multiplexes
– shower, multiplex shower

7 BALLS (18:00)
– With head bounce to head balance
– Half-shower with occasional behind the back throws
– Over the head
– with multiplexes
– 5 high pirouette to juggle (not overhead)
– Multiplexes
– High throw to bounce back into 7
– Backcrosses for about 7 throws
– Shower for a few throws

8 BALLS (21:49)
– Fountain (best around 170 throws)
– With ball balanced on head (about 20 throws)
– With ball bouncing on head (about 16 throws)

9 BALLS (26:35)
– Cascade (best around 84 throws)
– With ball balanced on head (about 15 throws)
– With ball bouncing on head (about 11 throws)
– Juggle to toss back to Nick catching in net


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IJA 2-Count Podcast: Episode 1

This month’s podcast starts off with an introduction of the show format and then news about the 2012 IJA fest, the launch of the Ezine and the podcast, and the 2011 IJA DVD. Then we move on to discussing a NY Times article about women in juggling, followed by a little history about another female juggler, Laura Green the Juggling …

Ivan Pecel: Road Blog Nov/Dec 2011

The first in a series of video “articles” for the IJA eZine where I follow myself on a gig and give show tips, travel tips, worldly facts, cultural intuitions, and partake in whimsical mishaps. The goal is to try and showcase a different type of venue every month, talk about the “business side” of being a pro juggler, give some …