70th Annual IJA Festival – Day Four (Friday)

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Friday, July 14, 2017

IJA Teams Championships Results

Gold medal: CAPT – New Style Crew – Thean Leong Hng, Pei-Chen Jung, Wei-Hsuan Chang, Meng-Ti Hsieh & Yu-Ping Chiang from Taiwan

Silver medal: CAPT – Yu Cheng Lu & Chin Yao Yang from Taiwan

Bronze medal: Duo Octo from Colorado and Canada

IJA Individuals Championships Results

Gold medal: Hayato Watanabe from Japan

Silver medal: Shinya Yamane from Japan

Bronze medal: Delaney Bayles from Utah

Thank you to all the competitors for providing an entertaining evening, and congratulations to all the winners!

Cedar Sights

A Review: The Flow, Glow, and Diabolo Show (Thursday 11:30pm)

by Brad French – The Silver Fox

Hosted by Kevin Axtell and Matt Hall, the show started 30 minutes later than scheduled to accommodate all the people coming over from the Championships (that lasted THREE hours). First up was Jack Kalvan who presented a trippy glow ball act with a video feedback loop projected on a screen behind him. He juggled three balls, then two glow wands, and finished with four and five balls, all the while giant colored patterns projected in sync behind him. Next came “El Jefe,” a glow diabolo performer. He presented one, two and three diabolos with a solid sense of cool and control. The host Kevin followed with a contact juggling bit using a single large acrylic ball. Jeremiah Johnston came to the stage next with an interesting glow poi routine improvised on the spot to a song he didn’t know was going to be played. His musicality and obvious skill was a highlight of the evening. The next performer was Chicago’s “Perkulator” and her hooping (no glow). She rocked up to six hoops with muscular finesse. After her, Matt and Kevin had a short discussion about the divide between the flow community and the juggling community and how to improve it. Kevin reached out to the jugglers by presenting a three Chuka-Chuk ball routine combined with some kazoo music. Jeremiah returned to the stage with a fantastic three glow club routine. Finally, Frenchman (now living in Belgium) Alexis Levillon wrapped up the show with some amazing diabolo (no glow) work including some incredible combinations of regular and Excalibur style moves (and did it all with borrowed props AND clothing since his luggage did not arrive with him!)

History Corner

Every day, we are featuring a bit of history from our previous festivals, courtesy of Scott Cain.

60th Festival – Winston- Salem, North Carolina, 2007

This festival is an example of how truly international the IJA had become.  The Championships were won by Thomas Dietz (Individuals – Germany), Jonglissimo (Teams – Austria), and Yoshiaki Nagatake (Juniors – Japan).  Other significant jugglers from outside of the United States in attendance included Francoise Rochais, Viktor Kee, and Yuri Pozdniakov.  Other notable jugglers at the festival included relative newcomers Wes Peden, Vova Galchenko, and Doug Sayers, as well as seasoned pros such as the Raspyni Brothers, Passing Zone, Mark Nizer, Bob Nickerson, and Tuey Wilson.  The Cascade of Stars show also introduced many jugglers to Get The Shoe, one of the best received acts ever at the IJA. XJuggling (then called eXtreme Juggling) was now an annual event at the festival as well.

Bonus Retro Non Sequitur

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, you must laugh at others.”

Five Quick – One Trick (Questions)

Today’s quick interview features Jay Gilligan.

What is your favorite onomatopoeia?: Meow

Would you consider yourself an altruistic artist of phenomenology, a jaded new vaudevillian, or a corporate sellout: Corporate sell-out

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses?: 100 is more fun

If you could have one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Bohemian Rhapsody because it takes time, so much time that’s it painful enough to be funny.

Would you like to make any predictions about the future of juggling?: Japan

If you could steal credit for any great performance routine, trick, or prop, which would you claim?: Mill’s Mess but I would still name it Mill’s Mess

From the Editors

The Two Ply editorial staff would like to publicly recognize the often underappreciated efforts of the competition hosts — Tuey Wilson (Wednesday night) and Josh Casey (Thursday night) — who took on the towering responsibility of individually entertaining a theater full of jaded jugglers in-between stage change-overs for each competitor. They each made it look so easy to use the random lengths of stage clean-up/set-up time to perform snippets of their personal show material to keep us all amused and engaged. Balancing on a slack rope while spinning a ball on your finger and kicking up a second ball to the top of the first is one heck of a trick and what’s not to love about getting FOUR inflatable punch balls going using your hands, a foot, and your face? AND doing all of it while standing in FRONT of the curtain on the edge of a CAVERNOUS orchestra pit. Well done men! And speaking of Josh Casey and his “Ring-dama” gags….

Replacing the ball on the end of the string with a cherry would give you a “Bing-dama.”

Playing the game while at karaoke would give you a “Sing-dama.”

If Mark Hayward (who organized the snack table in the gym) plays with the toy, it becomes a “King (of snacks) -dama.”

Finally, we really need a (slap)Ping-dama” because someone needs to punish us for all these puns.

Cultural Commentary

By Ben Decker – Common Commentator

Only at a juggling festival can you get hit in the head with a flying object someone else has thrown, apologize for getting in the way and actually mean it. Man, I love this place.

Speaking of love, as you know, we’ve been looking for the long-lasting kind, the kind you treasure for life, the kind that bonds with you in a sweat-producing gym filled with prop vendors who won’t give me free stuff of any significant value (not that I’m bitter). One word: T-shirts.

It started with Kathy Kaufman, IJA volunteer at the registration booth, where she trades big green pieces of paper for a tiny little one that goes around your wrist. Our survey says: 1993, Fargo, North Dakota. A fantastic fest with an equally fantastic shirt. Kathy’s number one!! And she has a really big smile that I’m sure dentists fight over to put in their brochures.

The next day, it happens. Kathy falls from grace and Kathy pulls into first. Our survey says: Kathy Dout sporting a 1987 shirt from Akron that she sewed into a pair of sweat pants. Let’s face it, some T-shirts just need to be cut up to create leisure wear of beauty. But is that still a festival shirt? Yes. Unlike grandma in the “15 items or less” aisle, this one counts.

But, holy mitosis, Batman! We have a clone! To our surprise, there is a tie for first. We’re told about Piqua Rick Robinson who reportedly also has an Akron ‘87. My first thought is “has anyone seen Kathy, ‘cause this guy might have a really big refrigerator that smells funny.” You just never know. But, Paqua is a fine guy, Kathy is just down the way and we get a great shot of him and Kathy with your’s truly in the middle. We’re all judged by the company we keep, so it’s important that I’m seen with winners.

A plethora of Akron 87 shirts

But just in the Twilight of the competition as we see a Breaking Dawn, we have a new winner! Taylor Glenn, who is only 26. And she’s sporting a 1981 yellow Cleveland T-shirt in pristine condition. I quickly do the math… 1981? Only 26? Just how long has she been 26….? I look for her to have a chat, preferably indoors so she doesn’t burst into flames. It turns out the shirt was a gift from Bill Barr — former IJA president and a huge asset to the organization for many years. Does that count? No! At least not for Bill. You never truly know the value of something until you give it away.

Bottom line: Taylor Glenn is number one and her 1981 museum piece is a thing to behold.

Kathy Kauffman (left), our first 1st place contender and Taylor Glenn (right), our current 1st place contender.

Do have an older T-shirt? If so, let us know. 500 BIG ones are at stake. (And, no, will not insert another vampire reference here, so stop asking. She’s a really nice person and she knows Bill Barr.)

In other news, I’ve learned a few things.

First, it’s incredibly rude to ask a juggler who’s meditating “HEY?!?! Are you RELAXED yet?” I didn’t actually do this, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

Second, if you don’t want there to be a divide between practitioners of different styles of object manipulation, don’t stand on stage and keep saying there IS a divide between practitioners of different styles of object manipulation. I don’t want to get specific, lest I lose my flow of thought… but I highly recommend taking a step back to my day, when we just showed up to toss, spin, bounce and swing things around. And we often shared a beer or two. You know… toss one back from my favorite flowing source until we happily glowed? Words to live by.

Finally, only at a Jugglers’ fest have I seen the line to the men’s room be longer than the ladies’. We’ve made tons or progress, but need to work in that regard. Not making bigger facilities; getting even more representation. I was SO happy to see Delaney Bayles rocking 5-club back-crosses in the individual competition last night making it look as easy as breathing. Give me more of that.

Ok…. One more “finally” because it just needs to be said. The talent bar has been set so high from the last fest I went to oh so many years to now. Amazing. And thank you for that.

Two Ply Press Staff

Susie Williams, Ben Decker, and Brad French have reunited to cover the IJA's 70th fest.

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  1. Hey Ben and Susie and Brad — thanks for reconstituting Two-Ply Press for the convention and gracing us with your sterling prose. Or whatever — I’m just tickled to finally have met y’all after all these years. I hope you can make it to Springfield in 2018!

    …and just to note that many of us have even older T-shirts than we brought, but they don’t fit us anymore and we don’t sew… but anyway I still would have been beat by Taylor and Kathy D. and Paqua (sp?) because they were wearing Akron ’87 and my first convention was Denver ’88.

    Also I just want to point out, fwiw, that I am precisely twice Taylor Glenn’s age. And damn proud of it. 🙂

    -Kathy Kaufman

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