Circus Pages 2012 Show Review

Jugglers Passing Clubs at Circus Pages

On June 6th, 2012, touring circus show Circus Pages returned to the Lenawee County fairgrounds in Adrian, MI.  They have been coming to this location to perform for many years.  This year however, marked a little bit of a change up for the show, as instead of performing inside one of the usual fair buildings, they performed entirely outside.

The show opened up with trained white lions jumping around and over each other in different formations.  There were several other animal acts throughout the show, including elephants and camels doing synchronized routines respectively.  A comedy act involving small dogs was part of the show which saw the dogs jumping over and off of props.  One dog even balanced on the owner’s hand, then later scaled a giant ladder and jumped off, through the air, and into the awaiting arms of its owner.  Elephant rides were available to audience members during intermission as well.

Acrobat Balancing on Chairs

Two juggling acts were sprinkled throughout the show.  The first was a two person act that began with them juggling three clubs each.  Their style involved a lot of rapid pace juggling with many around the body throws and low double spins.  After passing clubs, they moved on to juggling five balls, and one juggler did five rings.  They then closed by each juggling three torches.  The second juggling act was a female foot juggler.  She came out and spun a long object up in the air on her feet back and forth, then stood up and manipulated a giant metal cube before finishing her act by spinning a flaming object back and forth on her feet.

There was a clown present, who did physical comedy and interacted with the crowd.  At the beginning of the show, he threw juggling rings into the audience, and attempted to catch them around his neck when people threw them back, and later he attempted to have an exaggerated boxing match with an audience member.  About midway through the show, an acrobat came out, stacked up about half a dozen metal chairs, and began climbing them one by one as he stacked them.  Once he reached the top, he finished with a handstand on the top chair.  One of the more interesting additions this year was the Globe of Death, which saw several motorcyclists enter into a giant mesh sphere and circle around each other at all angles.  This attraction seemed to differ greatly from much of the acts that Circus Pages have had in the past, but it seemed a welcome addition based the audience response.

The most breathtaking moment of the show was the aerial artists.  Towards the beginning of the show, three ascended into the air on silks and twisted into complicated and beautiful body positions.  The outdoor element allowed the performers to go even higher this year, and also provided a more natural neutral backdrop.  Towards the end of the show, a solo aerial artist came out and used a metal hoop for her display of aerial artistry, which she sat on and around in various poses.  She concluded her act by attaching her neck into a harness while she was hoisted high into the air, spinning at a rapid speed all the while.

The audience seemed very cheerful and pleased throughout the performances.  The show maintained much of their signature material, but had enough new acts to set it apart from previous years.  It will be interesting to see how the show continues to evolve in the future.

Aerial Artist

Aerial Artist

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