Cleveland Circus Review

October 19, 2012 marked the beginning of the 3 day Cleveland Circus juggling festival hosted by the Case Western Reserve University Juggling Club on the campus of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. About 60 jugglers from around the Midwest came together for a weekend of juggling and fun.

Welcoming jugglers of any skill level, the festival began on Friday with an evening of open juggling in Adelbert Gym on the campus of Case Western Reserve University. The next day of festivities was filled with competitions, workshops, vendors, and raffle winners. Competitions were an exciting portion of the day as jugglers competed in events such as the joggling obstacle course. The course was designed by members of the Case Western Juggling Club and consisted of a forward joggle down one end of the gym, a backwards joggle down the second end, a weaving joggle around trashcans down the third side of the gym, and a hopping joggle to the finish line! The fastest juggler completed the course in 42.5 seconds. Other competitions included 3 ball blind juggling, 5 club endurance, a handstand competition, club balancing, and quarter juggling. There was a best trick competition in which Robin Hu’s diabolo and Charles Cartier’s cigar boxes made strong showings. The 5 ball juggling competition lasted over 5 minutes and was won by professional juggler and native Clevelander Aaron Bonk. Before competing in the 5 ball endurance competition, Aaron led a few workshops including a whip workshop where anyone who wanted to could try their hand at basic whip cracking. He also led devil stick and hat manipulation workshops. Other workshops included cigar box workshops led by Charles Cartier and a multiplex workshop led by Bill Coad.

After a round of competitions, attendees had opportunities to buy new props from vendors such as Gballz, Pass the Props, or Todd Smith Juggling Equipment. There were also a bunch of cool raffle prizes including a whip from Metro Whips, a highly desired set of balls from Gballz, an awesome set of PX3 Sirius Clubs from Neon Husky, t shirts from Dube, and many more!

On Saturday evening, Aaron Bonk hosted and performed in a show which also showcased other festival attendees. Aaron awed the audience with his whip cracking expertise, where he precisely severed a flower stem with the crack of his whip. Other acts in the show featured members (past and present) of the Case Western Juggling Club. Jon Duff and Craig Swallow performed a club takeout routine and were followed by a club passing routine featuring club members Malcolm Perkins, Ryan Oshinksy, John Gunderman, and Andrea Terrasi. Kathy Doutt performed an entertaining club and balancing routine, and Wesley Bourne showed-off his skills with balls and clubs. The night was a showcase of talents and tricks and a great source of entertainment for audience members.

After such a fun and successful weekend at the Cleveland Circus, the Case Western Juggling Club looks forward to hosting the event again next year. To keep up to date on next year’s Cleveland Circus, check out our Facebook page: Hope to see you there!

Andrea Terrasi

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