Corrections: a juggling film by Lewis Kennedy & Haavard Hvidsten

Yo yo yo, Haavard here!

This project all started when Lewis showed up in
Trondheim, Norway for two months because the squash courts he usually practiced in only had 6 meter ceilings. He also wanted to experience the midnight sun. Unfortunately for him, despite being 1000 km further north than his home city of Leeds, Trondheim is actually below the polar circle. His dream of a never happening sunset was never fulfilled. Stuck in Norway, with no language skills, with a big a hall with decent ceilings and a quite a few extra hours of sunlight, we discussed what we should do with the extra daylight.

Getting kind of tired of making short videos on youtube,
we wanted to to challenge ourselves to make something bigger and more substantial than what we usually did. Throughout the 7 months we used making this video we experienced lost files, stolen clubs, hospital visits, longboard injuries and bad hangovers, but we still managed to produce more than 250 hours of footage to dig through and make sense of.

It’s by far the biggest video project any of us have been a part of.
Corrections has taken a countless amount of hours to make. We want it to be available to everyone, and that’s the reason we decided to make it free to download!

If you guys still feel like giving a few EUR, USD, GBP, NOK or something, you have an option to donate if you would like to help us cover some of the (big) expenses in making this video. It would mean a lot to us!

Go to to donate.

Who knows, maybe we can afford to make Corrections II!

Get your snacks, sit back, relax, and –


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