Jugglers And Fans Of Juggling And The Related Arts – It is not yet clear whether this column will post daily, weekly or monthly. That wil be determined by reader interest, so probably the latter. While it’s difficult to predict at this point exactly what direction it will take, one can reasonably infer that it will feature primarily what comes naturally to me: sarcasm, savage personal attacks on my peers and shameless selfpromotion.


One normally doesn’t see the words “German” and “comedy club” in the same sentence, but I performed at a fantastic one last week in Berlin with the wonderful comedian Bengt Washburn (first name rhymes with “Lent”, even though he’s Mormon). Bengt is a winner of the grueling (to compete, not to watch) San Francisco Comedy Competition, so you don’t need need to take my word for it that this guy is the real deal. But I found his material personally refreshing because he turns his uniquely funny perspective to topics like drinking, smoking, pre-martial sex and everything else I’ve excelled at in life.

Bengt and I will be doing some U.S. military shows together in Germany in the spring – details to come.


Next week I’ll be seeing the newest offering at Varieté et cetera in Bochum, Germany and reporting back on some of the performers appearing in their current show, including this guy. For performers and aspiring performers, I’ll also be taking a look behind the scenes to see what life is like for the artists, what qualities the management looks for in an act, the booking process, etc.

With each post expect photos, stories and profiles of interesting people and performers I meet in the far-flung places that this wonderful trade takes me.  In the meantime, I need a name for this column, so please send any suggestions you have. The only parameter is that it must include my last name so that I have some leverage in the event they try to replace me with some hack.


David Deeble

A winner of the IJA Juniors Championships, David Deeble is a comedian, speaker and the creator of "An Unnatural Act" - a whirlwind display of inappropriate skills.

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