Diabolo: Same concept, different prop.

I recently started practicing swing poi, and I noticed that there are lots of poi concepts that can be applied to diabolo. You can find concepts like this with clubs too, so… maybe we can find concepts with staffs, devil sticks, or other props that we can apply to diabolo as well. There’s no big difference between different props; you can find lots of connection dots. It’s interesting to explore these connection dots to strengthen our juggling technique. I will present here some of the similarities that can be easily observed:

Swing poi => Fan – Buzzsaw:

The fan movement with two diabolos is a trick where you spin both diabolos between your arms alternately. There are several kinds of fans, the most commons are S-fan (both diabolos gain speed) and AC-fan (for most people one diabolo gains speed and one loses, but there are people who can keep AC-fan going without losing speed on either diabolo).

In Buzzsaw, both poi will stay between the arms, just like as on fan, but we have more possibilities of variations, because the poi are not attached to each other like the string on diabolos.

Notice the similarity in the vídeos::

Diabolo – Fan:

Poi – Buzzsaw:

swinging move – 3 beat weave:

Again we can observe a similarity between the hand movement, although this movement is harder to control with diabolos than with poi. Lots of the possible variations on swing poi can be applied to diabolo since the hands don’t distance themselves too much, but we have to remember that the diabolos will always be connected to each other in some way.

Diabolo – Swinging move:

Poi – 3 beat weave:


Clubs => Two clubs concept applied to stickswapping:

Finding connection dots is harder when it comes to toss juggling (balls, clubs, and rings) because they’re moving objects. Diabolos are, in traditional thinking, dependent on sticks and string. Nevertheless we still can find concepts that we can apply from toss juggling but with diabolos.

Ceri-Anne did a video in october, 2007 showing one possibility of applying a 2 clubs concept on Stickswapping, in a very smart way. We observe again that everything is connected.

We can find connection dots everywhere and juggling is not closed to exchanging ideas between props.

Here we have some of the possibilities, however there are many more. It is up to jugglers who practice different modalities to discover these connections and present them to the world.

So keep practicing and you can be the next one to find a concept that we can apply in different kinds of props!

Thanks for contributions by Guilherme C. Almeida

A Brazilian Juggler that created the Youtube Channel "Malabarize-se" ( youtube.com/malabarismo ). He believes in sincere smiles, the force of gravity and women who speak french.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the fact that crossovers between props exist. I have recently discovered that kendama spacewalks and different type of juggling club spins/throws are incredibly similar. I’ve done helicopter throw spacewalks, shoulder throw spacewalks, reverse spin spacewalks, and many other club throws with it!

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