Dream Tricks Challenge # 5 – The Tricks

It’s been almost two years since the last Dream Tricks Challenge, but the wait is over. Most jugglers have probably dreamed of doing or at least seeing certain juggling tricks that have never been accomplished before. Likewise, there are tricks that have been accomplished, but not on video that the public can see. Below are 12 tricks of which I would love to see video. Some of these are new and some are ones from previous DTCs that were never accomplished. If you do record yourself attempting or accomplishing any of these, post the video to youtube as an unlisted (not private) video and then email me the link at davidcainjuggler@hotmail.com or through facebook. In a month or two, I’ll write a follow-up article showing these videos and award some prizes to the most impressive submissions.

1.  5 Club 5 Up Front Roll – This is perhaps the most difficult trick on this list, but it has been done before. Evgeni Biljauer was famous for performing a 5 club 3 up front roll in his act and doing the 5 up version in practice, but no video of it exists. To see the three up version, click here to see Biljauer’s version and click here to see Wes Peden do it. Below are videos of Vova Galchenko and Chris Hodge doing the three up version as well.

2. 5 club Blind / Scorpion Kick – While a number of jugglers, such as Mike Price (click here for video) and Luke Davies, can drop a club off of a head balance and blind kick the club into a five club cascade, the trick requested here is more difficult and complicated. Here it is. Out of a five club cascade, one club is tossed over the head where it is scorpion kicked back into a cascade, with the other four clubs being juggled (not collected) during the toss, kick, and return. I’ve seen this trick done with 5 rings and have even done it myself with five balls, but I’m unaware of anyone doing it with five clubs.

3. 1 High 5 Low 6 Club 360 – For this trick, juggle 6 clubs, toss one high, toss the other five low, pirouette, catch the low five, and then catch the high throw back into 6 clubs. No problem!! To see the five club version of this trick, click here to see Benjamin Thompson’s version, here to see Daniel Ledel’s version, here to see Carey Pickford Jr.’s version, here to see Florian Canaval’s version (into 744), and here to see Jack Denger’s version into back crosses.

4. Multiplex Pass While Passing 9 Or More Clubs – I can’t recall seeing a multiplex pass done while passing more than 8 clubs, so numbers passing folks, it’s your time to shine. I’m sure many could do it with 9 clubs, but let’s see how far we can push it. Ideally this would be out of a two count, but I’m not too picky.

5. Everhart’s Double Arm Roll Through Larger Hoop Trick – William Everhart, the inventor of Hoop Rolling, performed a trick where he balanced a large hoop on his forehead and held smaller hoops in each hand. He then allowed the balanced hoop to roll down his head and back. While this occured, he rolled the two smaller hoops down his arms, across the back, passing through the larger hoop, and up the opposite arms to his hands. You can see this pictured below. Ideally, the large hoop would be caught spinning on the foot or kicked into a juggling pattern with the other hoops, but I’d love to just see the pass through happen.

6. While Juggling, Head A Ball, Blind Kick It, And Return To Heading The Ball – I think that’s fairly self explanatory, but here it is again. Juggle 3 or more clubs or ring while heading a ball. While continuing to juggle, bounce the ball back to a blind kick and catch the ball back into a controlled head bounce. Scott Sorensen, I’m looking at you!

7. Kathi Gultini’s Couch Balance – For this trick, we’re looking for a forehead balance of a couch / sofa while juggling at least three pillows. I’d highly recommend using an inflatable couch for this one.


8. E. C. Kert’s  5 Mixed Object Juggle – This trick will be most impressive to see if someone can do it. As you can see in the photo below, I’m looking for a qualifying juggle to a pool cue, plate, ball, bucket, and bottle (or club). It doesn’t have to be done in a cascade. In fact, I might recommend trying to do the cue stick and bucket in one hand and the plate, ball, and bottle in the other.

Eckert_039. Billy Tirko’s Two Legged Ring Spin Combination Trick – Some very talented jugglers have learned to do combination tricks that include spinning two rings on one leg. Francis Brunn’s famous Brunn Finish, which you can see by clicking here, is a great example of this. Bob Bramson spun two small hoops on his legs while both were planted firmly on the ground.

However, Vaudeville juggler Billy Tirko managed to combine these two types of leg spins in a way I’ve never seen done. Check out the two photos below.

In both photos, Billy appears to be juggling 4 rings while balancing balls on a mouth stick and head pedestal and, most importantly, spinning one ring on the leg he is standing on and two rings on the other leg. I’d be impressed if someone can just learn to juggle while spinning one ring or hoop on the standing leg and one on an upraised leg. If you can do the entire combo trick, that would be something to see.

10. Frank LeDent’s 9 Plate Flash – Those who attended Albert Lucas’ talk during the 2019 IJA Festival got to see video of Albert qualifying 8 plates with 16 catches. However, I have discovered that Frank Ledent performed a 9 plate flash back in 1908. That is the goal for this challenge. Albert Lucas and Enrico Rastelli each used a holster to hold 2 plates when they did 8, but Scott Sorensen has managed to flash 8 plates from his hands. Scott, you might need a holster for this one!

11. 3 Spinning Ball Cascade – Spin a ball on each hand and have someone spin a third ball and toss it into the pattern. Cascade the three balls by catching them still spinning on your fingers. Qualify this trick and meet the challenge.

12. Chinko’s 3 Clubs and Stool Juggle – Chinko (1880-1943) would sit on a stool and juggle three clubs. Then he would flash two clubs high while standing up and grab the stool from underneath him, adding it to the pattern. Given the lightness of modern clubs and plastic stools, this should be much easier for us to learn than it was for Chinko.

David Cain is a professional juggler, juggling historian, and the owner of the world's only juggling museum, the Museum of Juggling History. He is a Guinness world record holder and 16 time IJA gold medalist. In addition to his juggling pursuits, David is a successful composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer as well as the author of twenty-six books. He and his children live in Middletown, OH (USA).

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