Dream Tricks Challenge: Part 1 – The Results

About two months ago, I challenged the juggling community with ten tricks of which I was unaware that anyone had accomplished, at least on video. It turned out that two of the tricks were indeed already online, but not well known. Nevertheless, a number of intrepid jugglers did attempt to meet the challenge of these very difficult tricks. Below are the amazing videos that resulted.

1. 6 Club Passing While Lying Down – The first duo to submit a video of this was Iver Tronstad and Haavard Hvidsten. They used a one count pattern.

The next duo was Daniel Ledel and Dominik Harant, who used a two count.
The challenge was taken a step further by Manuel Mitasch and Dominik Harant, who passed 7 clubs in a two count why lying down.
2. 6 Object Saturn Trick – The first person to submit this trick was Jon Udry.
It was equaled by Dominik Harant.
The 6 object Saturn trick was also submitted by Michael Banks.
 3. 5 Clubs With A Bounced Throw – This trick was done by four jugglers, each using a different method. It was found that this trick was already online, accomplished by Dave Leahy. Click here to see this trick, which used siteswap 8444 with the 8 as a flat bounce.
The first new submission was by Iver Tronstad, who used siteswap 64 with the 6 as a helicopter bounce.
Daniel Ledel accomplished this trick using siteswap 94444 with the 9 as a spun bounce.
Dominik Harant did the trick using siteswap 663 with the three as a forced bounce.
4. 7 Club Sharing – This trick was first submitted by Iver Tronstad and Haavard Hvidsten.
This feat was also accomplished by Manuel Mitasch and Dominik Harant.
5. 9 Ball Sharing – The first duo to submit this trick was Julian Sæther and Haavard Hvidsten. They stand side by side in a traditional sharing arrangement.
The trick was also done by Manuel Mitasch and Daniel Ledel, who faced each other.
6. 2 Double Ball Spin Stacks – While no one has submitted this trick, it was pointed out to me that a video of Mieszko Włodarczyk doing this trick was already on youtube. Below you can see him kicking up the fourth ball five seconds into the video.
You can also see additional video of Mieszko doing the trick by clicking here.
7. 5 Club 5 Up Front Roll – It comes at little surprise but great disappointment to me that no one has yet to accomplish this amazing trick. It will continue to be on future Dream Tricks Challenge lists.
8. 6 Club Steal – I thought this one would be quite popular, but only one team submitted video of this one. Here’s Manuel Mitasch and Daniel Ledel doing the steal in a fountain pattern.
9. 3 Devil Stick Cascade – While no video of this trick was submitted, a similar trick was just put online. Check out Franco Aravena doing a nice run of a three devil stick shower.
10. 5 Club Backcrosses In Singles – While no one has submitted any videos of successful qualifies of this one, Florian Canaval did record a video of 7 catches of this trick. You can see it below. Since no one qualified this one, it will also remain on future lists.
 As you may remember, we are awarding some prizes to the jugglers who most impressed us with their submissions. A trio of eJuggle staff voted and has decided to award one year IJA memberships to Manuel Mitasch and Dominik Harant for their 7 club passing while lying down submission and to Iver Tronstad and Haavard Hvidsten for being the first to submit videos for many of the categories. You’ll be contacted about how to claim these. I want to thank all of those who submitted videos for the challenge. The participation was great and greatly appreciated.
Stay tuned for another list of Dream Tricks next month.

David Cain is a professional juggler, juggling historian, and the owner of the world's only juggling museum, the Museum of Juggling History. He is a Guinness world record holder and 15 time IJA gold medalist. In addition to his juggling pursuits, David is a successful composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer as well as the author of twenty-six books. He and his children live in Middletown, OH (USA).

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  1. It’s wonderful to see these tricks posed to the juggling community, and the great response. I’m looking forward to future ones!

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