Dream Tricks Challenge # 1

Most jugglers have probably dreamed of doing or at least seeing certain juggling tricks that have never been accomplished before. Likewise, there are tricks that have been accomplished, but not on video that the public can see. Therefore, I’ve decided to use my position as a writer for eJuggle to challenge my fellow jugglers to video their attempts, and hopefully their successful attempts, at certain tricks. Below are ten tricks of which I would love to see video. If you do record yourself attempting or accomplishing any of these, post the video to youtube as an unlisted (not private) video and then email me the link at davidcainjuggler@hotmail.com or through facebook. In a month or two, I’ll write a follow-up article showing these videos and awarding a one year IJA membership and a $40.00 IJA gift certificate to the best contribution and a $40.00 IJA gift certificate to second place. You’re also welcome to send me your suggestions for tricks that you’d like to see done by your fellow jugglers. If this proves popular, we can have a challenge like this on a regular basis. Here are the first ten tricks.

1. 6 Club Passing While Lying Down – This could be done head to head or feet to feet. Several teams, such as the Gibadulins and Raising Cain, have performed this feat with one juggler standing and one lying down, but not with both jugglers on their backs.  This has been accomplished by the Russian team of Nikolai Baumann and P. Solotow using rings in 1936. They each reclined on foot juggling trinkas head to head and passed 6 rings while also each spinning a plate on one foot, a ring on the other foot, and a bowl on a mouth stick! You can see an illustration of this below.

Bauman9 (600x304)

2. 6 Object Saturn Trick – This trick involves juggling three rings and three balls. With each pair of tosses, a ball passes through a ring as the object switch hands. The challenge is for a qualify of this with three rings and three balls with six consecutive pairs with a ball passing through a ring each time. Below is a video of a four object Saturn trick.

3. 5 Clubs With A Bounced Throw – This trick involves juggling five clubs and tossing a club so that it bounces off the floor and returns to the pattern, where the juggle continues. This can be done with any siteswap, but let’s shoot for a qualify of a five club cascade before and after the bounce. Click here to see a version of this trick done with four clubs by David Cain. Wes Peden has also done a 4 club version of this using a bounced helicopter throw.

4. 7 Club Sharing – This trick involves qualifying a 7 club cascade between two jugglers with each juggler just using one hand. This could be done standing side by side or even facing each other. You can see Ben Hestness and Stefan Brancel almost flash this by clicking here. Note that their last catch is done using a third hand!

5. 9 Ball Sharing – Similar to the above trick, this involves qualifying a 9 ball cascade between two jugglers with each juggler just using one hand. This could be done standing side by side or even facing each other.

6. 2 Double Ball Spin Stacks – This trick has been done by Sean Blue, as you can see below, but there is no video of it, to the best of my knowledge. It involves doing a ball on ball spin stack on each hand. It would be easiest to do with help from an assistant, but extra points go to anyone who does it unassisted.


7. 5 Club 5 Up Front Roll – This is perhaps the most difficult trick on this list, but it has been done before. Evgeni Biljauer was famous for performing a 5 club 3 up front roll in his act and doing the 5 up version in practice, but no video of it exists. To see the three up version, click here to see Biljauer’s version and click here to see Wes Peden do it. Below are videos of Vova Galchenko and Chris Hodge doing the three up version as well.


8. 6 Club Steal – This one is fairly simple to explain. One juggler qualifies 6 clubs and then the pattern is stolen by another juggler, who also qualifies it before collecting. You can click here to see Ben Hestness and Stefan Brancel do a version of this that is just shy of a qualify after the steal.

9. 3 Devil Stick Cascade – This trick is specifically for devil sticks, not flower sticks. Nikki Sneep-Snijders has flashed this, which you can see below. The challenge is for a qualify of six “catches”.

10. 5 Club Backcrosses In Singles – This challenge is to qualify five club backcrosses using nothing but single spins. I think this challenge could be a competitive one, with several jugglers trying to be the first to accomplish it or to be the one to have the longest run of it.

If you know someone that you think might be up to any of these challenges, please let them know about this project. Good luck and get to work!!

David Cain is a professional juggler, juggling historian, and the owner of the world's only juggling museum, the Museum of Juggling History. He is a Guinness world record holder and 16 time IJA gold medalist. In addition to his juggling pursuits, David is a successful composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer as well as the author of twenty-six books. He and his children live in Middletown, OH (USA).

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