IJA eNewsletter, June 2016

Editors: Don Lewis and Martin Frost

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  • Chair’s message
  • Online fest registration ends SOON — at 11:59pm EDT on June 30
  • 2016 IJA Festival hotel information — rates expire June 30 or July 9
  • Festival room and ride sharing
  • Donate to the Gauntlet 3 crowdfunding campaign
  • Volunteers needed for the fest in El Paso
  • Online voting is now open in the 2016 IJA Board of Directors Election
  • Reminder: New email address for IJA Membership Director
  • Special Workshop: Aleksandra Savina
  • Looking for Youth Showcase performers for IJA 2016 fest
  • Seeking volunteers for 2017 Festival Registrar – Earn a full Festival Package
  • Free brunch all week at the IJA fest — menus, times and locations
  • Festival Special Workshop by Emil Dahl
  • Jogglers: Please sign up online for the fest’s Joggling Championships
  • Workshop leaders: Let us know what you want to teach
  • Stage Championships finalists!
  • Special Guests at the IJA Festival
  • Getting ready for a festival
  • New juggling books from David Cain
  • Last call for 2016 WJD T-shirts: Must order by July 1
  • IRC Central America results
  • IRC Mexico results
  • 2013 Fest DVD 2-Pack available from the new IJA Store
  • Latest articles in eJuggle
  • Upcoming juggling festivals

Chair’s message, by Nathan Wakefield

Our annual festival is just one month away!

Just a reminder that advance registration closes on June 30th. Don’t miss out on the chance to see the stage championships with: a record of over $35,000 total prize money on the line; the new and improved gauntlet obstacle course; free brunch all week; plus all the usual activities that make an IJA festival so great.

The festival could never happen without lots of volunteer efforts. We are blessed to have numerous officials, event coordinators, workshop leaders and other volunteers that help contribute to bringing the festival to fruition each year. It’s always gratifying to see and experience the event for a full week after more than a year of planning.

Of course, our festival would not exist without YOU — our members and festival attendees. Whether you are a hobbyist, a professional, a competitor, or a complete beginner, there is always something for you at an IJA festival. Regardless of what your style of manipulation is, it’s always great to come together, meet one another, learn, experience and celebrate what unites us.

I hope to see you there.

Full festival info, including online registration, is available at: www.juggle.org/festival.

Juggle on,
Nathan Wakefield
IJA Chairman

Online fest registration ends SOON — at 11:59pm EDT on June 30

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get the full week of epic shows and historic Championships prize money at an impressively low price.  If you miss the online registration deadline, you’ll still be able to register at the fest.

Fest info and registration:  www.juggle.org/festival

Event Package purchase date
March 1-19Mar 20-Jun 30At the fest
Adult (age 18-64)$199$239$259
Youth/Senior (11-17, 65+)$139$189$219

2016 IJA Festival hotel information — rates expire June 30 or July 9

If you haven’t made your festival hotel reservations yet, do so now.  Our three El Paso hotels are accepting IJA room reservations at IJA rates but those rates will soon expire.  Go to the IJA festival website, move your mouse over Festival and click on Lodging to see all the details.  Note that the IJA rates are only good through the dates listed below for each hotel.  IJA rates may not be available after those dates.

This hotel information grid has a summary of offerings at the three official IJA festival hotels in downtown El Paso.

Camino Real Hotel El Paso – $89.00 + tax  [rate good through July 9]
DoubleTree El Paso Downtown – $95.00 + tax  [rate good through June 30]
Holiday Inn Express El Paso Central – $89.00 + tax  [rate good through June 30]

Festival room and ride sharing
by Jim Maxwell 

If you’re going to the IJA festival and are interested in sharing room and/or transportation costs, but don’t yet have people to share with, we can help.  Just fill out this simple survey. Someone will be in touch: 

As we’ve provided in past years, we also have a Rideshares & Roomshares Forum on our website if you want to seek out people to share with there.  You need to be a logged-in IJA member to post in the forum.

Donate to the Gauntlet 3 crowdfunding campaign, by Jim Maxwell

The same team who brought you Gauntlet 1 and Gauntlet 2 are hard at work designing and planning a whole new set of obstacles to test your juggling agility and nimbleness.  But to do it up right, they could use your help.  To join the Gauntlet 3 crowdfunding campaign, go to www.juggle.org/gauntlet.  Unna Med has graciously agreed to match your contributions dollar-for-dollar.

You’ll find the Gauntlet 3 promo video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abn6sTJzsnQ

Volunteers needed for the fest in El Paso, by Jim Maxwell

Want to help with this year’s festival?  There are many volunteer opportunities at the fest.  Send an email to volunteers2016@juggle.org to find out more.

Online voting is now open in the 2016 IJA Board of Directors Election

The annual IJA election for members of the Board of Directors takes place at the IJA Festival in El Paso on July 27, 2016.  You can vote at the fest or you can vote online before the fest and save your festival time for juggling.

The IJA Board of Directors is comprised of seven people who make policy and collectively decide on the direction of the IJA. Each director is elected for a two-year term. There are four director positions up for election this year, so IJA members can vote for up to four people in this election.  The nominees and their statements are listed below.


All regular, life, youth, and family IJA members who are at least 13 years of age as of July 27, 2016, can vote.

TWO WAYS TO VOTE: Online or On-site

You can vote either:
     (1) ONLINE until 11:59pm EDT, Saturday, July 23, 2016; or
     (2) ON-SITE at the IJA Festival in El Paso, Texas, on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Online voting is easy and only takes a minute or two. Or if you’ll be at the IJA Festival, you can vote there in person on July 27, 2016.

To vote ONLINE before the festival, first Sign In at:  https://ym.juggle.org
Then cast your votes at the online voting page:  https://ym.juggle.org/surveys/?id=2016election

Here are the nominees for member of the IJA Board of Directors.  Their statements follow below.

   Scott Cain
   Ian Michael
   Louis Skaradek

   Nathan Wakefield


Scott Cain

If elected to the IJA Board, I will bring strong organizational and evaluative skills, new ideas in the area of outreach, and a desire to build and strengthen the organization. I would like to see the IJA reach out to past members who are no longer on our active membership rolls, and see what we can do to bring them back into the fold. I would continue to strengthen our international outreach which has been so successful in recent years. We should develop more members-only perks as incentives for people to join, and connect more with local clubs. I would like us to increase membership of professional jugglers by having the organization be of real benefit to them. I would look at ways of driving up attendance at the annual IJA Festival. I have been an IJA member for over 30 years, and am an IJA Life Member. El Paso will mark my 17th IJA festival, and this is my seventh year as Numbers Championships Co-Director. In addition, I also write a monthly article for eJuggle, and am also the assistant curator of The Historical Juggling Props Museum. Personally, I have reached out to many of our early members to ensure that they stay connected to today’s IJA. I am a part-time professional juggler, part-time theater critic, and work full-time as Chief, Operations Services (Staff / Quality Assurance) for TTB. I am certain that my varied experiences and skills will help the IJA continue its wonderful history and become even more relevant in the future.

Ian Michael

I am excited for this opportunity to assist the IJA! I have great experience organizing, promoting, and running festivals. I would love to help the IJA expand it’s reach. I feel we can increase festival attendance by reaching out to more local communities. Every since I won the photo contest for IJA67 I have wanted to get more involved. I am creative, hard working, and dedicated. Since 2011, I have helped flowfests.com expand from South Florida to across the nation. I’d love to lend my skills to the IJA in whatever way I can. Thank you.

Louis Skaradek

My name is Louie Skaradek, I have been nominated for my second term on the Board of Directors. Over the last two years I have rendered assistance to my community of fellow jugglers by tackling projects from ‘Officer Write Ups’ to ‘Website Development’ and have been a regular at our two monthly meetings where we have voted on policy, overseen the budget and discussed the future goals and projects of the IJA.

As a member of the IJA Board of Directors, I would like to be part of the team as we finish the website development project – which is looking really sharp and functional. I would like to help with increasing our membership and continue the development of our current YJA, IRC and World Juggling Day projects.

I am looking forward to working with the current and new members of the board as we further the goals of the IJA and its members.

Thank you for being a member of the IJA and thank you for your consideration.

Nathan Wakefield

I’ve had the honor of serving two terms on the IJA Board of Directors and have spent the last two years as Chairman of the organization. I’m proud to represent the organization, and humbled to be a part of something so great with such an illustrious history. Over the past few years, I have worked on projects that include digitizing old video footage, streamlining financial operations, and creating organizational documentation. In my day job, I work in marketing for the IT industry, and am involved in the local film community. I also help to coordinate various local juggling events and festivals. I would be happy to continue to serve the IJA in any way that I can.

For more information on the election, go to: https://juggle.org/business/nominations.php.

Thanks for participating in the 2016 IJA Board of Directors Election.

Reminder: New email address for IJA Membership Director

Effective immediately, the email address for reaching our Membership Director (Marilyn Sullivan) has changed.  The new address is: ijamemberships@juggle.org.  And remember, you can renew your membership online by logging in to ym.juggle.org and then going to Manage Profile.

Special Workshop: Aleksandra Savina

Aleksandra Savina will be teaching a 2-day Special Workshop on hoop manipulation at the IJA fest.  The workshop will be held Thursday and Friday from 11am to 1pm, and the workshop fee is $80.

Aleksandra is a highly respected international hoop artist from Ukraine. She studied at Kiev State College of Variety and Circus Arts under the tutelage of world renowned juggling instructor, Yuriy Pozdnyakov. In 2014, she competed in Cirque de Demain and was awarded a Special Prize.

Aleksandra’s Special Workshop will encompass 4 hours over a 2 day period. It is open to beginner through advanced level hoop jugglers and artists who want to take their hoop technique and style to the next level. It is recommended that you have three hoops to attend this workshop.

Each day will begin with a warm-up and finger exercises, important in building the dexterity for hoop manipulation. Aleksandra will teach technical tips on a variety of throws, contact hoop juggling on the shoulders and back, and rolling hoops on the floor. These techniques will be applicable all the way from one-hoop manipulation for the novice to more difficult multi-hoop patterns. During the workshop, Aleksandra will also lead a session on group interaction with hoops.

This is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on training and style tips from one of the world’s top hoop artists.

Sign up now, or at the festival, to take advantage of this unique opportunity to have four personalized hours of training with Aleksandra Savina.

Seeking volunteers for 2017 Festival Registrar – Earn a full Festival Package, by Mike Sullivan

The IJA is seeking a couple of dedicated volunteers to be the Festival Registrars for the historic 70th Annual IJA Festival in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, set for July 10-16, 2017. Volunteers can earn a full Festival Event Package for their efforts and be part of the core team that makes the festival so much fun for hundreds of jugglers from around the world.

After reading the description of the role below, if you think you might be interested, please contact 2016 Festival Registrar Mike Sullivan at registrar@juggle.org soon so that you can possibly get some hands-on training with Mike this year, both before and at the 2016 festival.  He’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

The effort for next year begins early in 2017 with the setup and testing of the online event registration system. Work with the festival team to get festival registrations ready around February or March, and then provide weekly registration reports until online registration ends in June. Once set up, the system is run by automation through the end of online registration, requiring no administrative effort except weekly reports and a few customer service requests.

After that, you’ll help the festival team with data processing and logistics for the festival registration desk, including:

– Preparing festival packets for pre-registered jugglers
– Giving festival team members data on vendor, juggler and guest registrations
– Handling customer service for jugglers inquiring about the fest or their registration
– Coordinating with event directors on event registrations for joggling, numbers, etc.

Registration setup and testing requires about 30 hours of work spread across a couple of weeks in January and February. Once registration opens, 2-4 hours/week should be all that’s needed to monitor and report on registrations as well as handle the few customer service issues that come up.

Once on-site at the festival in Cedar Rapids, you’ll lead the IJA registration desk team, including

– Staffing the desk from 9am-4pm daily along with 3-4 other IJA volunteers
– Checking in pre-registered jugglers and selling gym passes & other fest items
– Working with the Square Register system to record and process all transactions
– Preparing and making bank deposits of cash and checks received daily
– Updating the festival team and Treasurer on daily sales each night
– After the fest, preparing summary and detail sales reports

It’s a lot of work but very rewarding, and you’ll be part of the core team that makes the 70th annual IJA Festival an unforgettable week of fun in a beautiful, small Midwestern gem of a city.

If you’re interested, please email 2016 Festival Registrar Mike Sullivan at registrar@juggle.org. Hands-on training is available starting now and continues with on-site training at this year’s fest in El Paso.

2016 IJA Festival in El Paso, Texas, July 25-31, Jim Maxwell, Festival Director

Free brunch all week at the IJA fest — menus, times and locations

Thanks to our anonymous donor iiWii, all registered jugglers at the El Paso festival will get a free brunch daily.  Event Package holders will be entitled to brunch on Tuesday through Saturday.  Gym Pass holders will be eligible for free brunch on the days for which they have purchased a Gym Pass.  See the details below, and note the different locations and hours for Tue-Wed-Thu versus Fri-Sat.

    Tuesday, 10am – 12pm, Camino Real Ballroom
Menu: sliced seasonal fresh fruits, berries, and melons; scrambled eggs; crisp bacon and sausage links; hash brown potatoes; biscuits and gravy; butter pecan pancakes with maple syrup; choice juices, regular & decaf coffee, assorted hot tea.

    Wednesday, 10am – 12pm, Camino Real Ballroom
Menu: scrambled eggs with chorizo, rajas de chile verde and ranchero salsa; molletes; guisado de res con papas; red & green chilaquiles; pico de gallo; flour tortillas; Mexican breakfast pastries, butter and preserves; choice juices, regular & decaf coffee, assorted hot tea.

    Thursday, 10am – 12pm, Camino Real Ballroom
Menu: sliced seasonal fruits; pancakes with melted butter and maple syrup; cheese blintzes with seasonal berries; powdered sugar; baked ham; variety of fruit yogurts; freshly baked breakfast pastries, butter and preserves; choice juices, regular & decaf coffee, assorted hot tea.

    Friday, 10am – 1pm, Convention Center Paso del Norte Lobby
Menu: muffins and bagels with cream cheese, honey, butter and preserves; sliced seasonal fresh fruit; scrambled eggs, green chicken enchiladas with sour cream, cilantro and shredded Monterey Jack cheese; bacon, chorizo & potatoes; re-fried beans; orange juice, Starbucks coffee, assorted hot tea.

    Saturday, 10am – 1pm, Convention Center Paso del Norte Lobby
Menu: scrambled eggs; dollar pancakes with butter & syrup; hash brown potatoes; bacon & sausage links; homemade granola parfaits; red chilaquiles with sour cream, cilantro and shredded Monterey Jack cheese; orange juice, Starbucks coffee, assorted hot tea.

Festival Special Workshop by Emil Dahl

Emil Dahl, who will be performing his world-touring act Magnet Opus in the Cascade of Stars, is offering a 2-day, 4-hour Special Workshop at the festival 1-3pm on Wednesday and Thursday.  This workshop will have two primary focuses: training techniques and processes for technical juggling, and the development and creation of juggling sequences.  You can find out more about the workshop and sign up to be part of it at: https://ym.juggle.org/store/ViewProduct.aspx?ID=6088056.

Jogglers: Please sign up online for the fest’s Joggling Championships

If you’re planning to enter the joggling competition at the El Paso fest, sign up online by June 30 to save a few dollars and speed up things at the festival. Sign up now for $20 or at the fest for $25.  The one fee covers you for as many joggling events as you want to enter at the fest.

Workshop leaders: Let us know what you want to teach

If you would like to offer a workshop at the festival, please give us details using the web form at https://ija.juggler.org/.

And if you have an idea for a workshop you’d like to see offered in El Paso, let us know by sending email to workshops2016@juggle.org. (We can’t promise anything, but we’ll try to find someone to teach it.)

Looking for Youth Showcase performers for IJA 2016 fest

The Youth Showcase is a great opportunity for younger jugglers to perform at the Festival. The Youth Showcase is a non-competitive event at which performers with routines can get stage time to show their skills for a supportive audience. Performers are 18 years old and younger, and routines can be solo or group and should be under 5 minutes. A technical rehearsal will be held on the day of the show, with the performance taking place in the evening. Jugglers who want to perform (or their parents) can contact the show producer, Art Thomas, at youthshowcase2016@juggle.org.

Stage Championships finalists!

Below are finalists for the Stage Championships at this year’s IJA Festival in El Paso.  The Individuals will be competing for a $10,000 first prize, as will the Teams, with a total of over $35,000 in prize money available to the stage medalists.



In July of last year, Josh Horton quit his full-time social media job to focus 100 percent on his juggling career. Since then, Josh has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ESPN’s Top 10 Plays, Nickelodeon, a national Acura commercial, and over 30 NBA and college basketball halftime shows. Using his social media skill, Josh has grown a following of nearly 250,000 fans. He shares the joy of juggling with them on a daily basis, inspiring many to try juggling for the first time. Josh’s act combines his technical skill with his love for music and the stage.


Hiroki Kamei has been practicing diabolo for 15 years. Please enjoy his new diabolo tricks. He won first place in the men’s individuals category at the 2013 Tokyo International Diabolo Competition, first place for one-diabolo vertex at the 2014 All Japan Diabolo Competition, first place for one bearing diabolo at the 2015 Diabolo Asia Cup 2015, and first place for men’s individuals at the 2015 Diabolo Malaysia Open Competition.


In the mere seven years that he’s been juggling, Sam Malcolm has achieved more than many jugglers do in a lifetime, from winning numbers gold and competing in the Butterfly Man Busker’s Competition, to performing internationally for giant crowds with his one-man comedy variety show in the Edmonton Fringe Festival. Sam loves performing and making people smile. His act was inspired by the time he spent in a touring circus and has its roots in traditional juggling routines of the past.


Geoff Marsh also known as Gypsy Geoff has experience entertaining and traveling all over North America with his unique circus stunts and zany marionette puppets. He has been performing at family festivals, corporate events, Renaissance fairs, and private parties for over 12 years, performing his 30-45 minute show over 400 times a year. Two years ago he won first place in the International Jugglers Association’s street performing competition. He avidly donates his time performing and teaching workshops with Clowns Without Borders in refugee camps and rural areas of social and economic crisis all over the world.


Jorden Moir (MOY-er) is a 28-year-old professional juggler from Ontario, Canada. He has been juggling for 15 years and juggles a wide variety of props, with a specialization in foot juggling with beanbags. His performing venues include dinner theaters, corporate events, and European variety shows. Jorden was the 2010 IJA Individual Stage Champion.


Scott Sorensen has been a juggler for over 30 years. Juggling the most things for the longest time has always been his passion, and he has collected 16 IJA Numbers Gold Medals for doing so. Once described as a “meat and potatoes juggler” by Matt Hall, here is Scott with an act titled “a few of my favorite juggling things.”



Aki and Takeru consists of Aki Ueno and Takeru Hirano, the two devilstickers who have been trying their best at devilstick juggling for a long time. They have conceived a lot of new devilstick tricks that you have never seen and improved their technique up to this day. Their consummated devilstick juggling and combinations will make you all surprised.


Balance-in-Motion consists of Heather Marriott and Neil Jordaan. Both have had a life-long love of circus arts, and incorporate these influences to take their juggling to new heights. When they met at the 2008 IJA Festival, they never imagined that eight years later they would find themselves in the IJA Teams competition.


Jonglissimo: Daniel Ledel and Dominik Harant were inspired to practice juggling through a workshop at their local school. One of the juggling teachers was Manuel Mitasch. Now they perform together all over Europe. They won IJA gold medals in 2005, 2007, and 2013 and have over 15 world records. Normally, their shows are a unique mix of theater, juggling, and multimedia arts. At the IJA stage championships they will focus on the raw art of juggling by pushing their technical ability to the next level.

Photo by Luke Burrage


Diabolo performance duo Totchees is from Nagoya Japan and consists of Tetsuya Tochikubo and Ayaka Tochikubo. In 2015, Totchees won the All-Japan Diabolo Competition for teams. They have won various other prizes and championships and have performed at a lot of festivals. Most of the act is composed of original pair tricks. Totchees especially hopes you enjoy the vertical diabolo tricks. It is their dream to perform on the IJA Championships stage.



Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse has been juggling for six years, since he was ten, and has participated in several competitions held by the World Juggling Federation. In 2013 and 2015, he won the WJF’s advanced overall championship. Jonah has attended the past three IJA festivals, but this is his first time competing. In addition to juggling, Jonah also enjoys playing cello and ultimate Frisbee.


Christopher Haaser is 15 years of age. He began juggling in 2009. He has amazed audiences with his juggling skills in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, and Quebec. At the age of 10, Christopher juggled seven balls and performed for Spooky Woods, a TV commercial filmed in North Carolina. He was an eight-time podium finisher at the 2014 IJA joggling competition. He currently juggles balls, rings, clubs, fire torches, knives, and much more. Other interests include chess, kendama, dominoes, kinetic contraptions, trampoline, skiing, swimming, kayaking, and more.

Photo by Emory Kimbrough


Bennett Santora was created by a group of mad scientists who were intent on taking over the world by installing jugglers in key leadership positions. He was designed to be witty, intelligent, and charming and to have supernatural juggling ability. He is being groomed to take over the world military industrial complex and convert all weapons production to production of juggling props. At present, he is an entertainer and sixth grader. He lives in New York City.


Daniel Van Hoomissen be Insane in the Membrane, and he lives in Funky Cold (M)Edina, which is a Gangster’s Paradise. Like Tag Team, Daniel is back again. He is Berzerk, and loves to Jump because he is Space Bound and Not Afraid. He is So Fresh that you Can’t Touch This. He is super Boombastic.

SPECIAL GUESTS at the IJA Festival (subject to change)

Nelli Kujansivu
Cascade of Stars
   Bernard Hazens
Cascade of Stars
   Asaf Mor
Welcome Show


Bruce Manners
Welcome Show
  Marvin Ong
Welcome Show


Aleksandra Savina
Cascade of Stars
Amanda Crockett
Welcome Show & Cascade of Stars


Institute of Jugglology
Cascade of Stars


Peter Irish
Cascade of Stars
Zak McAllister
Welcome Show
Team Rootberry
Welcome Show


Emil Dahl of Sweden
Performs his ground-breaking Magnet Opus in the IJA Cascade of Stars Gala


KamiKaze FireFlies
Cascade of Stars Emcees
Fernanda Sumano
2011 IRC Mexico Gold Medalist


Bekah Smith
Juniors Championships Emcee
Braulio Lopez
2015 IRC Mexico Gold Medalist
Dan Holzman
Welcome Show Emcee


Rody Olivares (newly added)
2012 IRC Chile Bronze Medalist
Kelsey Strauch
Welcome Show


Scotty Meltzer & Katrine Spang-Hanssen
Individuals & Teams Championships Emcees

Getting ready for a festival
, by Don Lewis

There are a few things that you should do to improve your festival experience.  There are lots of jugglers and a somewhat limited supply of prop makers.  Even though you have selected the decorations on your props with care, there are probably other props in the gym that look remarkably like yours.  Identify your stuff before you get to the gym.  And bring a marker or something so that you can put your name on things that you buy at the festival.  I tape a label with my name on each of my clubs.  It makes it easier to pick mine out of a pile with confidence.  Don’t put your stuff in the middle of the juggling space and expect to find it exactly where you left it.  Balls roll around, and clubs get tripped over and kicked out of the way.  If you are not actually juggling, put your stuff off to the side, or in a designated area to keep it, and other jugglers, safe.

You are going to be on your feet a lot.  Those of us who sit at a desk most of the time are not really used to a full week of standing.  Hard concrete floors are great for ball bouncing, not so great for your feet.  Check out your shoes to see what shape they are in.  Broken down favorites with footbeds squashed into submission are rapidly going to lead to sore feet and poor sleep.  You can’t count on finding a good shoe store with exactly the size you need at the price you want to pay when you are away from home.  If you need new shoes, get them now and break them in a bit before the festival.  There are a lot of different styles of replacement footbeds on the market that can extend the life and comfort of your favorite shoes.  Athletic shoes with good support are a probably the best thing.  They are often made for use on hard surfaces. Another option is industrial shoes.  These are made to be comfortable on a shop floor and generally have a good tread.  Some of them are made to resemble running shoes.  There are even shoes that are made with springs in the heels to put a bit of extra bounce in your step.

Things get moved around at a festival.  If you dropped your hoodie on a chair or something once you got warmed up, it might get moved during the day if the juggling space gets re-configured.  Put your name on things that are not attached to you.  It makes it a lot easier to manage lost and found items if they are identified.  You might be surprised at the number of cell phones, wallets, and glasses that turn up missing their owners during the week.  If there isn’t any identification, how are we supposed to know who to give things back to?  How are you going to prove it is yours?  If your phone lets you put your name on the home screen, that helps a lot; if your phone gets turned in, we can page you on the PA in the gym.

Be prepared, and have a great festival.

New juggling books from David Cain

Three juggling history books by juggling historian and author David Cain have been published recently and are available for sale. In the United States, you can purchase them from the publisher by clicking here. To purchase from outside the United States, contact David at davidcainjuggler@hotmail.com for more information. David will also have the books at the IJA Festival and will be offering a discounted price if you purchase all three books from him there. The books are Great Female Jugglers Of The Past, Rediscovering History’s Great Jugglers (Volume 1), and Rediscovering History’s Great Jugglers (Volume 2). David plans on writing three more books by next year’s IJA Festival.


Last call for 2016 WJD T-shirts: Must order by July 1

You can still get a 2016 WJD T-shirt to show your pride in being a juggler, but order soon because no orders will be accepted after July 1.

(T-shirt design by Jesy Brenner)

IRC Central America results,
by Erin Stephens, IRC Director

The 2nd Annual IJA Regional Competition, Central America, took place on World Juggling Day, June 18, in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The skill level of the competition had risen quite impressively in comparison to last year. One of the goals of the IRCs is to inspire progress in the region where the competition is held, and it is obvious that this happened over the past year in Costa Rica!

Here are the medalists of the 2016 IRC Central America:

In the photo above, from left to right, are:
   Juan Pablo Granados – Bronze Medal
   Richi Fallas Montero
– Gold Medal
Cesar Castillo Mora – Silver Medal

You can watch the highlights from the gold medal act by Richi Fallas.

IRC Mexico results,
by Erin Stephens, IRC Director

The 5th IRC Mexico took place June 22 at the Periplo International Circus Festival in Guadalajara. The skill level was the highest it’s ever been, and we even tried our hand at the first live coverage video of the competition on the IJA Facebook page. The live feed reached over 80,000 people.

Here are the 2016 IRC Mexico medalists:

Pictured above, from left to right, are:
Mario Barrangan – Bronze Medal
Carlos Morales Iturbe – Gold Medal
Hector Alonzo – Silver Medal

2013 Fest DVD 2-Pack available from the new IJA Store

The 2013 IJA Festival DVD 2-Pack is available for purchase, from the new IJA Store.  The price is $30 for members ($40 for non-members).  To get the member price, sign in at ym.juggle.org.  Once you are signed in, go to:


We have DVDs for sale from the IJA fests in: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  Each year includes two DVDs and roughly two hours of video.

2013 IJA fest DVD cover

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Juggler’s Scoop is a bi-weekly collection of the latest juggling videos and news bits from around the web.  Here’s the latest scoop! – Shawn Livingston recently conducted a Juggle Talk with a full panel featuring Ameron Rosvall, Jay Gilligan, Mike Moore and Erin Stephens. – Delaney Bayles handles her props with expert precision. – Mat Ricardo […]

Photo Gallery – Chimps Doing Juggling-Related Tricks
In the past, it was apparently popular to train chimpanzees and other apes to perform plate spinning, statue tricks, and other juggling-related skills. The most famous of these was Bubu, the incredible performing chimpanzee of the 1920’s and 30’s.  Bubu was trained by a Danish man named Viggo Benny to do balancing tricks similar to […]

Doping Comic

Interview with Freddy Kenton
Freddy Kenton began his juggling career 59 years ago and is still performing at a very high level today. Hailing from the Netherlands, Freddy has toured the world and was the winner of the 2012 IJA Historical Achievement Award. Recently David Cain was able to interview Freddy about his long and interesting career. DC: Please […]

Josh Horton on “Drop Everything” podcast with host Dan Holzman
Host: Dan Holzman Guests: Josh Horton talks about performing at basketball halftimes, making money using social media, and his life as a professional juggler. Also on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/il/podcast/ejuggle/id1063204159  

IJA Tricks of the Month June 2016 USA by: Chris Kelly
Hello! My name is Chris. I am 21 years old, and currently reside in Eugene, Oregon in the United States. I was introduced to poi spinning almost 5 years ago, and learned to juggle poi just over 3 years ago. I am the sole proprietor of Techris Things On Strings www.etsy.com/shop/techristhings. I also produce “The […]

Jugglers – Where Are They Now? – Volume 3
This is the third installment in a series where I try to provide updates on jugglers who were once in spotlight, either via the IJA conventions, performances, or otherwise, but who aren’t so much anymore.  As I did in the first two of these articles, which can be found here and here, I hope that reading […]

Louie Cason Profile
Louie is a juggler from South Africa, but has been influenced by jugglers from all around the world. He started with balls, but soon realized how much he enjoys clubs. His desire as a juggler in South Africa is to be the a juggler that leads the way by example for new and innovative juggling […]

Cirque du Soleil’s Paramore, on Broadway
Cirque du Soleil’s first ever Broadway theater production is Paramore and it’s everything you hoped for. They really went bananas. Now let’s get something clear: this is not a circus, it’s a Broadway play, a musical comedy, to be exact. But it has a lot of circus in it, including a solo juggler, Kyle Driggs. […]

The Kara Box: The History of the Prop and Trick
In the past, I’ve written about the Salerno Ring, the famous invention of the gentleman juggler Salerno. While it’s an amazing invention and prop, it was the lone trick that Salerno performed that didn’t fit in with the general idea of the gentleman juggler; only using normal items found in a parlor or a gentleman’s […]

A Message from the Chairman, May 2016
Plenty of exciting things have been happening at the IJA! Have you seen Tony Pezzo’s latest juggling film ‘Fake Sports’ yet? IJA members can see the entire video plus a special bonus video for free on eJuggle! Don’t let the name fool you, I assure you that this video and tricks contained therein are, in fact, […]

IJA Tricks of the Month, June 2016, South Africa by Louis Cason
My name is Louis Cason and I’m a full time Juggler based in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve been Juggling for 10+ years. My aim for this video was to land a few cool tricks, to have fun and to showcase a few cool spots around Cape Town. Music: Broken Social Scene – Meet me […]


Upcoming juggling festivals

For a list of even more festivals, check the worldwide juggling event listings on our website at
: www.juggle.org/events.

If you’re organizing a juggling festival (or if you simply know of a juggling fest) and you want to advertise it in the IJA eNewsletter, just drop a note to eNewsletter editor Don Lewis ijanews@juggle.org. Such listings are free.

The eNewsletter comes out near the end of each month. Your festival can be listed for a few months, and you don’t have to be an IJA affiliate to have a fest listed. Hey, jugglers want to know about juggling fests. Help them out and get more jugglers to your fest at the same time.

Periplo International Circus Festival, including 5th IJA Regional Competition – Mexico
20 – 26 Jun 2016
    Guadalajara, Mexico

8 Encuentro Internacional del Día Mundial del Malabarista Valparaíso
    23 Jun – 26 Jun 2016
    Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, Calle Cárcel 471, Valparaíso, Chile Chile

MadSkillz Vancouver 2016
    23 Jun – 26 Jun 2016
    CircusWest Performing Arts Society, 2901 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V5K 5J1 Canada

Freiburger Jonglierfestival 2016
    24 Jun – 26 Jun 2016
    Freiburg Germany (Deutschland)

French National Juggling Convention – Jongl’ô Païs 2016
    13 Jul – 17 Jul 2016
    Vanosc France

69th Annual IJA Juggling Festival 2016 – El Paso
    25 Jul – 31 Jul 2016
    El Paso Convention Center, El Paso, Texas USA

39th European Juggling Convention, Almere, Netherlands
    30 Jul – 7 Aug 2016
    Topsportcentrum Almere Pierre de Coubertinlaan 7, Almere, Netherlands

2ª Convenção Caipira de Malabarismo e Circo
    7 Sep – 11 Sep 2016
    R. Daniel Antônio de Freitas, 115 – Distrito Industrial, São José do Rio Preto – SP Brazil

Portland Juggling Festival 2016
    30 Sep – 2 Oct 2016
    Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, Oregon

Cleveland Circus Juggling Festival
    30 Sep – 2 Oct 2016
    11800 Carlton Rd, Cleveland, Ohio 44106 USA

40th Annual RIT Spring Juggle IN
    7 Apr – 9 Apr 2017
    RIT, 1 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester NY 14623 USA