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March 2019

Editor: Don Lewis

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  • IJA 2019 Board Nominations
  • Thoughts from the Festival Director
  • Festival Registration is Open
  • Festival Hotels, Room & Ride Sharing
  • Flow Show and Planting the Juggling Seed
  • New Events at the IJA Festival
  • More Special Guests for the 2019 Festival Announced
  • 2019 World Joggling Championships
  • Win a Festival Scholarship
  • Silent Auction
  • Greg Cohen’s Juggling Method
  • Fire Performance Standards
  • 2018 Festival Video available in IJA Store
  • Latest articles in eJuggle
  • Upcoming juggling festivals


2019 IJA Festival – Fort Wayne, Indiana – June 24 – 30, 2019

Yes, exceptionally the festival is in late June this time!

Check out Fort Wayne at https://www.visitfortwayne.com/#

IJA Board 2019 Nominations Are Open, by Don Lewis

IJA Directors are elected by the membership to the Board of Directors as outlined in the IJA’s bylaws.  There are seven active members on the Board.  This year three positions are open.  The election will take place online, and final voting will occur at the festival.  If you vote online and later want to change your vote, you may do so in person at the festival.

Before any voting can happen, we need some candidates to vote for.  Any member may be nominated, including yourself.  Sometimes the best candidate to represent your vision for the future of the IJA is staring back at you in your mirror.  The IJA does not run itself, it needs your help.  In turn, more volunteers are keen to help Directors make their vision happen.

The IJA maintains Director and Officer insurance coverage to protect our decision makers.

Information about the nomination process is available at https://juggle.org/business/nominations/

The nomination deadline is May 15, 2019    Participate!

Thoughts from the Festival Director, by David Cain

We are now three months away from the 2019 IJA Festival and things are heating up. We had a higher than expected number of jugglers register during the Early Bird registration period and jugglers continue to sign up to come. Arrangements have been completed for a large group of special guests who will be performing for the first time at an IJA Festival. I’ve been told by various sources that some really amazing acts intend to compete in the Stage Championships this year and I’m aware that one of the very top numbers jugglers in the world will be competing in the Numbers Championship for the first time.

I’m excited for the three new events: Challenge Night, Game Show Night, and the Juggling Film Festival. I hope that many film makers in the juggling community are hard at work putting together their juggling-themed short films for the film festival. I’m also excited for the return of the IJA Auction. If you have any props or other items that you want to donate for the auction, please bring them to the fest or contact me. I personally will be donating some amazing items from the Museum of Juggling History.

This year’s IJA Fest will offer more to do than any previous IJA Festival or Convention, so please plan to attend and bring along a friend or two. The facilities of the festival in Fort Wayne are some of the very best and are certainly the most conveniently located ones we’ve ever had. I hope to see everyone there!

Festival Registration Started March 1st

Be sure to follow the festival’s Facebook event page, and watch our festival section for more festival information as it is released.

Early Bird Registration has ended.

Advanced Registration closes at 11:59 EDT May 24th, 2019.  After that date you can register in person at the festival.

Vendor Registration closes on May 24th, 2019.

Championships – Applications are due by April 23rd.  Finalists will be announced May 23rd. Complete information at https://juggle.org/festival/ija-stage-championships/

Joggling – Pre-registration and Day of Event Registration available.

Youth Groups Registration closes 11:59 EDT May 24th.

Register on-line at www.juggle.org/festival


Festival Hotels, Room & Ride Sharing

For this year’s festival, the IJA has partnered with two hotels located adjacent to and connected with the festival’s juggling space and formal theater: The Hilton Fort Wayne at the Grand Wayne Convention Center and the Courtyard by Marriott Fort Wayne Downtown.

In order to reduce the number of reservation cancellations, which prevent other jugglers from being able to get a reservation at IJA rates, the room blocks at these partnering hotels require a non-refundable deposit equal to one night’s stay plus taxes with each reservation. However, if your plans change and you can’t make it to the festival, you can swap out your reservation with another juggler and work out reimbursement details with them directly.

To make room and ride sharing easy for jugglers as well as offer them a resource for any potential reservation swaps, we have created an official festival room and ride share Facebook group, which can be viewed at the link below.

See our website for up-to-date hotel information at https://juggle.org/festival-details/lodging/.

IJA Festival Room and Ride Share Group

Flow Show and Planting the Juggling Seed Shows Seeking Performers!

We are currently seeking performers interested in showcasing their skills in the Flow Show and Planting the Juggling Seed shows at this year’s festival.

The Flow Show will take place Thursday June 27th at 1pm. This event is geared towards flow-style performances (poi, staff, fans, hoop, etc.)

The Planting the Juggling Seed show will take place Thursday June 27th at 10:30 am and is a family show open to the public. The goal is to share juggling performances with the residents of Fort Wayne, particularly the local children.

If you are interested in performing in either of these shows, please contact IJA Festival Director David Cain: festival2019@juggle.org

New Events for the 2019 IJA Festivalby Nathan Wakefield

IJA Festival Director David Cain is flexing his creative muscle and bringing in several all-new exciting events for this year’s festival. Here is a breakdown of the new additions that festival attendees can look forward to in Fort Wayne.

Juggling Film Festival
At this year’s festival we are holding the world’s first ever juggling film festival! Though we love watching juggling highlight videos, this event is all about showcasing short films with a plot that relate to juggling in some way. They can be of any genre (comedy, drama, horror, etc.) and will be showcased at a special screening night. Any IJA member attending the festival can enter! Here is a quick rundown of the rules:

– Entries need to have a narrative plot and not just be trick highlights.
– Entries must relate to juggling.
– Content should be kept PG-13 or lower in rating.
– Entries must be between 5 and 15 minutes in length.
– Deadline for entry is May 20th.
– Entries cannot be shown publicly prior to the festival.

Submit your entry to IJA Festival Director David Cain (davidcainjuggler@hotmail.com) by the deadline. The winner will be chosen via audience vote at the event. We hope to see your work on display at the film festival!

Challenge Night
It’s humans vs. props in the battle of the ages at Challenge Night! At this event, stations will be set up for participants to test their skills against a number of objects that were selected and/or designed specifically because they are difficult to juggle. Put your skills up against floaty clubs, chaos rings, slippery clubs, mega clubs, mega balls, apple seeds, and more!

Juggling Game Show Night

Just what is “Game Show Night”, exactly? While we are keeping it a secret for the time being, a fun time will be had by all as popular game shows get a juggling twist.  More information coming soon!

More Special Guests for the 2019 Festival Announced!


Dominique Rabideau

Liam Halstead

Matthew Tiffany



2019 World Joggling Championships, by Emily Moore

The 2019 World Joggling Championships will take place on Saturday, June 29th from 8am to 12 pm at the Purdue University (IPFW) Field House. This is the first time the Joggling Championships have been brought into an indoor facility, which means new events such as 60 m races (i.e. new records will be set)!

As with previous years, the $25 on-site registration fee will get each participant into as many events as they like. Organization prior to the meet is led by Emily Moore and Len Ferman at the IJA, while the day-of-meet events will be hosted by local volunteer race director, Thomas Crum.

The proposed order of events, subject to change, are as follows:

1000 meter 3 ball (limit to sub-8 minute times)
60 meter 3 ball
60 meter 5 ball (best of two tries)
60 meter 7 ball (best of two tries)
200 meter 3 ball
200 meter 5 ball
600 meter 3 ball
1 mile record attempt** (potential event)
4 x 200 meter 3 ball relay

More information is available at our events page


and at the Joggling registration booth in the gym during the festival.

As always, we are looking for volunteers, especially those who can drive our participants from the main fest venue (Grand Wayne Convention Center) to the IPFW Field House the morning of the event (Saturday, June 29th at 7:30 am), and shuttle participants back after the event.

Looking forward to seeing you there at a nice and cool indoor track this year!

Win a Festival Scholarship

What does the juggling community mean to you? Your answer could win you a scholarship to the 2019 IJA Festival! Submit a 1 minute video that answers this question and highlights your juggling skill, and we will select our 2 favorites to win a free festival package and $500 travel stipend.

Video submissions due April 5
Post to Instagram and/or Facebook, use #IJAFestScholarship and tag @ijajugglers or email marketing@juggle.org. Submissions in any language, and from any country are encouraged!

Judging criteria:
50% – What the juggling community means to you. – Let us know how being a part of the juggling community has had an impact on your life. Why do you love juggling?
30% – Juggling – We want to see your skills in action!
20% – Video Quality good editing, cool theme, unique presentation, etc.

Silent Auction at the 2019 IJA Festival, by Nathan Wakefield

We’re bringing back the silent auction at this year’s IJA Festival! Currently, we are in the early stages of collecting various memorabilia and other juggling-related goods to offer to at the event. The proceeds raised from the auction will go directly back to the IJA to help support the many programs and functions that we serve world wide. If you have anything you would like to graciously donate to the silent auction (props, books, posters, etc.), please contact IJA Festival Director David Cain: festival2019@juggle.org

Greg Cohen’s Juggling Method, by Charles Shapiro

The Classical Method of teaching juggling Most jugglers teach the basic three-ball cascade the way that they have been taught or the way they have learned it from books. You start with one ball, then learn the exchange with two on both sides, then learn ‘vamping’ (doing alternate two-ball exchanges in rapid succession), then start to work with three balls. This method works for many people, but it has some disadvantages. It’s hard to see how the early steps lead to an actual three-ball pattern, and learning the exchange first puts frustrating physical challenges right at the start. It also forces a big cognitive leap from learning the exchange to actually juggling a cascade.

The Greg Cohen Method Greg Cohen of Tallahassee Florida has evolved a unique method of teaching three-ball juggling to people who have never juggled. Unlike the classical method, it is very quick. I have seen exceptionally talented new jugglers start running three balls for 5 to 10 throws after only 5 minutes of instruction. This essay is an attempt to explain the steps in Greg’s teaching method. The Cohen method uses three balls and takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. It relies on face-to-face instruction, so it won’t scale the way the classical method does. Both methods won’t actually teach juggling, of course — they will merely give a student the tools she will need to practice to the point of proficiency.

Steps to the Greg Cohen Method *** Establish a Baseline Give your student one ball and let her toss it from hand to hand until she shows proper technique — not too high or too low, hands held at elbow height, hands moving from the catch outside the line of the armpit to a throw inside the line of the armpit. Explain the basic idea that you must throw each successive ball at the peak of the arc of the previous ball. This step doesn’t differ from what you would do with the Classical Method.

Miming three ball juggling Hand your student all three balls, putting two of them in her dominant hand. Take one of the balls out of the dominant hand, move it with your hand in the path of the three ball cascade. When the ball reaches the student’s other hand, pick up the ball in that hand with your free hand, and place the ball you’re holding there. Now take the ball you just picked up, and move it in a juggling arc to the student’s dominant hand, where you will repeat the action of picking up the ball in that hand and placing the ball you moved in the waiting palm. Explain that the 3-ball cascade is essentially a process of *substituting* one ball with another — in this case, you’re swapping the ball that is coming into the student’s hand with the ball that is already in her hand. Make sure to pick up the ball which is in her palm first — the reason for this will be clear later. Do this a few times, until the student can see the pattern and predict what will happen next.

Guided Tossing and Placing After you have explained the pattern a little bit, have the student toss the next ball in the pattern while you are still holding the third ball up. When she does so, catch the thrown ball at the top of its arc with your free hand and place the ball you’re holding into her palm. Be sure to tell the student that you’re going to catch the ball, so they give a gentle toss and nothing gets dropped. Do this for a bit longer. Make sure that the student understands that she needs to throw her balls to an even height, both to make it easier for you to catch them and (later) to make the pattern easier to manage. You can run this part pretty slowly until your student clearly understands what action she needs to take next. Once she gets the idea, you can speed up a little.

Tossing and catching Now your student is ready to attempt a three-ball cascade. Make sure that the first ball she throws is from her *palm*, not from the three fingers holding the other ball in place. This is because beginners can have difficulty working just three fingers of their hand to throw and catch a ball. Working all of your fingers is much more natural, and the next ball in the sequence will roll into the palm without effort. The first attempts at three-ball juggling will of course be pretty rough. Unlike the Classical method, most students will have a clear idea of where they are going at this point. They will often be able to get off three to five throws, with a clear idea of how to practice to get better.

What Comes Next The standard 3-ball juggling rap applies to both methods: * This will teach only how to learn juggling, not juggling itself * Work to get the next throw until you can do about 10 throws. Then work not to drop. * Short sessions once a day will accomplish more and be less frustrating than rarer long practice sessions * Practice over a bed or a couch to minimize time spent chasing drops.

Music can help keep your mind easy.

Work on stuff you can barely do, not stuff you can’t or stuff that you can do easily.

Fire Performance Standards, by North American Fire Arts Association

For a long time now, we’ve been looking to help legitimize fire performance. After many good stabs at it, council decided that by changing the laws, our way, not by letting them legislate them to us, was the preferred and possibly only method. The NAFAA 2 codes were written to more easily fit into law books and one by one we started submitting them. Many places agreed and either made them policy or wove them in with some kind of law. But the grand-daddy of fire codes was still in the dark ages. The NFPA had no real codes to handle fire performers despite the 160 codes specifically applying to them.

Last year we were approached to participated in the committee that writes the 160 codes. Time was short, but it was decided that 3 options existed. First, we could let them write new codes. This was generally viewed as the worst case scenario, as it strongly resembled the source of most of our problems now. Next was to post a link to the NAFAA 3.0 codes and let them reference the material. However, since referencing outside materials has no teeth, it was generally believed that this would be almost as good as doing nothing. Finally, the option of taking the 3.0 codes and altering them to meet the NFPA writing and legal standards, and inserting them into their own chapter seemed the best way to handle things.

The North American Fire Arts Association was established in 2002 to provide resources to fire artists, to aggressively create and maintain a set of nationally recognized self governed safety standards regarding fire art and to establish fire art as a recognized genre of the art world through education and communication.

Editor’s note:  The NAFAA has a website at https://nafaa.org/mission where you can get good information about fire performance, join the organization for a nominal fee if you wish, and contribute to their work of updating the national fire codes.  NFPA 160: Standard for the Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience is a code produced by the National Fire Prevention Association.

2018 Festival Video Available

The DVD is up and can be purchased in our online store here: https://ym.juggle.org/store/ViewProduct.aspx?id=12959088

IJA members can view parts of the video as a members only benefit on eJuggle


Latest articles in eJuggle


Upcoming juggling festivals

Below is a list of some upcoming juggling festivals.  For a list of even more fests, check our worldwide juggling event listings.

To get a festival listed here for free, just drop a note to us at ijanews@juggle.org.  Hey, jugglers want to know about juggling fests.  Help them out and get more jugglers to your fest at the same time.

The 42nd RIT Spring Juggle-In
   5 Apr – 7 Apr 2019
   1 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester NY USA

Tucson Juggling Festival 2019
   5 Apr – 7 Apr 2019
   Catalina State Park, Tucson, Arizona 85737 USA

British Juggling Convention
    10 Apr – 14 Apr 2019
    Nottingham, UK

Flame Festival 2019
   11 Apr – 14 Apr 2019
   2035 Old Mineral Springs Road, La Fayette, GA 30728-6876 USA

2. Ab ‘in Pott – Convention
   12 Apr – 15 Apr 2019
   Anne-Frank Gesamtschule, Carl-Holtschneider-Straße 8-10, 44145 Dortmund Germany (Deutschland)

Aichtaler Jonglierconvention
   19 Apr – 22 Apr 2019
   Aichbachwasen 2, 72631 Grötzingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Germany (Deutschland)

IJC 2019
   21 Apr – 25 Apr 2019
   Gan HaShlosa National Park, Israel Israel (ישראל)

Dali Flow Festival 2019
   22 Apr – 29 Apr 2019
   Dali – yunnan – China China (中国)

Adelaide Juggling Convention
   25 Apr – 28 Apr 2019
   Goodwood Community Centre 32/34 Rosa Street, Goodwood, South Australia, Australia Australia

Ignite 2019 (5th anniversary)
   26 Apr – 28 Apr 2019
   T’île Malines Rode Kruisplein 12, 2800 Mechelen Belgium (België)

Thomas Dietz Jonglier-Convention bei der Traumfabrik
   26 Apr – 28 Apr 2019
   Regensburger Turnerschaft e.V., Schopperpl. 6, 93059 Regensburg, Germany Germany (Deutschland)

Universal Flow Gathering 2019
   2 May – 5 May 2019
   Apple Valley, California 92307 USA

Manchester Aerial & Acrobatics Convention
   3 May – 5 May 2019
   Ordsall Leisure Centre, Manchester, M5 3JW UK

Ann Arbor Juggling Festival
   4 May – 5 May 2019
   Wide World Sports Center 2140 Oak Valley Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA

Guelph Juggling Festival
   17 May – 19 May 2019
   Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Bungay Balls Up 2019 – XX!
   17 May – 27 May 2019
   Hulver Farm, St Michael South Elmham, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 1NF UK

Berlin FeuerCamp Convention
   24 May – 26 May 2019
   Abenteuerzentrum im Grunewald, Eichhörnchensteig 3, 14193 Berlin Germany (Deutschland)

Festival Cirkulart
   24 May – 26 May 2019
   Kaštieľský Park, Stupava, Slovakia Slovakia (Slovenská republika)

Seattle Juggling Festival
   24 May – 26 May 2019
   674 South Orcas Street, Seattle, WA 98108 USA

21. Freiburger Jonglierfestival
   30 May – 2 Jun 2019
   Sporthallen der Wentzinger Schulen; Seepark, Falkenbergerstraße 21, 79110 Freiburg im Breisgau Germany

NICE Jonglierfestival 2019
   30 May – 2 Jun 2019
   Neue Mittelschule/Florianer Halle St.Florian, Wiener Straße 44, 4490 St.Florian Austria (Österreich)

Boulder Juggling Festival 2019
   05 Jul – 07 Jul 2019 (with pre-events 04 July)
   Boulder, CO

6. BachritterCon – Jonglier- und Akrobatikconvention
   13 Jun – 16 Jun 2019
   Bachritterburg Kanzach, Riedlingerstraße 12 88422 Kanzach Germany (Deutschland)

Alle mitmischen #11
   13 Jun – 16 Jun 2019
   Biedermeierstrand, 04435 Hayna, Sachsen Germany (Deutschland)

2019 IJA Festival
    24 June – 30 June 2019
    Fort Wayne, IN USA

European Unicycle Championships 2019
    25 Jul – 4 Aug 2019
    Milaanstraat 115, 6135 LH Sittard Netherlands (Nederland)

European Juggling Convention
    3 Aug – 11 Aug 2019
    Newark, NG24 2NY, UK

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