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April 2019

Editor: Don Lewis


  • Chairs Message
  • IJA 2019 Board Nominations
  • Festival Registration is Open
  • Festival Hotels, Room & Ride Sharing
  • Workshop signups are Open
  • New Events at the IJA Festival
  • Emcees for the 2019 Festival Announced 
  • Silent Auction
  • 2018 Festival Video available in IJA Store
  • Latest articles in eJuggle
  • Upcoming juggling festivals


2019 IJA Festival – Fort Wayne, Indiana – June 24 – 30, 2019

Yes, exceptionally the festival is in late June this time!

Check out Fort Wayne at https://www.visitfortwayne.com/#

A Message from the IJA Chair

Springtime is a busy season for the IJA, because our biggest event of the year, the IJA Festival, is drawing near! Hopefully you’ve heard about some of the amazing things we have in store for this years festival. There will of course be the classic things that the IJA is known for: High Caliber Shows; The Stage Championships; Joggling, Numbers, and XJuggling Competitions; Games; Fight Night; Renegade; and more, as well as some special events that Festival Director David Cain has cooked up for us to enjoy including new things such as The IJA Film Festival and Game Show Night, as well as the revival of the IJA Silent Auction. My favorite part of the week though, is the time spent in the gym juggling with all of you! It is our best chance of the year to come together to share our ideas and our art, and is a major source of inspiration for me in both my personal practice and in my contemplation of the future of juggling.


The IJA Festival is one of the largest juggling events in the world and that does not happen by accident. It is a concerted effort from volunteers, performers, organizers, vendors, and you dear reader, that gives all of us the opportunity to come together. All of this is a team effort to foster our community, and speaks volumes about what this organization is about. Whether this year will be your first, or your fiftieth time attending the IJA Festival, you are an instrumental part in making the experience happen for all of us. Have you told your local juggling club about the upcoming IJA Festival? I invite you to make an announcement at your next gathering to let everyone know that the greatest juggling event of the year is coming quickly, and that all are welcome to join us. After all, it’s more fun when we’re in this together.


With a pirouette and a smile, Exuro Piechocki IJA Chairman

IJA Board 2019 Nominations Are Open, by Don Lewis

Last month I announced that the nomination period is open for Board of Director positions.  The election will take place online, with final voting taking place at the annual festival this summer. I’m convinced that many of you are thinking hard about how you can best serve the IJA and make it better, and perhaps more relevant for all jugglers.  Please think harder.  There are two weeks left in the nomination period.  Either nominate someone, or yourself.  That’s right, it is perfectly acceptable to nominate yourself.

It is a curious fact that when everything is going pretty well no-one is very interested in serving on the Board.  If things get a bit more challenging then nominations fly thick and fast to throw out the old rascals and bring in the new ones.  Actually, if things are going well that is a great time to get on the Board.  You aren’t going to be distracted by mayhem and can actually promote your version of progress with a good chance of making it happen.  

The IJA maintains Director and Officer insurance coverage to protect our decision makers.  Directors are considered to have a fiduciary duty to the IJA.  Fiduciary simply means managing in the best interests of the association, much as you might administer the affairs of a minor person that can’t make legal decisions.  

Information about the nomination process is available at https://juggle.org/business/nominations/

The nomination deadline is May 15, 2019    Participate!

Come to the festival!  by Don Lewis

Early indications are that this year’s festival is going to be very popular.  Don’t miss out on advance registration which ends on May 24th. Check out the festival webpages to get the latest news about festival events.

Consider teaching a workshop at the festival.  Later in this newsletter Dave Pawson announces that you can now signup to teach one or more workshops.  If you have never taught a workshop it might seem a bit intimidating; it isn’t really.  Once you’ve taught a workshop you start to relax and enjoy it.  If you are a moderately good juggler you can certainly teach beginner workshops. Beginners soak up information like a sponge.  It is an excellent chance to spot all those things you did wrong as a beginner (and still fight against).  You can save newbies a whole lot of angst by training them out of bad habits right from the start.  

Perhaps you have no idea how to setup and teach a workshop ?  Go to a few beginner workshop and see how others do it.  I’m always pleased when good jugglers come to my Basic Club Tricks workshop to see how I teach it and maybe get some tips.  Sometimes I get some tips from them and can refine my delivery.  

It is frustrating to think of all the jugglers who are convinced that they are not good enough jugglers to attend a festival.  We really need to all work hard to bust that myth.  A few years ago a lady who had finally gathered her courage and attended a festival came up to me and said “You were right, there really is something for every level of juggler”.  A big surprise for most new people is the informal support that happens in the gym.  You can be hidden in a corner struggling with some trick and a total stranger will casually offer a pertinent tip that makes the trick suddenly work for you.  How many times have I heard something like “I can’t believe it. I was struggling with a trick and that guy from last night’s show just showed me how to do it!”.  It isn’t that unusual. Jugglers tend to help other jugglers, just for the fun of it.  Or the big smiles when something works might have something to do with it.


Festival Registration Started March 1st

Be sure to follow the festival’s Facebook event page, and watch our festival section for more festival information as it is released.

Early Bird Registration has ended.

Advanced Registration closes at 11:59 EDT May 24th, 2019.  After that date you can register in person at the festival.

Vendor Registration closes on May 24th, 2019.

Joggling – Pre-registration and Day of Event Registration available.

Youth Groups Registration closes 11:59 EDT May 24th.

Register on-line at www.juggle.org/festival


Festival Hotels, Room & Ride Sharing

See our website for up-to-date hotel information at https://juggle.org/festival-details/lodging/.

IJA Festival Room and Ride Share Group

Workshop Signups Now Open! by Dave Pawson

Attendees are what make the workshops at IJA festivals great; the workshop schedule will only be as good as the people who choose to sign up.

If you are interested in being a workshop instructor, the sooner you sign up, the more likely you will be able to teach at the time you’d like. You can teach anything related to object manipulation and circus arts; any prop, and anything cool you think people might like to learn.

We also encourage discussion-based workshops in addition to hands on workshops.

Workshop signups can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/ija2019workshopsignups

New Events for the 2019 IJA Festivalby Nathan Wakefield

IJA Festival Director David Cain is flexing his creative muscle and bringing in several all-new exciting events for this year’s festival. Here is a breakdown of the new additions that festival attendees can look forward to in Fort Wayne.

Juggling Film Festival
At this year’s festival we are holding the world’s first ever juggling film festival! Though we love watching juggling highlight videos, this event is all about showcasing short films with a plot that relate to juggling in some way. They can be of any genre (comedy, drama, horror, etc.) and will be showcased at a special screening night. Any IJA member attending the festival can enter! Here is a quick rundown of the rules:

– Entries need to have a narrative plot and not just be trick highlights.
– Entries must relate to juggling.
– Content should be kept PG-13 or lower in rating.
– Entries must be between 5 and 15 minutes in length.
– Deadline for entry is May 20th.
– Entries cannot be shown publicly prior to the festival.

Submit your entry to IJA Festival Director David Cain (davidcainjuggler@hotmail.com) by the deadline. The winner will be chosen via audience vote at the event. We hope to see your work on display at the film festival!

Challenge Night
It’s humans vs. props in the battle of the ages at Challenge Night! At this event, stations will be set up for participants to test their skills against a number of objects that were selected and/or designed specifically because they are difficult to juggle. Put your skills up against floaty clubs, chaos rings, slippery clubs, mega clubs, mega balls, apple seeds, and more!

Juggling Game Show Night

Just what is “Game Show Night”, exactly? While we are keeping it a secret for the time being, a fun time will be had by all as popular game shows get a juggling twist.  More information coming soon!

Show Hosts for the 2019 Festival Announced!

Steve Rawlings

Welcome Show Emcee

Tony Steinbach

Juniors Championships Emcee

Matt Henry

Individuals & Teams Championships Emcee

Matt Hall

Cascade of Stars Emcee


 Silent Auction at the 2019 IJA Festival, by Nathan Wakefield

We’re bringing back the silent auction at this year’s IJA Festival! Currently, we are in the early stages of collecting various memorabilia and other juggling-related goods to offer to at the event. The proceeds raised from the auction will go directly back to the IJA to help support the many programs and functions that we serve world wide. If you have anything you would like to graciously donate to the silent auction (props, books, posters, etc.), please contact IJA Festival Director David Cain: festival2019@juggle.org

Editor’s note:  You can literally donate any juggling related things to the auction; juggling props you don’t use that someone else might want, books, photos, posters, clothing: T-shirts, hats, bags. If you have something that you think another juggler might want, donate it to the auction and support the IJA.  

2018 Festival Video Available

The DVD is up and can be purchased in our online store here: https://ym.juggle.org/store/ViewProduct.aspx?id=12959088

IJA members can view parts of the video as a members only benefit on eJuggle


Latest articles in eJuggleEJUGGLE ARCHIVES


Upcoming juggling festivals

Below is a list of some upcoming juggling festivals.  For a list of even more fests, check our worldwide juggling event listings.

To get a festival listed here for free, just drop a note to us at ijanews@juggle.org.  Hey, jugglers want to know about juggling fests.  Help them out and get more jugglers to your fest at the same time.

IJC 2019

   21 Apr – 25 Apr 2019

   Gan HaShlosa National Park, Israel Israel (ישראל)


Dali Flow Festival 2019

   22 Apr – 29 Apr 2019

   Dali – yunnan – China China (中国)


Adelaide Juggling Convention

   25 Apr – 28 Apr 2019

   Goodwood Community Centre 32/34 Rosa Street, Goodwood, South Australia, Australia Australia


Ignite 2019 (5th anniversary)

   26 Apr – 28 Apr 2019

   T’île Malines Rode Kruisplein 12, 2800 Mechelen Belgium (België)


Thomas Dietz Jonglier-Convention bei der Traumfabrik

   26 Apr – 28 Apr 2019

   Regensburger Turnerschaft e.V., Schopperpl. 6, 93059 Regensburg, Germany Germany (Deutschland)


Universal Flow Gathering 2019

   2 May – 5 May 2019

   Apple Valley, California 92307 USA


Manchester Aerial & Acrobatics Convention

   3 May – 5 May 2019

   Ordsall Leisure Centre, Manchester, M5 3JW UK


Ann Arbor Juggling Festival

   4 May – 5 May 2019

   Wide World Sports Center 2140 Oak Valley Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA


Guelph Juggling Festival

   17 May – 19 May 2019

   Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Bungay Balls Up 2019 – XX!

   17 May – 27 May 2019

   Hulver Farm, St Michael South Elmham, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 1NF UK


Berlin FeuerCamp Convention

   24 May – 26 May 2019

   Abenteuerzentrum im Grunewald, Eichhörnchensteig 3, 14193 Berlin Germany (Deutschland)


Festival Cirkulart

   24 May – 26 May 2019

   Kaštieľský Park, Stupava, Slovakia Slovakia (Slovenská republika)


Seattle Juggling Festival

   24 May – 26 May 2019

   674 South Orcas Street, Seattle, WA 98108 USA


21. Freiburger Jonglierfestival

   30 May – 2 Jun 2019

   Sporthallen der Wentzinger Schulen; Seepark, Falkenbergerstraße 21, 79110 Freiburg im Breisgau Germany


NICE Jonglierfestival 2019

   30 May – 2 Jun 2019

   Neue Mittelschule/Florianer Halle St.Florian, Wiener Straße 44, 4490 St.Florian Austria (Österreich)


Flatland Juggling Festival

   07 Jun – 09 Jun 2019

   Lincoln, NB 68502 USA


Boulder Juggling Festival 2019

   05 Jul – 07 Jul 2019 (with pre-events 04 July)

   Boulder, CO


6. BachritterCon – Jonglier- und Akrobatikconvention

   13 Jun – 16 Jun 2019

   Bachritterburg Kanzach, Riedlingerstraße 12 88422 Kanzach Germany (Deutschland)


Alle mitmischen #11

   13 Jun – 16 Jun 2019

   Biedermeierstrand, 04435 Hayna, Sachsen Germany (Deutschland)


2019 IJA Festival

    24 June – 30 June 2019

    Fort Wayne, IN USA


European Unicycle Championships 2019

    25 Jul – 4 Aug 2019

    Milaanstraat 115, 6135 LH Sittard Netherlands (Nederland)


European Juggling Convention

    3 Aug – 11 Aug 2019

    Newark, NG24 2NY, UK


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