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April 2021

Editors: Don Lewis & Martin Frost


  • Falling in love with juggling twice
  • IJA Board nominations are open
  • 2021 IJA Festival – Online
  • Seeking raffle donations
  • 2021 IJA Numbers Championships – Online – now open
  • Video collaborations
  • Nominate someone for the Flamingo Club Award
  • 2021 IJA World Joggling Championships – Online – 1st deadline is May 15
  • IJA Virtual Hangout Jam, May 8, 10am PDT
  • Latest articles in eJuggle (find a few that interest you and check them out!)
  • Upcoming juggling festivals


Mike Moore

Falling in love with juggling twice  by Mike Moore, IJA Chair

To be a top-level juggler, one must fall in love with two aspects of juggling, consecutively: the exploration and then the grind.

These might sound similar.  They’re certainly related.  But we can tease out the differences by looking at one of the juggling archetypes: the young juggler who comes out of nowhere, gets to 5 (or 7!) objects so quickly, then stops juggling altogether.

Did they really come out of nowhere?  Almost never.  They often came from another hobby where they did the exact same thing.  Were they a competitive video game player, a varsity rower, a performing pianist?  And when they stopped juggling, what happened?  They became skilled in badminton, drumming, or photography.  These people are driven by progress and exploration.

For maximum juggling progress over the long term, one needs to love the exploration and the grind.  Wes Peden has both, and probably tilts toward the exploration side.  Alex Barron has both, and probably tilts to the grind side.  I’d put Haavard Hvidsten somewhere in the middle: he explores deeply and seems to love practicing more than almost anyone else.

What does this mean for me and you?  The next time you’re exploring or grinding away at a certain pattern, ask yourself if you’re enjoying it.  By better understanding your feelings toward different attributes of learning, you can change your practices to have more fun.  Who doesn’t want that?

Mike Moore

IJA Chair

PS – The ideas of this article were largely based on Angela Duckworth’s work on grit, which are summarized in her book by that name.  Big thanks to Matt Hall for his ongoing series of interviews about juggling practice and mastery (notes viewable here) which helped me see these trends in several juggling case studies.



IJA Board nominations are open  by Martin Frost

Nomination are open for members of the IJA Board of Director.  The election will take place online.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no in-person voting.

Many of you are probably thinking about how you can best serve the IJA and make it better.  Even though we are not gathering this year, the IJA still needs interested Board members to lead it through the challenges ahead.

Nominate someone, including maybe yourself.  That’s right, it is perfectly acceptable to nominate yourself.

The IJA maintains Director and Officer insurance coverage to protect our decision makers.  Directors are considered to have a fiduciary duty to the IJA.  Fiduciary simply means managing in the best interests of the association, much as you might administer the affairs of a minor person that can’t make legal decisions. 

Information about the nomination process is available at juggle.org/business/nominations.

The nomination deadline is 11:59pm PDT on May 25, 2021.  Participate! 


2021 IJA Festival – Online  by Martin Frost

As you know, the 2021 IJA Festival will be held online.  The fest team is busily preparing an online juggling feast for you this summer, July 12-18, 2021.  Details will be made available over the coming weeks on the Festival website (and of course in future eNewsletters).  Already announced are the Joggling Championships, the Numbers Championships, and the Raffle (see articles below).  Stay tuned for more.



Seeking raffle donations  by Eric Shibuya

Fellow Jugglers,

The IJA festival is online again this year.  While we miss you all, one of the highlights of IJA 2020 Online was the raffle.  Several wonderful vendors donated incredible prizes and all of your generous donations raised over $3000 for the IJA.  We hope this year’s raffle will be even bigger and better!

If you are a vendor and would like to donate to this year’s raffle, please contact Eric Shibuya, raffle coordinator at shibuya@juggle.org.



2021 IJA Numbers Championships – Online – now open  by Scott Cain

This year the IJA will be hosting the Numbers Championships online.  Competitors do not need to be IJA members, and there is no registration fee, so let all your numbers juggling friends know that they can enter for free!  Jugglers can submit videos of their best qualifying runs in four events:

  • Individual Balls – minimum 9 balls
  • Individual Rings – minimum 9 rings
  • Individual Clubs – minimum 7 clubs
  • Individual Ball Bouncing – minimum 9 balls

Before recording your video, see the Numbers Championships Entry Form for the video requirements and a link to the rules.  The deadline to enter is 11:59pm EDT on Monday, June 28, 2021, so start practicing.  Results will be shared in a live feed during the 2021 IJA Festival – Online, July 12-18, 2021.



Video collaborations  by Chris Garcia

Greetings Jugglers, Flow Artists, Object Manipulators & Circus Enthusiasts!  The IJA is starting a new series of video collaborations to highlight jugglers/flow-arts/circus and communities around the world.  For our first video collaboration we would like to do an open call to all IJA members as well as non-members for the upcoming Pride month of June.

If you have questions, please email garcia@juggle.org.

Call for video collaboration submissions

This is an open call for any jugglers to film any juggling trick they would like to feature.  We hope to highlight the LGBTQ+ members of the community, but anyone is welcome to make submissions in support of Pride month.

If you would like to be a part of the collaboration, please fill out the submission form by May 16th.

Call for video collaboration editor

We are doing an open call for video editors who would like to volunteer their editing skills to compile the video submissions to music.

If you would like to apply to be the collab video editor, please fill out the application form by May 16th.



Nominate someone for the Flamingo Club Award  by Afton Benson

Nominations are now open for the Flamingo Club Award!

Who is the Flamingo Club?  What is the Flamingo Club Award?  The Flamingo Club provides the recognition, support and encouragement of female identifying and non-binary persons, children, and families, in order to build a more inclusive juggling community.  The Flamingo Club Award is for: “Highlighting a female-identifying or non-binary person who has shown outstanding support, inspirational skill, or exceptional promotion of juggling.”

Nominate a qualifying individual until noon CDT on May 28th, 2021: https://forms.gle/S5HWC4rBFuKRgJsd6.

Please share this information with local juggling clubs as well!  Nominees can be from anywhere, any age, and individuals are allowed to nominate themselves.  Cheers!



2021 IJA World Joggling Championships – Online – 1st deadline is May 15  by Sterling Franklin

Just as the 2021 IJA Festival has gone virtual again this year, the 2021 IJA World Joggling Championships will also take place online via your very cool video submissions!  The competition will take place over two different date ranges: Block A from April 1 through May 15, and Block B from June 1 through July 15.

Five Official Events will be held in each Block:

IJA World Joggling Championships, Block A

Date range: April 1 – May 15 (submission deadline at 11:59pm GMT on May 15)

  • 3-ball 100m
  • 3-ball 400m
  • 3-ball 1600m
  • 4-ball 200m
  • 5-ball 200m

IJA World Joggling Championships, Block B

Date range: June 1 – July 15 (submission deadline at 11:59pm GMT on July 15)

  • 3-ball 200m
  • 3-ball 800m
  • 3-ball 3200m
  • 5-ball 100m
  • 7-ball 100m

For full details, see 2021 Joggling Championships.


IJA Virtual Hangout Jam, May 8, 10am PDT  by Chris Garcia

The IJA is hosting another Virtual Hangout Jam, and you’re invited, whether you’re an IJA member or not!  So grab your props, clear out some space in your living room, and hang out with your fellow jugglers virtually!  Meetings are via Zoom and are accessible via mobile or computer.

This month we are hosting the meeting on the second Saturday.

We’d love feedback from the community on when is the best time for you.  Let us know by filling out this survey form.

Find latest Hangout info

You can find the latest up-to-date info for the Virtual Hangout Jam on the Facebook event page.

Hangout rules

As this meeting is accessible to both youth and adults, please use appropriate language, clothing, behavior, etc.  This is a safe space.  Anyone espousing hate or bigotry will be removed.  Please turn off your microphone when not speaking, to avoid excess ambient noise.

How to join

Download and install Zoom on your phone or computer.  Use the Zoom link below to register.  This can be done at any time before you join.  After you’ve registered, you’ll be given a link to join the meeting.  Click it and an admin should admit you into the hangout from the waiting room.

Next Hangout

Saturday, May 8, 2021, at 10am PDT / 6pm UK Time

Register for Zoom meeting




Latest articles in eJuggle



Upcoming juggling festivals

Note: Virtually all juggling festivals planned for the coming months have been canceled or rescheduled because of the worldwide pandemic, though some will be held online.

To find a juggling fest near you or online, check the fest list at The Juggling Edge.  Eventually festivals will return.

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