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May 2021

Editors: Don Lewis & Martin Frost


  • Stepping Down, Stepping Up, and Moving Forward
  • Vote now in the online Board of Directors election
  • 2021 IJA Online Juggling Championships now open
  • 2021 Virtual IJA Festival
  • Flowtoys joins VDP with 10% off vision clubs and other flowtoys
  • 2021 IJA Numbers Championships – Online – now open
  • Video collaborations
  • 2021 IJA World Joggling Championships: Block A medalists, Block B open
  • Seeking raffle donations
  • Warm up to the new normal
  • IJA Virtual Hangout Jam, June 5th, 10am PDT
  • Latest articles in eJuggle (find a few that interest you and check them out!)
  • Upcoming juggling festivals

Mike Moore

Stepping Down, Stepping Up, and Moving Forward  by IJA Chairs, past and present

This marks my last Chair article!

  As of May 11th, I stepped down from the Chair position.  No drama or excitement, just that pesky thing called work.  Which, I suppose, is a nice way to go.

The past three(ish) years have certainly been eventful!  And I was floored by the adaptability demonstrated by so many individuals.  The transition to the online festival in 2020 was handled with the utmost of care and efficiency, and it had a reach like no other.  It was a global event with a global audience!  This year aims to take it to another level still!

On a final note, the IJA isn’t getting rid of me any time soon.  I’ll be continuing on in my role as a board member until this year’s festival, and working on a tutorial project after that.  And, of course, you’ll be seeing me at this year’s online festival and at future festivals!

With Aslynne Howes taking over as Chair, I’m certain that the IJA will continue to flourish as the world reignites.  The world of juggling is sure to benefit from impeccable organization, financial prowess, and boundless empathy.  Thanks to her, and to everyone else who’s made and continues to make the IJA a better organization.

Mike Moore

Ex-IJA Chair

On behalf of the other board members,

officers, and volunteers, I’d like to thank Mike for all his hard work over the past several years both as the Chair and as a general board member.  Throughout the year during which I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the board with him, Mike has always gone above and beyond using his experience and extensive knowledge to help the people he works with to learn and grow.  Mike actively provides insightful ideas and well-researched feedback to projects and ideas submitted by others.  We are sad to see him step down as Chair and wish him all the best in his other endeavors.

I am, however, excited to be stepping in as Chair as his successor.  Over the past year, I have been working with the other board members, officers, and volunteers on projects and events such as the IJA Online Festival in 2020 and IJA Hangouts.  It’s been amazing to watch our organization adapt to the changes and challenges presented due to the changing times.

Currently, our organization is preparing for the 2021 Virtual IJA Festival, which will be hosted July 12-18, 2021.  The Festival team has been working hard to adapt to hosting using an online format and continue to provide a lot of the same fantastic events, shows, and competitions as usual!  Continue checking our website for more updates.

Wherever you are in the world, you’re invited to join us in celebrating World Juggling Day on June 19th, 2021.  There will be lots of online events, so check it out online to see what’s going on.

If you have any ideas for projects you’d like to see the IJA involved in or feedback on our current projects and programs, I’d love to discuss them.  Shoot me an email at howes@juggle.org.

Aslynne Howes

IJA Chair

Vote now in the online Board of Directors election  by Don Lewis

The IJA election for members of the Board of Directors is taking place entirely online this year, and you can vote now.

The IJA Board of Directors is comprised of seven people who make policy and collectively decide on the direction of the IJA.  Each director is elected for a two-year term.  There are three director positions up for election this year, so IJA members can vote for up to three people in this election.

The nominees are listed below in the order nominated.  Please review their candidacy statements online at: www.juggle.org/business/candidates.

  • Niels Duinker
  • Benjamin Domask-Ruh
  • Kevin Mercer
  • Kent Mercer
  • Amy Wieliczka
  • Aslynne Howes

Who can vote?  All regular, life, youth, and family IJA members who will be at least 13 years of age as of July 18, 2021, can vote.

When can I vote?  You can vote online anytime between now and 30 minutes after the end of the online IJA annual meeting, which starts at 5pm EDT on Sunday, July 18, 2021.

How do I vote?  Use this link to sign in and vote.  It will ask you to enter your IJA password, and then it should take you to the voting page.  (If it doesn’t, after signing in, go to IJA 2021 election and cast your ballot there.)

Thanks for helping decide who will lead the IJA.  Online voting is easy and only takes a minute or two.

2021 IJA Online Juggling Championships now open by Martin Frost 

You can now enter the 2021 IJA Online Juggling Championships.  We are accepting video submissions for competition acts in three divisions: Teams, Individuals and Juniors.

The deadline to submit the entry form and video link and to pay the entry fee is 11:59pm EDT on June 30, 2021. Videos shot on or after June 1, 2021, are eligible for the competition.

Within the continuous video shot of each competition act, the competitor (or at least one member of a team) must say “2021 IJA” on camera or hold up a sign saying “2021 IJA.”

The entire IJA membership will be invited to judge the competition entries in the five categories of Juggling Difficulty, Juggling Creativity, Juggling Execution, Entertainment Value, and Presentation.

The 2021 IJA Online Juggling Championships are held as part of the 2021 Virtual IJA Festival. For more information and complete rules, please see IJA Online Juggling Championships.

2021 Virtual IJA Festival  by Ross Berenson

Get ready to juggle!  The 2021 Virtual IJA Festival will be here before you know it.  This year’s festival is packed with workshops, master classes, shows, competitions, and more!  Tune in July 12-18 for all the action.

This year, we’re pushing the international front by organizing workshops from all corners of the world.  Let’s connect in a way we never have before.  We’ll also be offering master classes which will focus on various parts of being a performer.  They will be outstanding for performers of any discipline.  Classes will be taught by a variety of industry professionals.

With the festival being virtual, we have an increased opportunity to pack the shows with talent that we might not normally be able to see live and in-person.  Keep an eye on the website as there will be some exciting talent gracing our virtual stage.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the comments, juggle jam, and viewing parties.  Till then, you can learn more by visiting the festival website. 

Flowtoys joins VDP with 10% off vision clubs and other flowtoys

We’d like to welcome Flowtoys as the latest addition to the IJA Vendor Discount Program!  Flowtoys makes the revolutionary vision clubs as well as a number of other high performance glow props.  IJA members receive 10% off all orders (excluding gift certificates).

If you’re an IJA member, head over to our Vendor Discount Program to see how to receive this discount as well as view other great deals from our participating vendors.

2021 IJA Numbers Championships – Online – now open  by Scott Cain

This year the IJA will be hosting the Numbers Championships online.  Competitors do not need to be IJA members, and there is no registration fee, so let all your numbers juggling friends know that they can enter for free!  Jugglers can submit videos of their best qualifying runs in four events:

  • Individual Balls – minimum 9 balls
  • Individual Rings – minimum 9 rings
  • Individual Clubs – minimum 7 clubs
  • Individual Ball Bouncing – minimum 9 balls

Before recording your video, see the Numbers Championships Entry Form for the video requirements and a link to the rules.  The deadline to enter is 11:59pm EDT on Monday, June 28, 2021, so start practicing.  Results will be shared in a live feed during the 2021 Virtual IJA Festival, July 12-18, 2021.

Video collaborations  by Chris Garcia

Greetings Jugglers, Flow Artists, Object Manipulators & Circus Enthusiasts!  The IJA is starting a new series of video collaborations to highlight jugglers/flow-arts/circus and communities around the world.  For our first video collaboration we would like to do an open call to all IJA members as well as non-members for the Pride month of June.

If you have questions, please email garcia@juggle.org.

Call for video collaboration submissions

This is an open call for any jugglers to film any juggling trick they would like to feature.  We hope to highlight the LGBTQ+ members of the community, but anyone is welcome to make submissions in support of Pride month.

If you would like to be a part of the collaboration, please fill out the submission form by the newly extended deadline of June 3.

2021 IJA World Joggling Championships: Block A medalists, Block B open  by Sterling Franklin

This year’s IJA World Joggling Championships has been split into two different blocks.  Block A is now complete, and Block B is open until 11:59pm GMT on July 15th.  Whether or not you entered Block A, we’d love to see you joggling with us in Block B.  Jogglers who aren’t IJA members are welcome to participate, though IJA membership is definitely encouraged for all!  Spread the word, and we hope to see you joggling with us!

Medalists from Block A (April 1 – May 15):

3-ball 100m

B12 Gold: Valentin Bolognini (21.0)

MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (14.10)

MO Silver: Stephan Cipra (14.5)

MO Bronze: Matthew Feldman (14.73)

WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (21.9)

3-ball 400m

B17 Gold: James Auriemma (1:32.70)

MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (1:03.86)

MO Silver: Stephan Cipra (1:11.80)

MO Bronze: Matthew Feldman (1:13.91)

WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (2:21.5)

3-ball 1600m

MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (5:25.60)

MO Silver: Daniel Raum (5:43.04)

MO Bronze: Christoph Mitasch (6:10.82)

MM Gold: Koutaro Kawano (6:17)

WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (11:02)

4-ball 200m

B12 Gold: Valentin Bolognini (1:49.5)

B17 Gold: David Pavlove Cunsolo (40.50)

MO Gold: Stephan Cipra (33.5)

MO Silver: Sterling Franklin (36.48)

MO Bronze: Matthew Feldman (38.88)

WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (1:54)

5-ball 200m

B17 Gold: David Pavlove Cunsolo (1:05.13)

MO Gold: Matthew Feldman (37.67)

MO Silver: Stephan Cipra (55.0)

MO Bronze: Christoph Mitasch (1:38.84)

WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (3:23)


B12 = Boys 12-and-Under

B17 = Boys 13-to-17

MO = Men’s Open (18-39)

MM = Men’s Masters (40+)

WM = Women’s Masters (40+)

IJA World Joggling Championships, Block B (June 1 – July 15 @ 11:59pm GMT)

Official Events: 3-ball 200m, 3-ball 800m, 3-ball 3200m, 5-ball 100m, and 7-ball 100m (Note: Any prop with the correct quantity for the event can be used — clubs, rings, footballs, etc.)

Extra Events: Events not on the official event list can be submitted for time/distance verification.  One Extra Event comes free with a Competitive Category registration, and any Extra Events beyond that can be purchased from the IJA store for $3 each.  Any Extra Event with three competitors in the same division and a distance that is regularly run in Indoor/Outdoor/XC (preferably 10K or shorter) will also be eligible for medals.

Two Categories: Fun Run (free) and Competitive (small fee)

  • Fun Run: Free (optional donation to IJA).  This is for informal joggling runs.  Any distance can be run, and Certificates of Completion will be sent via email for those who confirm legitimate completion of the distance.  Video submission is optional in this category but is suggested if you want to be part of a montage of the jogglers this year.  No time validation or record consideration will be done in the Fun Run category.  If you have a really innovative pattern to try out or just want to run for fun and try something new without any pressure, this is a great category!  Please register for the free Fun Run, especially if you think you’ll submit a Fun Run video.
  • Competitive: BLOCK B: $15.  Jogglers in this category are eligible for medals in the official events and official IJA recognition in cases of World/IJA Records or Top 10 All-Time performances.  Registration and full video submission are REQUIRED in the Competitive category.  The video must show the clear continuation of a juggling pattern while running (whether with a wearable camera and mount or with another person filming the run clearly and reliably — please keep responsible with COVID restrictions where applicable).  The video needs to show both the run and the final time at the end, and preferably should identify the joggler and the date of the attempt as well.  If done on road, measurement verification must be done (by Measuring Wheel on video or by confirmation by USATF/WMA official), and road runs must not be done on a net-negative vertical gain (i.e., road runs need to be done on a flat [net-zero] or uphill [net-positive] route).  Tracks of 400m are usually best and simplest for these competitive runs.  In the case of drops, the joggler must be shown on video retreating to the point of drop before continuing the juggling pattern from that spot — no forward progress should be made in the case of the joggler losing control of the pattern or dropping, and props can’t be launched meters away in order to gain distance.  Patterns should aim to be one throw per step or as close as possible.  For recording questions and rules in specific circumstances, feel free to contact Sterling Franklin or Emily Moore at joggling2021@juggle.org.

Divisions (same as prior years)

  • Boys 12-and-Under
  • Girls 12-and-Under
  • Boys 13-17
  • Girls 13-17
  • Men’s Open (18-39)
  • Women’s Open (18-39)
  • Men’s Masters (40+)
  • Women’s Masters (40+)

Note: Age determination for divisions will be as of the block deadline (July 15 for Block B and Extra Events).

Entering the joggling competition

Register on the IJA website by purchasing the appropriate joggling entry fee (free for Fun Run).  Then fill out the participant waiver below.  After completing your joggling, fill out the submission form below if you’re in the Competitive category or to submit a video in the Fun Run.

Participant waiver (Fill out once this year — not necessary if you’ve already filled one out and competed in Block A.)

Block B Submission Form (Includes detailed rules and a field for you to paste a link to your joggling video on YouTube/Dropbox/Google Drive/etc.)

Videos can also be sent to joggling2021@juggle.org for official events (or optional extra events) in their respective blocks and date ranges, but preferably, use our Submission Form so we can process entries more efficiently at the end of Block B.  Rules for video submissions are mentioned above in the description of the Competitive category.


Medals (3D printed!): Competitive category only.  Top 3 verified finishers in each division will be awarded medals per official event (made on a resin 3D printer this year — we’re hoping these will be really neat and unique!).

Certificates of Completion: Fun Run category competitors who have sent in completions (stated/preferably documented or filmed) but don’t want time validation.

Seeking raffle donations  by Eric Shibuya

Fellow Jugglers,

The IJA festival is online again this year.  While we miss you all, one of the highlights of IJA 2020 Online was the raffle.  Several wonderful vendors donated incredible prizes and all of your generous donations raised over $3000 for the IJA.  We hope this year’s raffle will be even bigger and better!

If you are a vendor and would like to donate to this year’s raffle, please contact Eric Shibuya, raffle coordinator at shibuya@juggle.org.

 Warm up to the new normal  by Don Lewis

What a difference a year makes!  Large numbers of people are getting vaccinated and Covid case counts are dropping to manageable levels in North America.  In many areas, it is safe to come out and cautiously resume normal activities.  Just remember that vaccination does not make you immune.  It just makes it less likely that you will get severely ill and need critical health care.  And it is possible that a vaccinated person can have a mild or asymptomatic infection and unwittingly spread the disease.  It is not completely over yet.

Be careful, and start getting on with life with a smile.

Jugglers have been working out solo and practicing during the pandemic with various levels of commitment.  For a lot of people it has been a time for practicing new tricks and techniques and building stamina.  For some of us, it has been a time for picking up another book, watching another movie, and perhaps pouring another glass of wine.  Juggling in isolation has not been good for many of us, at least from the fitness standpoint.

Now that we can start to gather and interact in various settings, and depending on local rules, it is tempting to jump back in with both feet.  The natural consequence of that is going to be a lot of aches and strains from under used muscles.  Stretching for a few minutes before juggling is an easy way to warm up.  Take short breaks early, especially when you are trying to match your rhythm to another person or group.  Let your muscles get used to your newfound enthusiasm.

If you are sharing props with others, it is still a good idea to disinfect them, and your hands, after each session.

Juggling outdoors, you may find beginning jugglers who enthusiastically want to learn club juggling and passing.  Sharing clubs with people you barely know can seem like a bit of a risk.  The solution to this is make some Green Clubs and give them away.  It is cheap, easy, and makes it simple for the new juggler to practice without messing up your clubs.


IJA Virtual Hangout Jam, June 5th, 10am PDT by Chris Garcia 

The IJA is hosting another Virtual Hangout Jam, and you’re invited, whether you’re an IJA member or not!  So grab your props, clear out some space in your living room, and hang out with your fellow jugglers virtually!  Meetings are via Zoom and are accessible via mobile or computer.

This month we are hosting the meeting on the First Saturday, June 5th at 10am PDT.

We’d love feedback from the community on the best time for you for future events.  Let us know by filling out this survey form.

Find latest Hangout info

You can find the latest up-to-date info for the Virtual Hangout Jam on the Facebook Event Page.

Hangout rules

As this meeting is accessible to both youth and adults, please use appropriate language, clothing, behavior, etc.  This is a safe space.  Anyone espousing hate or bigotry will be removed.  Please turn off your microphone when not speaking, to avoid excess ambient noise.

How to join

Download and install Zoom on your phone or computer.  Use the Zoom link below to register.  This can be done at any time before you join. After you’ve registered, you’ll be given a link to join the meeting.  Click it and an admin should admit you into the hangout from the waiting room.

Next Hangout

Saturday, June 5th, 2021, at 10am PDT / 6pm UK Time

Register for Zoom Meeting us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcpcOutqDguG9NqH3ciTUe7egi_pnZuFUEe

Latest articles in eJuggle


Upcoming juggling festivals

Note: Virtually all juggling festivals planned for the coming months have been canceled or rescheduled because of the worldwide pandemic, though some will be held online.

To find a juggling fest near you or online, check the fest list at The Juggling Edge.  Eventually festivals will return.

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