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   August 2021

Editors: Don Lewis & Martin Frost


  • 2021 recipients of IJA Honorary Awards
  • Make it fun for beginners
  • Bobby Jule biography
  • Share the festival experience
  • IJA Virtual Hangout Jam, September 4, 10am PDT
  • Latest articles in eJuggle (find a few that interest you and check them out!)
  • Upcoming juggling festivals


2021 recipients of IJA Honorary Awards

Congratulations to the recipients, listed below, of this year’s IJA Honorary Awards.  The dedication they’ve shown to juggling and the juggling community is greatly appreciated!

IJA Award of Excellence

In recognition of excellence in the art of juggling through professional performance.

Alan Sulc

Historical Achievement Award

In recognition of a lifetime of influential work and extraordinary achievement in juggling performance.

Chrys Holt

IJA Extraordinary Service Award

In recognition of a consistent commitment to provide outstanding support and promotion for the field of juggling.

Taylor Glenn

Honorary Life Membership

In recognition of demonstrated long term service and commitment to the IJA.

Alan Howard

Excellence in Education Award

In recognition of outstanding efforts to teach juggling to non-jugglers and expand the knowledge of those who already juggle.

Thom Wall

Sky King Award

In recognition of outstanding dedication to furthering diversity and equity in the juggling community by a BIPOC member of that community.

Sky King

IJA Sammie Vance Youth Civic Achievement Award

In recognition of the national or international impact of civic contributions by a person 18 years old or younger.

David Pavlove Cunsolo

Flamingo Club Award

In recognition of outstanding support, inspirational skill, or exceptional promotion of juggling by a female-identifying or non-binary person.

Lucy Eden

Our website shows the lists of honorary award recipients through the years.



Make it fun for beginners  by Don Lewis

I taught a young person to juggle last weekend.  Or, at least I thought I was teaching him.  He picked it up so quickly I wondered if I was simply reminding a re-incarnated juggler of a past life pleasure.

It is unusual that someone learns a stable cascade in a few minutes.  Most of us have to learn to slow down and stop running to get the pattern under control.  A couple of weeks of regular practice generally smooths things out into a stable cascade.

There are a lot of techniques for helping new jugglers learn the basics, and you can see most of them on the internet.  The most important thing when you are teaching is to make sure your student gets a series of successes at each stage of the process.  If the student knows that there are a series of achievable steps to the ultimate goal, they can feel good as they fumble their way to a three ball cascade.  The more advanced stuff is hard to learn, but a three ball cascade should be a fun learning experience.



Bobby Jule biography   by Niels Duinker

The biography of Bobby Jule, the last living person present at the founding of the IJA in 1947, is now out.  It’s available as a paperback (in black and white) and hardcover (full-color).  Karen Holzman (Daniel Holzman’s wife) did the layout, and David and Scott Cain connected me with Bobby Jule to make this happen.

Bobby Jule was one of the breakout juggling stars from the USA in the 1940s and enjoyed a forty-year performing career.  He was a versatile and successful juggler who traveled around the world entertaining audiences.  He was a charter member of the IJA and was the 2015 recipient of the IJA’s Historical Achievement Award.  He still attends juggling festivals far into his nineties.



Share the festival experience   by Don Lewis

We have had two IJA virtual festivals.  Considering that this was totally new ground, I think everyone involved did a great job.

I’m hoping that our next festival will actually be in person next summer.  There are a lot of unknowns between now and then.  Hopefully Covid will be under control and travel will be possible and safe so we can gather.

Now is a good time to start talking enthusiastically about the festival to every juggler you meet.  New jugglers are not going to know about it unless you tell them.  The number one excuse that I get from jugglers for not going to the festival is that they don’t consider themselves good enough.  They don’t want to be laughed at.

One lady who attended her first festival a few years ago with her family came up to me after a workshop and said “I didn’t believe it, but there really is something for all levels here!”  Well, keep spreading that word around.  Once you’ve been to a festival, it is difficult to resist the next one.  Compared to just about any other activity, a week at a juggling festival is an incredible value.

The IJA probably isn’t going to take a stand on vaccinations.  You make up your own minds about that.  Personally, I think it is the socially responsible thing to do – but that’s just me.

There will be some downsides to not being vaccinated.  It may be difficult to travel.  The Canada-USA border is only partially open at the moment to fully vaccinated travellers only.  The fines for showing false vaccination documents start at $20,000.00.  Governments are taking this seriously because Covid varients can spread like ink through water.

In Quebec, the government has introduced a vaccine passport.  It will be required to access restaurants, gyms, and entertainment facilities to start with.  We already have QR codes that list the date and type of each jab.

By next summer, vaccine passports may be a universal thing.  While the IJA isn’t interested in keeping track of your status, a festival venue may demand a passport as a basic requirement to enter.  Those of you who have chosen to get the vaccine should make sure you keep documentation in case it becomes necessary.  You won’t want to miss the festival because of a missing document.



IJA Virtual Hangout Jam, September 4th, 10am PDT  by Chris Garcia

The IJA is hosting another Virtual Hangout Jam, and you’re invited, whether you’re an IJA member or not!  So grab your props, clear out some space in your living room, and hang out with your fellow jugglers virtually!  Meetings are via Zoom and are accessible via mobile or computer. 

This month we are hosting the meeting on the first Saturday, September 4th at 10am PDT.

We’d love feedback from the community on the best time for you for future events.  Let us know by filling out this survey form.

Find latest Hangout info

You can find the latest up-to-date info for the Virtual Hangout Jam on the Facebook Event Page  https://fb.me/e/4zWKQqV75

Hangout rules

As this meeting is accessible to both youth and adults, please use appropriate language, clothing, behavior, etc.  This is a safe space.  Anyone espousing hate or bigotry will be removed.  Please turn off your microphone when not speaking, to avoid excess ambient noise.

How to join

Download and install Zoom on your phone or computer.  Use the Zoom link below to register.  This can be done at any time before you join.  After you’ve registered, you’ll be given a link to join the meeting.  Click it and an admin should admit you into the hangout from the waiting room.

Next Hangout

September 4th, 10am PDT

Preregister for hangout:https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwtfu2vqDgvGdasCwRQ75uEwrayjZAu21ZW


Latest articles in eJuggle


Upcoming juggling festivals

Note: Virtually all juggling festivals planned for the coming months have been canceled or rescheduled because of the worldwide pandemic, though some will be held online.

To find a juggling fest near you or online, check the fest list at The Juggling Edge.  Eventually festivals will return.

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