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   October 2021

Editors: Don Lewis & Martin Frost



  • Festival 2022 update
  • Nominate someone for the Flamingo Club Award
  • IJA 2021 end of year collaboration video
  • Meet new Board member Benjamin Domask-Ruh
  • Peter Scolari 1955 – 2021
  • 2021 IJA Joggling highlights
  • Latest articles in eJuggle (find a few that interest you and check them out)
  • Upcoming juggling festivals

Festival 2022 update  by Afton Benson

Hello Everyone!

Afton here.  For those who don’t know me, I am the Treasurer for the IJA, and I am honored and delighted to be the 2022 IJA Festival Director!  My 2022 team and I have been hard at work planning an outstanding week for everyone next July in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Registration is on track to open for early bird registration in December.

You’ll want to register online this year as that is the only way you can get exclusive 75th Annual IJA Festival merchandise.  We will be offering a black front zip sweater jacket with the 75th Annual IJA Festival logo embroidered in gold.  These will only be available to those who pre-register online and will not be sold at the festival.  Note: If you registered for the 2020 festival and asked to have your registration carried forward, we’ll make sure to get you information on how to order the exclusive merchandise.

More information will be available when pre-registration opens.

For now, get ready to join us in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for this monumental 75th Annual Festival!  Keep in mind that the IJA has no control over any travel restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Please take that into consideration with getting vaccinated if you are able to do so.

All the best,




Nominate someone for the Flamingo Club Award  by Afton Benson

Nominations are now open for the Flamingo Club Award!

What is the Flamingo Club?  What is the Flamingo Club Award?  The Flamingo Club provides the recognition, support and encouragement of female identifying and non-binary persons, children, and families, in order to build a more inclusive juggling community.  The Flamingo Club Award is for: “Highlighting a female-identifying or non-binary person who has shown outstanding support, inspirational skill, or exceptional promotion of juggling.”

Nominate a qualifying individual until noon CST on January 15th, 2022 at https://forms.gle/EznpPFEDRwT5HxQh7

Please share this information with local juggling clubs as well!  Nominees can be from anywhere, any age, and individuals are allowed to nominate themselves.  Cheers!



IJA 2021 end of year collaboration video   by Chris Garcia

Greetings Jugglers, Flow Artists, Object Manipulators & Circus Enthusiasts!

The IJA is putting together a 2021 collaboration video to highlight jugglers/flow-arts/circus and communities around the world.  We are having an open call to all IJA members as well as non-members to film any trick or sequence they are most proud of that they’ve learned this year.  Use any juggling/flow prop you’d like, and try to keep your sequence to no more than 20 seconds long.  When filmed, you can submit your trick via the form below.  Please submit no later than Jan 1, 2022 to have your clip considered for the video.  We are also looking for a video editor who we will compensate for their editing time.  Editor applications are also below.

Participant Submission Form:


Video Editor Application:



Meet new Board member Benjamin Domask-Ruh

Hello IJA Members,

My name is Benjamin Domask-Ruh.  You may know me from my appearance with Thom Wall as part of our show, “The ‘Dinner and a Show’ Show”, or as a workshop leader at IJA festivals, or from random posts with the #juggling hashtag.  Wherever you may know me from, or if you don’t know me at all, I am happy to be welcomed onto the IJA Board of Directors.  It is my sole wish to serve the IJA and support, encourage, and inspire as much as the juggling community has done for me.  (Which is a lot!)

When I am not busy with my duties here on the Board, you can find me writing shows, directing pieces, practicing music, learning about world history, and growing as a human being.  I am always available for a conversation regarding juggling, technique or performance, and any other thoughts or ideas you have concerning our wonderful group of practitioners and our expressive art-form/timeless entertainment.


Peter Scolari 1955 – 2021

Actor — and talented juggler — Peter Scolari died October 22, 2021.  His acting credits include the TV shows Newhart, Girls, and Bosom Buddies (where he and Tom Hanks did some club passing). He also did a Circus of the Stars in 1982. IJA member Jim Ellison remembers seeing Scolari do some 3-ball work on Letterman.

Here’s a video of Peter Scolari juggling in Dube’s shop in 2009:


And here he juggles on the Tonight Show in 1990:


Here’s an eJuggle article about him by David Cain:


2021 IJA Joggling highlights   by Sterling Franklin

Thanks to all the jogglers who entered this year’s IJA World Joggling Championships — we hope you had as much fun as we had through these months of competition, and we will hope to continue the extra virtual option in the coming years, even when the in-person IJA Festival is back in full swing.

Emily Moore, our previous Joggling Director and a major help in judging entries and finalizing times, put together a highlight video of this year’s event:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s0Vz6vIIPM  (run time: 1m42s)

Enjoy, and we hope to see you joggling with us soon!

Len Ferman has prepared a professional press release to promote the above highlight video.  We would like your help to make sure the video is seen as widely as possible by the running community and the general interest press.  It is an excellent initiative to spread awareness of this aspect of our sport to enthusiasts of another sport.  There are many thousands of jugglers, but there are probably millions of runners out there who don’t know how fun or competitive running while juggling (or simply juggling itself) can be!

The press release is reproduced below and is available as a pdf file for download.  Please send the press release to your local media outlets, and perhaps deliver a printed copy to local running stores.  Let’s make runners aware of the joggling challenge!

International Jugglers’ Association — https://juggle.org


2021 World Joggling Championships Highlights Video Released

The 2021 World Joggling Championships highlights video features some of the most amazing athletes in the world in this unique multi-tasking sport.

(Cary, NC – 10/18/2021) –

Whether jogglers were wearing an action camera or had someone recording them while biking, this year’s virtual International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) World Joggling Championships were full of excellent footage and great performances, including several notable IJA All-Time Records.

Since 1947, the IJA has staged annual juggling competitions including the World Joggling Championships.  Joggling is running while juggling 3 or more objects.  The championships are usually held each July in the format of a traditional track meet on a 400-meter oval.  For the past 2 years the championships were conducted virtually with athletes submitting videos that were reviewed by judges for authenticity.

Several events are conducted in the World Joggling Championships across different juggling categories including 3 ball, 5 ball and 7 ball events.  Jogglers must maintain a recognized juggling pattern while running.  If a joggler drops a ball they must go back to the spot where they dropped and resume joggling.

New IJA records were set in the following events this year:

3-ball 600m: Sterling Franklin (1:42.96)

3-ball 800m: Caleb Williams (2:10.95)

3-ball 3200m: John Baker (11:33.17) [Inaugural]

4-ball 100m: Stephan Cipra (15.44)

4-ball 200m: Stephan Cipra (33.5)

5-ball 100m: Mark Fiore (14.37)

5-ball 200m: Matthew Feldman (37.67)

5-ball 800m: David Pavlove Cunsolo (7:55.43) [Inaugural]

7-ball 100m: Chris Fowler (52.71)

7-ball 200m: David Pavlove Cunsolo (3:33.70) [Inaugural]

The 2-minute highlights video can be viewed on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s0Vz6vIIPM


Sterling C. Franklin

2021 IJA World Joggling Championships Director

(919) 244-8635

djsterf@gmail.com / Joggling2021@Juggle.org

Len Ferman

2021 IJA World Joggling Championships Public Relations Manager

(904) 553-0075



Latest articles in eJuggle



Upcoming juggling festivals

Note: Virtually all juggling festivals planned for the coming months have been canceled or rescheduled because of the worldwide pandemic, though some will be held online.

To find a juggling fest near you or online, check the fest list at The Juggling Edge.  Eventually festivals will return.

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