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  • IJA Festival news, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, July 11-17
  • Call for festival volunteers
  • IJA Board nominations open until June 15
  • 2022 IJA World Joggling Championships: Block A medalists, Block B now open
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Cedar Rapids IJA Festival

IJA Festival news, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, July 11-17 by Festival Director Afton Benson

Hello IJA Members!

I hope you got your IJA fest pre-registration done before the deadline, but if you didn’t, you can still register at the IJA‘s 75th in person, July 11-17 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Be sure to reserve your hotel room by June 20 to get the IJA‘s special group rate at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cedar Rapids Convention Complex for only $115.00/night single through quad, plus taxes and fees.  The IJA headquarters hotel is located in the same building as the gym, workshop spaces and Renegade venue, and it’s an easy 5-minute walk to the Paramount Theatre.

You’ll find performers and workshops listed at festival.juggle.org, and you can see up-to-date event and performer announcements there as they keep coming in.

Bring your fire/glow props and join the night time excitement at fire spinning/juggling night after the Flow Show.  (No fire eating or breathing allowed.)

Donations from vendors requested for the 2022 IJA Raffle

We are continuing our raffle that we have conducted online the last two years.  If you are a vendor and are interested in contributing to the raffle, or if you have any questions on the raffle, please contact Eric Shibuya at raffle@juggle.org.

Come teach a workshop, or volunteer to help out.  Help us make the festival extra great!. Contact:

See you all in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

Until then have a fantastic World Juggling Day on Saturday, June 18, 2022!  List your WJD event or find other WJD events.  Get 2022 WJD T-shirts, etc. Special thanks for designing the 2022 WJD T-shirt go to Drawket Ship, a new IJA Vendor Discount Program member.

All the best,Afton Benson

Call for festival volunteers  by Sofia Noethe

Hello everyone,

I cannot wait to see you this summer at the festival in Cedar Rapids.  My name is Sofia Noethe, and I am the volunteer coordinator for the many volunteer needs of the festival.  I am seeking some help for a couple of volunteer roles we have open slots for:

  • Door security – checking that each person who enters the gym has their festival pass each day.
  • Registration desk help – manning the registration desk, typically with a couple others.

Each of those positions has 3-4 hour long morning and afternoon shifts available during the festival.  Whatever you’re able to volunteer for is much appreciated!

If you want more information, have questions, or if you have some time to help out, please email me at volunteers2022@juggle.org.

Thank you!

IJA Board nominations open until June 15  by Martin Frost

The deadline for nominations for the IJA Board has been extended to June 15.  If you were thinking about running, now is your chance to contribute and help the IJA make productive decisions. New ideas are always welcome.

If not you, perhaps you know someone else who wants to be more involved with the IJA.  Talk to them about running for the Board.  Being a board member takes only a few hours a month, although you may create or find a project that you like spending more time with.  You won’t be alone, as the seven-member Board works together, with help from a number of experienced officers, to keep the IJA meaningful to jugglers worldwide.

You can nominate yourself; the process is simple.  Just send a nominating email to ijanominations@juggle.org and include a candidacy statement of up to 350 words by 11:59pm PDT on June 15.

Complete information about the nomination process is available at www.juggle.org/business/nominations.

2022 IJA World Joggling Championships: Block A medalists, Block B now open  by Sterling Franklin

This year’s IJA World Joggling Championships has been split into two different blocks.  Block A is now complete, and Block B is open until 11:59pm GMT on July 15th.  Whether or not you entered Block A, we’d love to see you joggling with us in Block B.

Medalists from Block A (April 1 – May 15):

3-ball 100mB17 Gold: James Auriemma (19.13)MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (14.22)MO Silver: Christoph Mitasch (17.47)MM Gold: Michal Kapral (15.83)
MM Silver: Len Ferman (16.90)
WO Gold: Logan Pearce (19.43)
WO Silver: Kaylin Meyers (20.82)
WM Gold*: JoAnn Ireland (22.17)
3-ball 400mB17 Gold: James Auriemma (1:26.00)MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (1:06.26)MO Silver: Christoph Mitasch (1:17.37)MO Bronze: Daniel Raum (1:21.86)
WO Gold: Kaylyn Schull (2:53.35)WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (2:24.37)
3-ball 1600mMO Gold: Sterling Franklin (5:41.48)MO Silver: Daniel Raum (5:44.83)MO Bronze: Christoph Mitasch (5:52.20)MM Gold: Koutaro Kawano (6:38.60)
WO Gold: Kaylyn Schull (10:56.29)WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (11:59.00)
4-ball 400mMO Gold: Sterling Franklin (1:31.20)MO Silver: Christoph Mitasch (1:33.00)MM Gold: Michal Kapral (1:54.30) WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (3:33.00)5-ball 100mMO Gold: Christoph Mitasch (34.23)MO Silver: Sterling Franklin (59.20)MM Gold: Michal Kapral (23.17) WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (1:27.43)Legend:B17 = Boys 13-to-17MO = Men’s Open (18-39)MM = Men’s Masters (40+)WO = Women’s Open (18-39)WM = Women’s Masters (40+) – New IJA All-Time Recordᵈ –  New Division Record  –  Top 10 Time

IJA World Joggling Championships, Block B (June 1 – July 15 @ 11:59pm GMT)

Official Events: 3-ball 200m, 3-ball 800m, 4-ball 100m, 5-ball 200m, and 7-ball 100m (Note: Any prop with the correct quantity for the event can be used — clubs, rings, footballs, etc.)

Extra Events: Events not on the official event list can be submitted for time/distance verification.  One Extra Event comes free with a Competitive Category registration, and any Extra Events beyond that can be purchased from the IJA store for $3 each.  Any Extra Event with three competitors in the same division and a distance that is regularly run in Indoor/Outdoor/XC (preferably 10K or shorter) will also be eligible for medals.

Two Categories: Fun Run (free) and Competitive (small fee)

  • Fun Run: Free (optional donation to IJA).  This is for informal joggling runs.  Any distance can be run, and Certificates of Completion will be sent via email for those who confirm legitimate completion of the distance.  Video submission is optional in this category but is suggested if you want to be part of a montage of the jogglers this year.  No time validation or record consideration will be done in the Fun Run category.  If you have a really innovative pattern to try out or just want to run for fun and try something new without any pressure, this is a great category!
  • Competitive: BLOCK B: $15. Jogglers in this category are eligible for medals in the official events and official IJA recognition in cases of World/IJA Records or Top 10 All-Time performances.  Registration and full video submission are REQUIRED in the Competitive category.  The video must show the clear continuation of a juggling pattern while running (whether with a wearable camera and mount or with another person filming the run clearly and reliably — please keep responsible with COVID restrictions where applicable!).  The video needs to show both the run and the final time at the end, and preferably should identify the joggler and the date of the attempt as well.  If done on road, measurement verification must be done (by Measuring Wheel on video or by confirmation by USATF/WMA official), and road runs must not be done on a net-negative vertical gain (i.e., road runs need to be done on a flat [net-zero] or uphill [net-positive] route).  Tracks of 400m are usually best and simplest for these competitive runs.  In the case of drops, the joggler must be shown on video retreating to the point of drop before continuing the juggling pattern from that spot — no forward progress should be made in the case of the joggler losing control of the pattern or dropping, and props can’t be launched meters away in order to gain distance.  Patterns should aim to be one throw per step or as close as possible.  For recording questions and rules in specific circumstances, feel free to contact Sterling Franklin or Emily Moore at joggling2022@juggle.org.
Registration, Participation Waiver, and Block B Event Submission Form
For all links to Registration, the Participation Waiver, and the Event Submission Form for Block B events, please visit our IJA Festival competition page for Joggling here:  festival.juggle.org/competitions/ija-world-joggling-championships/
Videos can also be sent to joggling2022@juggle.org  for official events (or optional extra events) in their respective blocks and date ranges, but preferably, use our Submission Form so we can process entries more efficiently at the end of Block B.  Rules for video submissions are mentioned above in the description of the Competitive category.

We hope to see you joggling with us in Block B!

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