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  • IJA Board election results
  • Cedar Rapids IJA Festival and COVID-19
  • 2022 IJA Festival T-shirts available till end of September
  • 2022 IJA Festival championships and competitions results
  • 2022 IJA World Joggling Championships
  • eJuggle latest articles


IJA Board election results by Marilyn Sullivan, Chief Teller

The following four people were elected or re-elected to the IJA Board in this summer’s election, each with the indicated number of votes.

  • Benjamin Domask-Ruh 137
  • Sofia Noethe 137
  • Ross Berenson 136
  • Noel Yee with 51 write-in votes

Others who received more than 2 write-in votes:

  • Albert Lucas 19
  • Martin Frost 17

There were 112 in-person votes and 47 online votes.  There were no spoiled ballots.

Cedar Rapids IJA Festival and COVID-19  by Festival Director Afton Benson

One of the largest challenges to hosting the 75th annual IJA Festival was minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19.  With widely available vaccinations, decreased hospitalizations in the United States, and the decreased state-wide and international restrictions, we decided to continue forward with the festival.

Unfortunately, as we stated in the IJA COVID-19 reporting survey, there were cases of COVID-19 reported during and after the festival.

Here’s a breakdown of the festival attendance and the testing data reported:

  • 495 jugglers and spectators registered for the festival
  • 9 cases of COVID-19 were reported during the festival
  • 66 additional cases were reported through the survey

Of the 75 reported cases, 60 tested positive within the first 3 days after the festival ended.

Note that the data is based on what was reported to the Festival Director and through the IJA COVID-19 reporting survey.

Thank you to everyone who tested throughout the week, who left if they did not feel well (or did not attend at all), and who tested once you left the festival!

Thanks for attending and reporting!

All the best,

Afton Benson2022 Festival Director

2022 IJA fest T-shirt2022 IJA Festival T-shirts available till end of September  by Martin Frost

In case you didn’t get a 2022 75th Anniversary Festival T-shirt in Cedar Rapids, you’ve got a chance to order one until September 30, 2022, in the IJA Store.

They’re available in Men’s and Women’s styles, in sizes from Small to XXL, for $23 to IJA members. Be sure to login to the site before placing your order to get the member price.

The shirts will be shipped by early October.  See the T-shirt artwork at left.


2022 IJA Festival championships and competitions results by David Cain (from eJuggle)

Competitions, both serious and silly, make up many of the events at the yearly IJA Festival.  The 2022 Festival was no different.  Here are the results of the various competitions that took place.


XJuggling (Extreme Juggling) is a best-trick type of competition created by Jack Kalvan.  Below are the competition categories and winners of each category.

3 Balls: Matan Presberg
4 and 5 Balls: Adolfo Esteban Almonacid Cardenas
6+ Balls: Adolfo Esteban Almonacid Cardenas
3 Clubs: Cameron Resch
4 Clubs: Jack Levy
5+ Clubs: Spencer Androli
3 Rings: Zak McAllister
4 and 5 Rings: Spencer Androli
6+ Rings: Spencer Androli
Alternative Props: Bow (poi)

IJA Juggling Championships

The IJA Juggling Championships were once again directed by Viveca Gardiner and NeilFred Picciotto.  Usually, the IJA Juggling Championships has three divisions: Individuals, Juniors, and Teams.  The Jugheads were the only team to enter this year, so they performed an exhibition rather than compete.  Below are the medalists for the Juniors and Individuals Championships.

Juniors Championships

Gold Medal / 1st Place – Matthew Walmsley (USA) – Balls, rings, and clubsSilver Medal / 2nd Place – LilyRuth Mamary (USA) – Balls and clubsBronze Medal / 3rd Place – Leona Barocas (USA) – Balls, rings, and clubs

Individuals Championships

Gold Medal – 1st Place – Pun Ho Lam (Hong Kong) – KendamasSilver Medal – 2nd Place – Kathryn Carr (USA) – HatsBronze Medal – 3rd Place – Futa Fujimoto (Japan) – Devil Sticks

Fight Night

Fight Night is a bracket-based competition of Combat Juggling; the last juggler maintaining their three club pattern wins.  Once players passed through qualifying rounds, they played in the Knockout Tournament.  Fight night at IJA was organized by Alex Larson.  27 jugglers participated in the event this year.

1st place  – Spencer Androli2nd place – Noah Schmeissner3rd place  – Cameron Ford

Battle Night

Battle Night is a live Club Juggling Battle that uses a dance cypher-esque tournament structure where 8 competitors square off in 3 rounds of head to head battles leading up to a winner take all final.  Battle night was born during the pandemic as a way for jugglers and club enthusiasts to gather virtually and keep the club flame alive in their lives.  There have been over 100 live virtual battles on zoom, connecting jugglers from Mexico, USA, Central and South America, and Europe.  Battle night was originally created by Christian Tinoco and Cynthia “La Flaka” Buitron in Mexico.  Shortly after Kevin Axtell joined on as a co producer.  Kevin directed Battle Night at the IJA Festival.

1st Place – Christian Kloc2nd Place – Matan Presberg3rd Place –  Zak McAllister

Numbers Championships

The IJA Numbers Championships has been going on in one form or another since 1970.  This year the competition was directed by Scott Cain and David Cain along with Assistant Director Merry Spahr.  Competitors attempt to qualify the highest number of props in 9 categories.

Individual Balls

Gold Medal – Doug Sayers – 9 balls for 47 catchesSilver Medal – Matan Presberg – 9 balls for 40 catchesBronze Medal – Spencer Androli – 9 balls for 30 catches

Individual Rings

Gold Medal – Spencer Androli – 8 rings for 45 catchesSilver Medal – Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse – 8 rings for 29 catches

Individual Clubs

Gold Medal – Spencer Androli – 7 clubs for 116 catchesSilver Medal – Moritz Rosner – 7 clubs for 23 catches

Individual Ball Bouncing

Gold Medal – Christian Kloc – 9 balls for 37 catchesSilver Medal – Jonathan Root – 8 balls for 21 catchesBronze Medal – Sophie Klein – 8 balls for 17 catches

Ball Passing

Gold Medal – Doug Sayers and Peter Kaseman – 14 balls for 62 catchesSilver Medal – Noah Schmeissner and Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse – 13 balls for 89 catches

Ring Passing

Gold Medal – Noah Schmeissner and Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse – 12 rings for 95 catchesSilver Medal – Cameron Ford and Spencer Androli – 12 rings for 61 catchesBronze Medal – Chris Lovdal and Jack Levy – 11 rings for 65 catches

Club Passing

Gold Medal – Peter Kaseman and Stefan Brancel – 11 clubs for 54 catchesSilver Medal – Jack Levy and Sean Carney – 11 clubs for 48 catchesBronze Medal – Moritz Rosner and Julian Kloos – 10 clubs for 128 catches

Ball Bounce Passing

Gold Medal – John Jones and Dave Critchfield – 12 balls for 62 catches

Three Person Club Passing

Gold Medal – Tony Kaseman, Peter Kaseman, and Stefan Brancel – 14 clubs for 112 catchesSilver Medal – Sean Carney, Chris Lovdal, and Jack Levy – 13 clubs for 113 catches


The Games of the IJA was organized by Bill Biz Olbrisch.  Below are the individual games and their winners.

Hoop Spin — Cindy Marvel3-Ball Endurance — Pun Ho Lam4-Ball Endurance — Caleb Black5-Ball Endurance — 1st, Nick Thomas; 2nd, Jack Denger; 3rd, Adolfo Esteban Almonacid CardenasDistance Passing — Josh Nelson and Mirranda MillerDiabolo Toss — Biz the Clown7-Club Passing Endurance — Jasper Murphy and Alex Rozanov, 2 min, 5 secClub-Balance Endurance, Spencer Androli, 10 min, 20 sec5-Club Endurance — Spencer Androli, 5 min, 12 secHuggling — Nick Thomas and Jonah Botvinick-GreenhouseWheelbarrow Race — Jerrik Miller, Benjamin Sneezby, and Isaac Cantor, 18.43 sec7-Ball Endurance — 1st, Adolfo Esteban Almonacid Cardenas at 1 min, 36 sec; 2nd, Jack Denger; 3rd, Jonah Botvinick-GreenhouseBlind Juggling — Matan PresbergQuarter Juggling — Nick ThomasBiz Says — Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse5-Hoop Endurance — Callum Baker4-Hoop Endurance — Lisa Ellipse3-Hoop Endurance — Sara Noelle

2022 IJA World Joggling Championships: Final Results (Entire Competition)by Sterling Franklin

The IJA World Joggling Championships this year had some really amazing and competitive times, including several new IJA All-Time Records and Division Records.  We had several impressive new jogglers participating, as well — whether breaking Division Records, pushing boundaries by learning 4-ball joggling for the competition, or setting amazing times in Backwards Joggling, the potential that our new jogglers have is amazing!  While this year for Joggling was virtual, the hope for next year is that there will be one virtual block for those who can’t make the in-person IJA Festival, and if no discernible health risk is present, we will also be back to having an in-person meet as in years past.
Think you have what it takes to push some of our Top 10 lists or even All-Time Records?  Want to have fun enjoying running and juggling, whether competitive or not?  Whatever the case, Joggling has been a competitive IJA event for over four decades, and we would love to have you be a part of it next time around!  If you have any questions about joggling, competitive format, how to get started, etc., feel free to send Sterling or Emily an email at Joggling2022@Juggle.org.  This year was a ton of fun, and thanks to all who participated and helped!  Results from the entire competition are as follows:

Medalists from Block A (April 1 – May 15):

3-ball 100mB17 Gold: James Auriemma (19.13)WO Gold: Logan Pearce (19.43)WO Silver: Kaylin Meyers (20.82)MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (14.22)MO Silver: Christoph Mitasch (17.47)MM Gold: Michal Kapral (15.83)MM Silver: Len Ferman (16.90)WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (22.17)°3-ball 400mB17 Gold: James Auriemma (1:26.00)WO Gold: Kaylyn Schull (2:53.35)MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (1:06.26)MO Silver: Christoph Mitasch (1:17.37)MO Bronze: Daniel Raum (1:21.86)WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (2:24.37)3-ball 1600mWO Gold: Kaylyn Schull (10:56.29)MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (5:41.48)MO Silver: Daniel Raum (5:44.83)MO Bronze: Christoph Mitasch (5:52.20)MM Gold: Koutaro Kawano (6:38.60)WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (11:59.00)°
4-ball 400mMO Gold: Sterling Franklin (1:31.20)°MO Silver: Christoph Mitasch (1:33.00)°MM Gold: Michal Kapral (1:54.30)°WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (3:33.00)°5-ball 100mMO Gold: Christoph Mitasch (34.23)MO Silver: Sterling Franklin (59.20)MM Gold: Michal Kapral (23.17)°WM Gold: JoAnn Ireland (1:27.43)° 

B12 = Boys 12-and-Under
B17 = Boys 13-to-17
WO = Women’s Open (18-39)
MO = Men’s Open (18-39)
WM = Women’s Masters (40+)
MM = Men’s Masters (40+)
° – Top 10 Division Time

Medalists from Block B (June 1 – July 15):

3-ball 200mB12 Gold: Quest Crothers (37.67)°WO Gold: Skye Jerpbak (42.00)°WO Silver: Logan Pearce (43.10)°WO Bronze: Kaylyn Schull (57.46)MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (29.96)°MO Silver (Tie): Giovanni Gaole (34.24)MO Silver (Tie): Daniel Raum (34.24)MM Gold: Michal Kapral (31.81)°3-ball 800mB12 Gold: Quest Crothers (3:20.30)°B17 Gold: Brady Xue (2:50.62)°B17 Silver: James Auriemma (3:25.87)WO Gold: Kaylyn Schull (4:46.57)MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (2:34.00)°MO Silver: Daniel Raum (2:39.24)MO Bronze: Christoph Mitasch (2:42.00)MM Gold: Michal Kapral (2:31.30)°4-ball 100mB17 Gold: James Auriemma (33.20)°MO Gold: Sterling Franklin (15.10)°MO Silver: Christoph Mitasch (20.00)°MO Bronze: Giovanni Gaole (20.20)°MM Gold: Michal Kapral (16.25)°
5-ball 200mMO Gold: Christoph Mitasch (1:16.83)°MO Silver: Sterling Franklin (1:53.28)°7-ball 100mMO Gold: Chris Fowler (41.83)°MO Silver: Giovanni Gaole (1:03.00)°MO Bronze: Sterling Franklin (9:18.50)
3-ball 100m Backwards
WO Gold: Skye Jerpbak (25.85)°WO Silver: Logan Pearce (32.09)°MO Gold: Daniel Raum (26.28)°MO Silver: Sterling Franklin (28.46)°MO Bronze: Chris Fowler (29.26)°MM Gold: Michal Kapral (23.20)°
Extra Events Results:

3-ball 10K: Michael Bergeron (34:47.00)5-ball 100m Backwards: Chris Fowler (53.60)3-ball 600m: Daniel Raum (1:55.32)3-ball 5K: Daniel Raum (19:58.60)4-ball 800m: Sterling Franklin (3:39.98)6-ball 100m: Sterling Franklin (1:28.65)

✨  New IJA All-Time Records:

3-ball 10K: Michael Lucien-Bergeron (34:47.00)
4-ball 100m: Sterling Franklin (15.10)
7-ball 100m: Chris Fowler (41.83)
4-ball 400m: Sterling Franklin (1:31.20)
4-ball 800m: Sterling Franklin (3:39.98)[Inaugural]
6-ball 100m: Sterling Franklin (1:28.65)[Inaugural]
See you all in 2023!
– Sterling Franklin, IJA Joggling Director

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