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2022 IJA fest T-shirtCedar Rapids local video reports  by Afton Benson

Whether or not you were at this year’s fest in Cedar Rapids, you might enjoy this video about the festival produced there by Bailey Cichon of The Gazette.

Bailey Cichon also produced a longer video on Life in the Circus Arts, which includes interviews with a number of jugglers and scenes from the IJA Festival.

Many thanks to The Gazette (of Cedar Rapids) and especially to:

Bailey Cichon
Instagram: baileycichon
Twitter: CichonBailey



Promote the next IJA festival  by Don Lewis

IJA 2023 Festival South BendWe are back into Fall in the norther hemisphere.  School has started and people are moving indoors to juggle.  The IJA celebrated its 75th festival in July with nearly 500 jugglers in a year when travel was still somewhat unpredictable.  Whatever the new normal is going to be, juggling festivals are going to be a part of it.

There are, presumably, huge numbers of people out there who can juggle because they learned the basics in school or from a friend.  Very few of them ever continue, probably because they don’t have exposure to other people who enjoy juggling.  Those are all people who need to know about local juggling groups, local festivals, and the IJA.  The most frequent comment that I get from first time attendees at a festival is: “I had no idea it could be this much fun!”.

The hardest part is getting people to show up the first time.  So start working now on all the jugglers you know to convince them to give it a try.  The IJAfestival is a great value compared to most other activities.  It works well for families and individuals.

The 76th Annual IJA Festival will be in South Bend, Indiana, July 17-23, 2023.



IJA Board meetings  by Aslynne Howes, IJA Board Chair

IJA Board meetingsIJA Board meetings are open to all members of our organization.  The meetings are hosted on Zoom and can be joined via computer, smartphone or telephone call.

The Board holds two meetings each month: a Vision meeting at which future ideas and plans are discussed, and a Business meeting at which official business is handled and any motions are voted on.

This month, the Vision meeting was held October 2, 2022, at 6:30pm ET.  The Business meeting will be on Sunday, October 16, 2022, at 6:30pm ET.

If you want to attend a Board meeting, please email ija.chair@juggle.org and state which meeting you’re interested in.  You’ll be provided with information for joining the meeting.



Halloween is coming  by Don Lewis

It is that time of year again.  We have about a month to get ready for Halloween.  People will inevitably ask you if you can juggle pumpkins.  Of course you can, but it is best to practice beforehand because drops can be messy if you are using the real thing.

Lots of people like to dress up their houses for the occasion.  I’ve seen LED lit dancing skeletons, and even a version that appears to juggle three pumpkins.  I like to stand on my front porch and juggle my illuminated props.  It is a great excuse to get more use out of them.

The range of reactions from kids is fascinating.  The younger ones are practically hypnotized.  The older ones either think it is cool, or often like to pretend that they’re too cool to be impressed.  I keep some cards with information about the local juggling club and the IJA website in my pocket to give to anyone that is actually interested in learning to juggle.  Lots of parents accompany their kids on the quest for candy.  Many of them have either juggled as kids, or know someone who did.  It is an opportunity to plant the seed that jugging can be a fun and inexpensive family activity.

Help spread the joy of juggling.  Juggle on Halloween night.  You do the trick, and the kids get a treat.

And speaking of treats, there have been rumours of supply shortages of some types of candy.  Get yours early, just in case.



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