IJA Online Numbers Championships
Entry Form

IJA Stage Championships Entry Form

IJA Numbers Championships Rules
Release for Photographs and/or Video Recordings
IJA Music Policy


The 2021 IJA Online Numbers Championships will be held via Numbers attempts recorded on video.  To enter, please do the following by 11:59pm EDT on June 28, 2021:

  • Read the IJA Numbers Championships Rules and the Release for Photographs and/or Video Recordings to understand the requirements for entering.
  • If your video includes music, you must comply with the IJA Music Policy (about copyrighted music) or else the sound on your video will be muted during the Numbers Championships.
  • Record a video of your Numbers attempt, in either landscape or portrait view; we prefer landscape view, provided it includes the top of the pattern.
  • The video must show the continuous run in one shot from one camera, including competitor’s face, hands, and ground/floor.  Competitors should attempt to capture the top of the pattern to the extent that no one would question its authenticity.
  • It is preferable that each video only contain one (best) run.  If multiple runs are on the video, the video must not exceed three minutes in length (unless the best run is in progress at the end of the third minute).
  • At the end of the best run, in the continuous video shot, the competitor must say "2021 IJA" or hold up a sign saying "2021 IJA."
  • Post the video on either (a) YouTube, with visibility set to "Unlisted", or (b) Google Drive (preferred).  Please do not make the video available to the public (e.g., on Facebook or elsewhere) prior to the IJA’s showing of the video during the online festival.
  • Submit the Entry Form by 11:59pm EDT on Monday, June 28, 2021.
  • If a competitor submits an Entry Form and later records a better run, a new Entry Form should be submitted, prior to the deadline, containing the URL of the new video.
  • To enter more than one event, fill out this Entry Form once for each event you want to enter.

Event (required)

Number of objects qualified in video (required)
(for clubs, must be at least 7; for balls, rings or ball bouncing, at least 9)

Number of catches of above number of objects in video (required)
(must be at least twice the number of objects)

If multiple attempts on the video, which one has the above numbers of objects and catches
(timestamp at start of that run is preferred)

First Name (required)

Last Name (required)


City (required)

State or Province

Postal code/Zipcode

Country (required)

Email address that you check regularly (required)

Please tell us a little about you
(provide a short biography of up to 1000 characters)

URL of Numbers video {on YouTube (unlisted) or Google Drive} (required)
(please don't make the video public until it has been shown at the IJA festival)


If the Numbers entrant is less than 18 years old, fill in the name of the entrant's parent or guardian who will be confirming the statements below and submitting this form.
Parent or guardian, if entrant is under 18


You must confirm the following three statements in order to enter the IJA Numbers Championships.